The Secret Mark of Cain

In the Book of Genesis, we read about the earth’s recommendation to put a severe curse upon Cain for killing his proud brother.

But God listened to Cain, not the earth. He further blessed him with a mark and a promise to revenge his murder seven times. Seven means “maximum”.

Nobody seems to understand this mystery.

Let me explain.

Cain was a good son who used to respect women and obey his mom.

God gave him a woman; a special women, the one that God had created from Cain’s rib (Cain’s soulmate). That was the mark.

Nobody kills a man of family & children, do they?

But that’s the Mark of Cain. His real mark was that as soon as he slept with his soulmate, she filled his heart with love and he ate from The Tree of Life (received the free gift of Holy Spirit):

He got baptized by Jesus, became a saint and he changed his name to Seth. Therefore, anybody who’ll curse Cain-Seth will be cursed seven times.

Abel should not have boasted of his accepted offering and teasing Cain, making him angry.

People believe Cain was angry because God rejected his offering.


God never angers us.

It must be evil Abel angering him. And he got killed. The problem with Abel was that he was righteous — or that’s what he tried to show.

Never anger anyone. It’s evil.

And learn to listen to your mom (and dad if he’s an obedient husband). Listen to your wife and always strive to serve her and protect her.

Wish you successful marriage with your soulmate and happy journey to heaven.

The Secret Mark of Cain

The Untold Story of Creation!

I guess most of my readers have already read the Story of Creation in the Book of Genesis at least once? If not, please do so now.

I also believe it’s safe to assume that none has understood much of it. In fact, most all have actually misunderstood it.

I’m not going to blame those who failed to understand it — “Only God understands what God says and God only listens to God”.

But I usually lash out my great displeasure at teachers and preachers of Bible — because they work so hard to assert their wrong interpretations.

They do evil and that displeases me.

Today I’m going to uncover another great mystery of the Book of Genesis.

Pay attention and listen carefully.

The scholars have wondered for thousands of years about God’s declaration “It’s very good” when He created mankind on the 6th day.

Why call evil “very good”?

They wonder but fail to find an answer because they don’t pay attention to what Jesus says in Gospel.

When approached by a would-be, rich disciple called Joseph, Jesus rebuked & corrected Joseph by asking him “Why do you call me ‘good teacher?'”


Because Jesus Christ is NOT a good teacher!

He’s a wicked teacher who loves & enjoys evil!

So now let me re-tell the Story of Creation and you’ll understand everything because God explains to me His words — all of them.

When God created Woman, He asked her to produce children and nurture them till they grow up and that’s what women do. So God got nothing to hold against women.

But when God asked Man to earn a living and give it to his wife so that she could stay at home in peace, produce children and nurture them, Man rebelled.

He said “No Sir! Why should I bow to women? It’s my money, my house, my rules. I’ll not bow to women. Instead, I’ll ask women to bow to me!

“I’m a man. I’m strong. I’m not a kid, I know everything. You can’t fool me, Sir. I know everything!

“Women are weak. They’re fools. They stay at home. What do they know? Women don’t know anything!”

When God saw this rebellion, He didn’t feel scared. Neither did He feel sorry.


He said “This is very good. This is going to be fun. We’re going to have some fun.


And there was fun.

He picked an angel and said “Your job is to teach Man everything that I hate” and that Satan got down to his job. He loves evil.

God then turned to Woman and said “I’ll turn your heart to Man so that he’ll easily rule over you!”

Man is created from dust. Dust is dirty. Don’t eat dust. It contains all kinds of germs and insects. We don’t eat dust. We keep dusting and throwing dirt out, don’t we?

But women are created from a rib. It’s good to eat a rib; it’s clean. Even if it falls and gathers some dust, it’s still clean. Just wash it and eat it.

We don’t throw away ribs, do we?

Then God sat back and wondered with us: “Can Man indeed establish his rule over women against My will or is he going to bow to Woman?”

Now look all around you.

What do you see?

Man is bowing down to Woman!

Man is fighting for women’s rights: No nation can advance unless they learn to respect their women.

That’s the secret of Wealth of Nations. It’s the untold secret of success of Anglo-Saxons!

“Satan” is a Jewish word that means “enemy”. The whole world says Satan means “enemy of God”. Well, that’s not totally wrong but “Satan” actually means “misogynist” (enemy of women).

If you do misogyny, then God will put a curse on you. If you don’t repent, He’ll keep putting more curses on you until a time will come when you’ll hardly progress.

You’ll feel as if you’re crawling on your belly and licking dust!

