Why Does Quran End Prophets?

In Quran 33:40, God says,
مَّا كَانَ مُحَمَّدٌ أَبَا أَحَدٍ مِّن رِّجَالِكُمْ وَلَٰكِن رَّسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ ۗ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمًا (40)

Muhammad was none of your men’s father but God’s apostle and the seal of prophets and God knows everything.

I have long wondered why God had put an end to prophets.

Were prophets good or evil?

If they were good, then why stop sending more of them?

Those who have studied the Bible know that the age of prophets started by the duo of Moses and Aaron and ended with the duo of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

After the advent of Jesus, the age of apstiles started.

If we pay close attention to the above verse, we will notice that Quran doesn’t say Muhammad is the seal of prophets AND APOSTLES. This is what the Muslim clergy say and it is a serious corruption of Quran.

As usual, God gave me a personal story to tell the world regarding this matter that has caused great disharmony among Muslims and has also resulted in many atrocities.

So as I once reading Quran as usual, I came across this verse and wondered what was the difference between a “prophet” and an “apostle” and what was wrong with prophets for God to put an end to them.

God asked me to start observing fasts until I was appointed a prophet of God.

I started observing fasts and after 8 continuous months of fasts, God appointed me His prophet. By that time, I had never read the Bible.

I informed my brothers about that appointment but I still wondered how come God appointed me a prophet while He clearly had ended it.

God clarified that point some 14 years later when He gave me the final piece of puzzle through a dream.

In the dream, I saw a green & beautiful hill and I heard the angel saying “The man troubled by his wife used to live in Skopje.”

Then I woke up and informed my Bible teacher that I actually was Adam, Son of Jesus Christ and the Eden Paradize was in Skopje, Macedonia.

So I’m part perophet (of God), part apostle of Jesus Christ.

Now back to the question: what was wrong with the prophets?

1. A prophet spoke on behalf of God. Any messing with him resulted in harsh penalty. The apostles of Jesus, on the other hand do not come with such freaky punishments. Even the Christ was severely mistreated and vetted the God-cursed sentence of crucifixion without exacting any revenge from the culprits.

2. Prophets were God-appointed while anyone can choose to become an apostle of Jesus. In fact every Christian is expected to serve Jesus and be His apostle.

Why Does Quran End Prophets?

The Secret To Enlightenment

William Ross Wallace (1819-1881)

BLESSINGS on the hand of women!
Angels guard its strength and grace.
In the palace, cottage, hovel,
Oh, no matter where the place;
Would that never storms assailed it,
Rainbows ever gently curled,
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Infancy’s the tender fountain,
Power may with beauty flow,
Mothers first to guide the streamlets,
From them souls unresting grow—
Grow on for the good or evil,
Sunshine streamed or evil hurled,
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Woman, how divine your mission,
Here upon our natal sod;
Keep—oh, keep the young heart open
Always to the breath of God!
All true trophies of the ages
Are from mother-love impearled,
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Blessings on the hand of women!
Fathers, sons, and daughters cry,
And the sacred song is mingled
With the worship in the sky—
Mingles where no tempest darkens,
Rainbows evermore are hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

The above poem can be found in:
Northrop, H.D. Beautiful Gems of
Thought and Sentiment. Boston, MA: The Colins-Patten Co., 1890.

Note: I copied this from Poem of The Week site, PotW.org.

¤ Every knee shall bow to Me (women). This is what God wants. I (women) and God are one.

¤ By the hands of women, men are saved. There’s no other name given under heaven by which people will be saved.

¤ I have sworn by Myself, the word is gone out of My mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me (women) every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.

¤ And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this (to woman), thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15 And I will put enmity between thee (Satan, the Mysogynist) and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed (womenfolk); it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his (women’s) heel.

We know Satan never bruised Jesus’ heel, he obeys Jesus, The Lord.


What Women Want – 2/2

(… Continues from What Women Want, Part 1 of 2)

as God also knows but since I was a very careless guy, Jesus told me I was surely going to die the day I ate from it.

He really freaked me out!

I was so much in love with those laboratories but so scared, I also warned Eve although she was very cautious and knew her way in those laboratories (which she used to call “kitchen’.)

God never said anything about Eve eating from the tree. Did He?

Now God gave us dominion over all the animals and the beasts to rule over them. But in reality, no animal seems to listen to us or give us a damn.

Let me explain this mysterious statement of Bible, too.

It means that we can impersonate any animal or beast. So some men look like sheep but from inside, they are devouring wolves (priests and preachers who ally with rulers.)

Some are a bunch of vipers and vultures and so on.

One day, a sneaky devil talked Eve into eating from that scary Tree and she chose only those things that were pleasant to sight and good to eat.

