My Forced Marriage

I was born in Saudi Arabia in 1967 and moved to my country, Pakistan in early 1998. By that time, I had little idea of Pakistani weddings.

In March 1999, my elder brother, Hamid, emailed me to pay a visit to one of our relatives to ask her a cooking recipe.

They gave me the recipe and also found me a job and I joined the Company.

Since my return to Pakistan, I used to read 20 pages of Quran everyday and meditate on them and tell my brothers about my findings. One day, I had told Hamid about God’s promise of marrying me to a magnificent girl.

In the summer, all my brothers and sisters came from Saudi Arabia and my elder sister told me briefly about a girl named Farheen.

She told me Farheen was a pious girl.

I told my sister about my extreme revolt of Burqa-clad girls. She didn’t mind.

One day, we all went to a party. An old man asked me about my resignation. I told him the Company wanted to change the agreement and I had refused & quit.

Then we returned from that party.

I asked my younger sister about Farheen and how she looked. She told me they had decided to call off the wedding.

I didn’t know I was going to my wedding until my eldest brother, Abid, told me on our way back home that I had no chance to get married in Pakistan unless I was on job, whatever that meant.

Far from feeling humiliated (as I should have), I thanked God for saving me from a forced marriage (called ‘arranged marriage’ by politically-correct people in Pakistan).

But 16 years later, I learned the dynamics of Pakistani marriages when my neighbor cancelled his plans to marry me to his widowed sister because I quit the job he had found for me for a better opportunity.

Pakistanis are cursed by their love of their daughters & sisters. To protect them from the common domestic violence, they like the bride-goom to either accept to live with them or work for someone they know.

Why can’t Pakistanis learn from donkeys? Donkeys are decent, civilized animals. They never beat their wives nor spank their children, do they?

My Forced Marriage

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