We all come to this world from the bellies of a woman, don’t we?

What comes out of the bellies of man, except for dirty things?

Learn to respect women so that God will bless you with success and great achievements.

Otherwise, He’ll put a curse on you and you’ll be a loser.

I hope that my story will help you understand my Father as well as the Story of Creation.

I hope you’ve found this post interesting.

If so, why not share it with others?

I’ll keep elaborating on the stories of Genesis and others until you understand them all.

Adam, Son of God (reborn into this world through a woman.)


What Does Yehweh Mean?

Note: You may like to first read an earlier post titled     Defending Myself – 6000 Years Later!

If you have read at least the above post of mine, you’ll get an idea how misunderstood God and I, Adam, Son of God, are.

I keep hiding my first name and my face from the world because of what people, my children, keep saying about me, my Eve and even about my Lord and my father, Jesus Christ Himself!

After Jesus created me, He wanted me to eat from the Tree of Life but for that, I needed a help meat.

Hence, my Eve.

Eve indeed helped Adam eat from the Tree of Life and THAT’S WHY Adam named his woman Eve, a Jewish word that means “Giver of Life”, not “Mother of All Living”.

Adam didn’t name his wife “Eve” because she was the mother of all living — she wasn’t.

So why do evil and say she was the mother of all living? The world population was in thousands at that time. How could she be their mother?

Are you nuts?

Adam called his wife “Eve” because she gave him Life, an everlasting life with God. It’s always a woman who can give a man an everlasting life.

We men are inherently evil & Godless, cut-off from God and we need a woman to eat from The Tree of Life and become Godly.

It’s a woman who gives us God a.k.a. The Holy Spirit a.k.a. Life, not “I AM”. That’s just another terrible mistake and misunderstanding of God and what His name is.

It’s a result of misunderstanding the Jewish language.

Yehweh means Life, not “I AM”.

Want a proof?

Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and THE LIFE”.

Also, the First Commandment says “You shall thank God who gave you LIFE and set you free”.

God is Life, a meaningful name that makes sense. He’s not I AM.

That’s a stupid name to have. It makes no sense, despite the hard effort priests put in in convincing people about it’s meaningfulness.

But everybody knows it’s meaningless, nevertheless.

Another woman also named Eve turned a Godless man named Cain into a Godly saint named Seth.

But Canaan followed the example of Lamech-Enoch. He married a strange flesh, not his soulmate and changed his name to Ham to fool the world.

But God knew he still was the Godless Canaan so He tempted him and Canaan saw the nakedness of Noah (Na’amah), his mother.

That’s why Noah cursed Canaan, calling Ham by his original name because his fake baptism had been exposed since a saint NEVER commits a sin but Ham did commit a sin, didn’t he?

Therefore, he had never been baptized, was he?

The story of Canaan-Ham is very similar to the story of Lamech-Enoch.

If you search Internet for Chava, Eve’s name in Hebrew and Chiva, the Jewish word for “snake” or “serpent”, you’ll know that the serpent was called ALIVE ONE because angels already got an everlasting life.

I hope that my post will help you better understand God and His word, Bible.

Adam, Son of God.

What Does Yehweh Mean?

The Second Advent of Jesus Christ

Note: You may like to first read an earlier post titled   The Terrible Day of Judgment.

As usual, I’m going to tell you some more deep secrets of my father, Jesus Christ.

For some 2000 years, the world has misunderstood the Second Advent of Jesus Christ and even His ascension to Heaven.

Let me present my explanation and apology.

In Gospel, Jesus says He’ll come secretly like a thief in the night.

Everybody knows that but then they talk about the Rapture, the noisy trumpets, doomsday scenarios, blah, blah, blah.


When Jesus ascended to Heaven, the angel said “What are you looking at? He’ll return as you saw Him ascend”.

Now angels are spirits. Can we see them with our eyes open? We can’t. It’s stupid what people believe in. It makes no sense. Still they’ve believed in non-sense.

The presence of the angel means the disciple(s) saw the ascension of Jesus to Heaven in a dream, while sleeping. In the night.

Now as He ascended as a spirit in the night, He’s also descended as a spirit in the night.

He descended on February 6, 1967 at 3am, Jeddah’s local time, when I was born again.

That’s why Jesus said “If someone tells you Jesus is there, go and see Him, don’t believe him”.

How can a spirit be seen at any place with our eyes open? Are you nuts or just an evil liar?

And why do people believe that Jesus will come alone? Why not come with His father, THE God?