Didn’t I tell you she knew her way in the ‘kitchen’? So we ended up benefiting from that “food”. Our eyes were opened. We kissed and mated.

But her act confused me. We didn’t die, did we?

So I fool went back there and ate an aphrodisiac. I did that because I used to feel miserable because I couldn’t please Eve as she used to please me. Or that’s what I thought.

But when she told me she didn’t like excessive sex, I cursed that sneaky, mysogynist devil for giving my Eve unnecessary troubles and trying to drive a wedge between us.

She took me to Syria (Aram) where all fruit trees were and sewed us aprons using fig leaves but my ever-erect penis kept showing up.

Then at dusk, we saw an evil Greek thief sneaking into our Kingdom of Eden. I thought Eve was equally attractive to all men.

I feared he was going to kill me and take my Eve.

But when Jesus called me, we were relieved. We weren’t scared nor ashamed of God. That’s silly and all people think so because no man got the Holy Spirit so no one understands Jesus as I do.

He likes to scare us as He also did when He came walking on water in the night like a ghost to scare His disciples.

Now when Jesus asked me who told me I was naked, I freaked out and blamed poor Eve.

When He asked Eve, she didn’t expose my stupidity, she blamed the devil of fooling her.

Then Jesus summoned that devil and he suddenly appeared. He cursed him and pacified us. He told me He had put enmity between devil and women.

He told Eve she was pregnant and her pregnancy will result in birth of Cain and its sign will be labor pains.

He told me I was a wheat-lover so fruits were no longer going to be my favorite food but my staple food will be bread, for which I’ll have to till the earth, which is cursed because it also yields weed and thorns.

So all my children have misunderstood the Book of Genesis because none got the Holy Spirit. They don’t have the free gift of the Holy Spirit because none is married to his soul mate, the women God creates from our ribs.

Now I am Adam, son of Jesus Christ, who is Son of God created from God’s face. Hence, His name & job title, God’s Interface.

Now Jesus created me from the dust of earth without a mother. There’s no one like me. No one knew me except my Father and no one has known Jesus as I do.

I’m different.

I’m not sent to men, but to women. And here’s what I have to say:

Please respect the Eve in you. Don’t wear make up nor show your assets to lure strange men to yourself.

You’re too important to waste yourself. You’re the gateway to heaven, the Kingdom of God will come only when you stop looking and wait for your soul mate.

He’ll not know you if you’re hiding behind make-up. Just be yourself.

What Women Want – 2/2

What Women Want – 1/2

Note: This is a two-part post. Make sure you read Part 2 also.

Soon after our marriage, my wife asked me why did I marry.

I said “For sex. And why did you marry?” She had intrigued me by that question, as if there could be other reasons for people to marry!

“For children”, she answered.

I was so shocked, I was speechless and looked at her in total disbelief.

Then I remembered once asking my 6-year-old niece whether she liked to be a pilot or a teacher, when she grew up. She said “I want to become mom”!

I didn’t understand her funny answer.

So I then asked her 3-year-old sister what SHE wanted to be.

She said “I want to become grandma”!

I burst into a laugh.

She thought since “mom” had been reserved by her older sister, she could only choose to become “grandma”!

Their mother, my brother’s wife was nearby, cooking food. I glanced at her but she only added to my confusion because she was not amused by her daughters’ strange answers.

My wife’s unexpected answer had explained my nieces’ strange answers and their mother’s strange lack of amusement so I knew she had told me an amazing truth.

I had quizzed my nieces as part of my studies of Artificial Intelligence, one of two tasks God gave me when I went to jail.

After a few more days, my wife again asked me a strange question. She asked me how frequently I liked to make love.

I said “At least 5 times a week. Why?” She again surprised me by her answer, “I’m more like once a month”! (The day she lays an egg.)

That really shocked & jolted. It worried me because we had just married and I was on fire.

Now let me tell you what women want. A lady won’t tell but I’m a guy so I will tell you honestly.

Women and men are not the same nor equal.

A girl dreams of becoming a mother since her childhood. That’s why she agrees to making love.

Moreover, women’s rule is FIRST LOVE THEN SEX. While a man’s rule is LOVE MEANS SEX AND SEX MEANS LOVE.

A woman says “NO LOVE, NO SEX”. A man thinks “NO SEX MEANS NO LOVE.”

Women are all daughters of God and all men are sons of the devil. So women do not want to be equal to us.

They are better.

God asked women to produce children and nurture them and they will give ANYTHING to become a mother.

But when God asked men to serve women so that they can produce children and nurture them, men rebelled.

Instead of serving their women, they tried to rule them. They are evil so they went further and became violent husbands.

