Executive Summary

God creates people in pairs: men and women.

This much the scientists know and can discern.

What they don’t know nor seem to understand is that for each man, God creates a specific woman from his rib.

All women are clones & copies but it’s hard for scientists to see.

For the sake of convenience, I call these pairs SOULMATES.

Now if a man shows lust in (marries) strange flesh, someone else’s wife (soulmate), then he in effect has divorced his “wife” (his soulmate) and forced her to fornicate (marry strange flesh.)

And anyone marrying that “divorced wife” will also be committing fornication.

This website proposes the following obvious solution:

Men, stop showing lust in strange flesh and only seek your soulmate.

Women: keep strange men away and wait for your soulmate.

Stop showing your assets, wearing make up & stuff to lure strange flesh.

Executive Summary

Covering Naked Noah

Why did Noah got naked after getting drunk? What is the moral of this story?

We get naked after getting drunk to have sex. Because how can one have sex if he is clothed? It’s necessary to get naked but Canaan..

Canaan was watching and enjoying the erotic scene. He told his father, Ham.

Ham told Shem and Japheth.

They sent their wives to cover the naked scene.

Men are evil, so Japheth and Shem couldn’t have handled such a problem. Seeing their parents naked was inevitable.

But women are not evil. Never evil, even if people tell you otherwise.

Their wives went in and did what nurses do all the time in the hospitals.

History’s first nurses.

All men are evil. And no woman is evil.

That’s the moral of this story. I can explain what others don’t understand and I always tell the truth, even when everyone thinks otherwise.

The superiority of women-folk is evident for those who like to learn. But we men like to rule. We want wars and armies so we reject the evidence.

Evil we!

Covering Naked Noah

The Technology of Heaven

In Bible, God says “The hearts of men are evil”.

In the Book of Genesis, God says He shall put an enmity between Eve and Satan. “Satan” is a Hebrew word that means “Enemy of God”.


1. God is feminist. He is with women while we, men, are evil and with the Devil.

2. To receive God’s blessings, we need a woman. We need to learn to listen to women and serve them. There’s no other way to receive God’s blessings.

I suggest we enact laws to strip away all authority from men and give all powers to women. Only women should be able to own a business or a property.

Were I not a pacifist, I would also have suggested hunting down all those males without a woman to serve and sending them to the gallows because they are rebels and scum of the universe.

In the Hollywood movie Terminator, a machine comes from future to kill a woman. A guy also comes to protect her.

The guy wins.

That’s what men are: evil creatures like Terminator unless they are serving women & children.

God be blessed. His kingdom may come. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

The Technology of Heaven

The Sun is Shining!

We know that all the water on this planet came from meteor showers. That water is fresh (sweet). So what if we had fresh waters in the oceans?

Fresh water evaporates faster than salty water. Sea water is sticky and evaporates less.

With all water fresh, there would be continuous rains. Torrential rains. The world will be completely inundated as depicted in the Hollywood movie, Water World.

There will be no animals, no birds and not even trees because there will be no sun shine. But the sun is shining.

When this planet was formed, it was like Venus. No life form was possible and on the surface of earth, there was complete darkness.

First God put planktons and other germs that survive and thrive in such an extreme climate. They eliminated CO2 (carbon Di-oxide) and other harmful substances from the atmosphere.

Then there was (very dim) light.

Day and Night were perceivable, had there been an observer.

Evening came (6pm) and morning (6am), that was Day 1. It was good work.

But there were such continuous, torrential rains that the water in the clouds was one with the water on the ground. It was necessary to reduce the rains if there was to be some air to breathe.

God let these very rains continuously wash the lands until it became full of minerals and salts. As water salinty increased, the rains reduced. Finally, the water in heaven was separate from water in the now saline seas.

It was good to separate these waters.

Evening came and morning. Day 2.

God then created all kinds of plants and blessed them i.e. gave them ability to reproduce. They soon filled all dryland.

It was good to have plants.

Evening came and morning. Day 3.

The rainforests were so thick one couldn’t see his hands. It was completely dark on the drylands.

There was a need to further reduce the rains, even if that meant to have some deserts.

Large animals need some space. They need plains, not rainforests.

So as the salinty of the seas kept increasing, rain forests reduced, giving way to plains and deserts.

But the sky.

The sky was clear. The sun was shining. Even the moon and the stars were now visible for a human observer. It was beautiful.

No, it was magnificent.

Evening came and morning. Day 4.

But the scientists are oblivious of this story so instead of Venus, they’re working on Mars to make it habitable. Venus’s atmosphere is very dark and the scientists are understandably afraid of the dark and don’t know what to do with it.

Could the Book of Genesis provide some answers in this regard?

(This is my humble attempt to understand Bible. This story continues).

The Sun is Shining!

My experiences of learning Bible

Hi there.

I was born in Jeddah to Pakistani immigrant parents. I received all my schooling in Saudi public schools in Dammam. I then moved to Riyadh and was trained in Statistics and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1990.

God entered my life since my birth. My mom used to love Mecca, which she believed was where God lived. My father was jobless at the time of my birth but my mom won’t agree to leave “God” in Mecca.

One day, while in the shrine near Kaaba, a Saudi made a lucrative offer to my father to buy me. This freaked out my mom and she agreed to relocate to Dammam, some 1200km away. She loved me more than she loved Kaaba — an empty room that’s of no use to any.

When I was about 9, I was once going to buy bread one noon, I found a torn illustrated book in a trash bin. I picked it up. Now I know it was the Gospel.

I got many other interesting stories. But did I know God and choose Him or was it God who chose me?

Did I know God who led me to the Gospel or was it the Gospel that led me to God?

I’ve learned a lot about God from the priests and teachers of Bible but they are grossly wrong about God, and their teachings are less than perfect.