Jesus said “I’ll come in the glory of God”. He meant “I’ll come with my Glorious Father”.

He came as a man, born of a virgin to set an example for people.

Why should He again come as a man? Did He promise to clothe us in His glorious body or did He promise to eternally shed off His glorious body and become of dust?

Are you nuts?

The world is round. If He descends in Jerusalem, how shall His people half way around the globe see His glorious descent?

The truth is that as He ascended in a dream, so He shall only be descending in dreams.

But then who’ll rule the world? Who’ll be our Messiah if Jesus will be a spirit?

Adam, son of Jesus Christ, son of God!

It’s Adam who’ll be our promised Christ, King of Kings.

Why won’t Jesus appoint His son as the Messiah? Why won’t anyone not agree to accept his father, Adam, as the Messiah, King of Kings?

And Adam’s kingdom will not be of this world. His armies will be of angels, not of men.

Hearts of men are evil. Why use evil armies to eradicate evil from the world?

Are you nuts?

End of presentation of my explanation and its apology (defense).

Have a nice day.


Note: This post is dedicated to Ron Bronx  Ron’s Time Tunnel..  He’s a man, not a woman so his heart is also evil. He is a veteran, not a pacifist. But still he’s one of my best readers. He’s a strange guy who defies the laws of nature.

The only explanation is that he must have been a mother’s child. I challenge him to deny his mutual love with his mother, if he can.

And his cousin,  LadyG,  is a funny woman who calls lovers of food “greedy”. They’ve taught me to love & appreciate black Americans!

The Second Advent of Jesus Christ

The Perfect Scientists

There used to be some chemicals.

Then some chemicals thought of arranging themselves into an RNA and become a virus and there was a virus.

Then a virus thought of turning his RNA into an advanced DNA and become a germ and there was a germ.

Then two germs thought of becoming a multi-cell insect and there was an insect, male and female.

Then a pair of insects thought of becoming a bird and be better off and there was a bird, male and female.

Then a pair of birds thought of becoming a four legged animal and walk instead of flying and there was an animal, male and female.

Then a pair of animals thought of becoming a predator and eat delicious meat instead of grass and there was a predator, male and female.

Then a pair of predators thought of becoming an ape and live in a group and there was an ape, male and female.

Then a pair of apes thought of becoming a man and learn to talk and there was a man, male and female.

Then a pair of man and woman thought of becoming a God and bring some sense to all this nonsense and there was a God, Father and Son.

Then God thought “These scientists are idiots. Why not start from the Creator and keep things simple in the first place? Why do evil and say ‘There’s no God’ and end up with God, nevertheless?”

End of the evolution cycle.

What’s so hard about becoming a God, after all, eh?

The Perfect Scientists

The Terrible Day of Judgement!

In a previous post, I posited that Jesus was not a good teacher, but a wicked one.

That’s what He told Joseph, the rich man, who had come to Him to see what else he could do to please God.

When Joseph met Jesus, he called Him “Good Teacher” and Jesus immediately corrected him, “Why do you call Me ‘good teacher’? Only God is good”.

Nobody understood why Jesus had corrected him but I know my biological Father so let me also tell you why Jesus corrected him: He didn’t want Joseph to become an ordinary follower.

He wanted to give him a special job. So He asked Joseph to give away all his belongings to the poor and follow Him. Joseph went away broken-hearted and Jesus said, “Verily I tell you it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Sounds like bad news, eh?

Nope. It’s good news like the rest of Gospel but no one knows.

Jesus was telling a wicked lie. He once said “Take My yoke; it’s light”
so how come you evil generation and preachers say rich men can’t go to heaven? Nothing is difficult for my Father, didn’t you know?

Jesus wanted Joseph to do one of history’s greatest jobs: To take care of His dead body and bury it in a grave befitting Jesus.

And that’s what Joseph did. Didn’t he?

No matter how difficult it may be for rich men to go to heaven, Jesus can do it. Can’t He?

He’s a wicked Lord so He first asked Joseph a terribly difficult thing to do and Joseph’s heart was broken.

Then He gave Joseph a terribly great job yet something terribly light for him.

Did you enjoy how my wicked Father plays with us?

Now the whole world thinks this way of Jesus’ Second Advent and The Judgement Day.

The sun will lose its light. The moon will crack and break apart. The stars will fall from heaven. The seas will catch fire. Water will become bitter. Rivers will dry. The mountains will turn to rubbles. There will be eclipses, earthquakes, pandemics and diseases will break out. The man will kill his brother. There will be wars and Armagiddon. The Anti-Christ will mislead all and shall rule the day.