God sent a deluge and killed every living thing. When Noah went to sleep inside his ark one night, God shut the door locked.

When Noah tried to get out in the morning, he couldn’t. He looked outside and saw that the stuck door had saved his life because there was strange rain outside. Soon, the ark was floating on water.

After the Deluge, Canaan saw Noah’s nakedness, his wife. That’s why Noah cursed Canaan and his likes who do not respect women.

God has put Cherubim to guard the way to the Tree of Life so that no man will eat from it and live forever. I used to call the Holy Spirit “Tree of Life” because its fruit was an eternal life.

God never withholds the Holy Spirit from women.

But if a man says he got the Holy Spirit, then he is either ignorant or a liar.

Later on, men did another mischief.

They tried to build the Tower of Babylon (an evil empire) and they thought of building a walled city to escape the consequences of their wars.

God confused their tongues and the First Reich was delayed until the Germans built it.

Men had started calling upon the name of the Lord, a violation of the Third Commandment that says “You shall not abuse the name of God your lord”.

Then the abuse of God’s name caused troubles to women and God decided that His spirit (women) shall not strive with men forever and He drastically reduced our life span to 120 years because she’s also flesh.

Now throughout history, God has been wrestling with us, men. Why so?

Because if I write with white ink on a white paper, you’ll not see anything.

And if I write with blue ink on a blue paper, you’ll again not see anything.

But if I write with one color on a paper of another color, then you shall see!

So we can’t see good nor evil. We can only learn if we have both good and evil, side-by-side. Hence, the necessity of devil and evil in the world.

God is not angry with the devil. It’s God who created him to be His opposite, and be a liar and a murderer so that we’ll learn good and evil.

God didn’t either forbid the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was just a building containing several laboratories and kitchens, staffed by devils.

I used to call it The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because its fruit was to tell whether something was good (useful) or evil (harmful),

Kindly proceed to Part 2…

What Women Want – 1/2

Finding My Soulmate – 6

This story begins here.

After some seven days, and after more than one sitting with my salesman friend, Emad, I realized I had no reason to humiliate a lady.. yet.

Emad was being very helpful and he kept assuring me of a quick, successful trap that went something like this.

He would go meet her as a client who’s interested in a quickly and who got a lot of money to throw.

When she would go out with him, I’d come and take her by surprise.

Catch her red-handed.

But the perfect plan had one thing missing.

She had looked a little worried and concerned during our last meeting.

That didn’t fit how a harlot would feel, one who enjoyed breaking men’s hearts.

I concluded she was afraid of me for some unknown reason. That’s why she didn’t dare to explain.

Were she not scared, she would have tried to explain, even if I indeed had failed to understand.

As long as there’s no fear of consequences, people do not mind talking to a guy whom they believe won’t understand them.

So I decided to write her a letter.

In that letter, I promised her not to cause her any troubles and that she could trust me to her secrets because I had no intentions to cause the least harm.

Stuff like that.

She called me as soon as she received my letter and…

Asked me what did I mean!

I said “Nothing. Forget it.”

That was the last I heard of her.

She still refused to give any reasons for her rejection.

Now I guess I know what was her secret reason to rejecting our developing affair and why she thought it was futile to explain herself to me.

In the subconinental societies, it is considered a great taboo for a woman (or even a man) to marry in late age.

It is even more condemned if that person has adult children.

It is extremely forbidden if he or she got a daughter, whether she’s married or not.

If the daughter is unmarried, it is doubly extreme shame.

So Dr. Pritima was a 51 years old woman who had an adult, unmarried daughter.

How could she even think of marrying?

She would be cut off from her family and society. And her poor daughter was going to suffer the most damage.

Dr. Pritima was not a woman… She was a mother, first and foremost.

She sacrificed her love for the sake of her daughter.

Dr. Pritima was a great woman and God has helped me understand her great sacrifice.

God stood up for Dr. Pritima and first saved her from my wicked plans of revenge.

Some 21 years later, He has helped me understand her secret motives.

Isn’t God holy?

He didn’t forget poor Pritima. He left me in pain and hurt for some 21 years.

He let me misunderstand women.

But He never forgot.

He remembered all these years.

Then He shocked me with revealing the true meaning of His statement in Genesis 3:15 (I will put enmity between you (Satan) and this woman).

Now, my faith is more firm in the superiority of women over men.

Dr. Pritima is one more example where a woman behaves in a terrible way but upon close scrutiny, she proves unblemished and without a blame.

My story of failed romance with Dr. Pritima proves she had absolutely no evil in her while I…

I had a lot of evil thoughts and I need to thank God for keeping me from continuing on evil ways.