Is it Jesus Christ that is coming or some evil?

Jesus said He will come in peace and secretly like a thief in the night.

Why do you evil preachers say He’ll come with great noise to scare women & children? Why do you evil generation believe such bad news?

Now let me shock you with my Good News. Blessed are those who shall believe the good news of The Lord and repent.

Jesus has already descended from heavens as He promised 2000 years ago. He descended in peace with his Father, the God, before the 2000 years completed of His first advent.

He descended at 3am, February 6, 1967, when I was born.

They came to protect me, the servant of women & children.

On my next birthday, at 3 am, Jeddah local time, I’m going to celebrate Judgement Day’s 50th anniversary.

No longer worry, Jesus and God are with us to bring World Peace, every woman’s dream.

They’re going to fix all that we’ve broken before we completely destroy this planet.

Spread the good news and let’s celebrate. Hallelujah!

The Terrible Day of Judgement!

Good And Bad Spoils of King Jesus

In an earlier post titled,  Baptism of Love,  I presented my theory of Correct Baptism and why Baptism with Water doesn’t work.

Herewith, see some examples of both Good and Bad examples of Jesus’ Baptism.

After Cain murdered his twin brother, Abel, he feared his mom and fled from the face of the Lord (his mom) eastward of Eden (Skopje).

He became a fugitive and a vagabond, stealing food and stuff until he reached Nod, Turkey.

Jesus met him there and told him his sin had made him a fugitive and a vagabond.

Cain complained of his harsh punishment. Jesus asked him to enter Nod and marry the girl he was going to fall in love with her.

He was led to his soulmate by Jesus.

As soon as Cain slept with his soulmate, the woman God had created from his rib, she filled his heart with love and the Holy Spirit descended upon him.

He was baptized with the fire of love and became a saint. He changed his name to Seth.

Therefore, anyone who’ll curse Cain will be cursed sevenfold.

Moses also killed an Egyptian and fled to Sinai where he found Ziporah, his soulmate, and was baptized by the fire of love.

Jacob stole the blessings that belonged to Esau and fled to his uncle, Laban.

He fell in love with Rachel but Jesus tricked him into first marrying Leah THEN Rachel.

When he returned to his mom, he sent his family and everyone else ahead. Then the strange boat guy (Jesus) wrestled with him all night to give Esau and his soulmate, Leah, time to sleep with each other.

Problems solved.

David married strange flesh. But one day, he saw Bethsheba, wife of his neighbor, Uriah, the Hittite.

He slept with her but was not baptized. He remained a sinner because Bethsheba was a married woman because David had also married strange flesh.

Adultery spoiled his baptism.

David then conspired and killed Uriah.

Uriah should have obeyed God-appointed king but he didn’t so God didn’t save him from death.

After Bethsheba became a widow and David slept with her, he was baptized and received the Holy Spirit, became a saint and no longer sinned.

His first sex with Bethsheba was a bad example of Baptism and it didn’t work. His later sex with her worked.

Lamech married two women and lied about becoming a saint and changed his name to Enoch. He killed two men AFTER acclaimed baptism and was killed by his wives, an act of God.

Ham also lied and changed his name to Canaan. He sinned AFTER his fake baptism and was cursed by Noah.

Anyone marrying strange flesh will also receive the curse of Canaan. He’ll become a slave of slaves.

God married me to my older brother’s soulmate and he tried day in, day out for years on end to find a way to sleep with her but failed because she was married to me and I’m a saint, already baptized since August 28, 1996.

He first tried to force me to marry someone else but failed.

After I married his soulmate, he and my wife tried to kill me but failed. They paid a shrink, locked me in a mental asylum who subjected me to electric shocks but failed.

They paid police to lodge a false case against me but failed. They paid doctors to kill me but failed. They paid a Mufti (religious judge) to declare me an apostate and hang me but failed.

My brother tried to bribe me with money but I refused.

He then offered his beautiful wife in exchange for a night with my wife but I still refused.

For years, my wife also tried to turn me away from God but she failed.

Finally, my wife made a deal with God.

Then God showed me a strange way to divorce my wife that you can read in the memoir series titled  My Strange Divorce.

It was impossible for me to divorce my wife but Jesus found a beautiful way.

My story is not fiction nor entertainment. It’s not about MY problem. It’s about ALL problems of the world.

note: This post is dedicated to  OneAnna65,  a survivor and my good reader.

Good And Bad Spoils of King Jesus