I now also understand why she thought I wasn’t going to understand her. She thought men were incapable of understanding any noble motives.

She was right… generally speaking.

After reading my letter, she had other concerns.

Had she shared her concerns with me, I would have encouraged her to stand up for women’s rights.

She decided women’s rights was not her cup of tea.

She wasn’t my soulmate, was she?

Saudi Arabia is neither a tourist country nor a small one. Nor Jeddah is on a mountain top, is it?

So I calmed down and continued my quest for my soulmate.

This story continues here.

Finding My Soulmate – 6

Wrestling The Nephelim

This is a sterilized story that starts here .

I looked up book’s publication data. It was published in 1960.

So she was some 20 years older than me but I didn’t care, I still loved her. Mmm.. she was attractive.

That night I had a vision. I saw God handing me a rod of iron!

All I could see of God was His hand.

I could look up that dream in my mom’s library, I was sure.

My mom was the opposite pole of my dad. She was more into spirituality than science.

Indeed, I found a dream-interpretation book in her magical library.

I thought I would look up “God” and “Iron” and cook up an interpretation. But I was intrigued to find an entry dedicated to that very dream.

“Weird book,” I thought.

It said God was going to put me to test!

I was troubled. Why me? I couldn’t remember doing anything wrong. Unless reading from parents’ libraries was a sin.

I knew I was a bad boy destined for hell.

As soon as the classes started, I was shocked to see a cute, attractive boy who looked so much like That Girl in the book and his hair was brunette!

He was so attractive, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“I’m not listening, teacher, I’m looking at the beauty!”

That boy was going to ruin my studies and more, I thought. I used to sit beside Hamdan.

I didn’t pick Hamdan, he picked me since class VI. All his brothers had left school and joined lucrative jobs in Aramco, the oil giant that runs Saudi Arabia and rules the oil markets of the world still.

But Hamdan wanted to be something more.

I had secured the 6th position in the Eastern Province. The 5 above me were not interested in Hamdan but the sixth…

The sixth was a poor boy. One you could easily win. The sixth was me. This is how we became good friends.

But I’m a superficial guy who is used to judging things by their looks and Hamdan looked like… a rat. Yeah, a rat, ladies and gentleman, a rat!

He offered to lend me Superman and comic books so I guess I did good by keeping him, despite his scary looks.

Hamdan said the Physics teacher was a bad guy. He talked to the principal to change the class but there was only one Physics teacher for all the 6 sections of class XI so he decided to keep the class.

Now I had been kidnapped twice in class IX by two nice Sodomites but both times God had saved me.

The second Sodomite was my boss in a bank where I used to work after school.

He was nice, so he offered me his wife in exchange but I still rejected. I had not yet reached puberty and she was my mom’s age. That big, fat MILF scared the crap out of me.

I was frustrated by men’s interest in sex, which I saw as mere nudity and doing dirty, disgusting things.

And I hated gay sex even after I did reach puberty because I saw it as moral depravity.

But that boy? He was different!

I was confused because his love was different. I didn’t see any moral depravity in his love. He used to pose for me and drive me crazy. Everything he did made my heart beat and sing a song for the Lord.

Yes, I actually thanked God for my falling in love with a boy!

Then came the Law Man.

God told me Ehsan was going to get pregnant had I touched him!

He really scared the crap out of me.

I immediately stopped fantasizing about him!

Now Jamal, the Physics teacher was a holy recruiter for Afghan Jihad. He used to hold brain-washing sessions during the lunch break. I liked attending them with Hamdan… for the sake of free sandwich and a Pepsi.

Hamdan was brain-washed and wanted to become a regular contributor to Jamal’s pamphlet-journal.

One day, Hamdan showed me a piece he had written about the evils and perils of anger.

God had been encouraging me to show anger to ward off Sodomites and scare them away and it was… working.

I gave harsh criticism on Hamdan’s piece.

He tried to brush away my “inferior”, biased opinion but he got stuck and could never publish the piece.

He decided to prove me wrong and get even.

One day, after the last class, he asked me to wait for him to take down the notes.

By the time he finished, the school was empty.

Ehsan had also been waiting. He approached me and undid a button while talking to me in his sweeter-than-nightingale voice.

When he undid the second button, I realized what he was up to. I gently held his hand and he… stopped.

He was not offended. Our love was not about sex. It was not of flesh. It was not of this world.

This shocked Hamdan.

He had been noticing our developing love and he was sure there was no way in hell I was going to miss such an opportunity.

He left Jamal and his Afghan Jihad, Islamic wisdom, hatred of Russian and American infidels, blah, blah, blah.

This story continues  here .

Wrestling The Nephelim