Adam & Eve

We all have heard this story. The oldest of stories. The scholars have been trying to decipher it but I believe we can never understand this story on our own.

However, I can tell you what this story means because Jesus explained it to me through a demonstration. My life is full of tragedies that explain Bible.

One story God blessed me with was my strange wife and her strange lover that explains the story of Adam & Eve.

Since the earliest days, my wife told me she was going to fight me. I tried my best to avoid the inevitable but I failed. For 12 years I tried to love my wife with all my heart & soul but failed. My false, man-made love lost to my wife’s holy love. Thank God.

After 9 months of losing my wife, God sent an angel and I saw a vision. I saw my villain. He was my brother, Hamid, who lives in Saudi Arabia!

I had married his ‘woman’, his soul mate and he silently sacrificed and also agreed to help me financially because that’s what God wanted him to do and he trusted God.

Then I told both my wife and my brother the secret of their strange attraction and they were shocked to learn the truth. Till then, they fool never knew the other also loved them.

Here is the truth: for each of us, God creates a woman from our rib. “Woman” means “from-man”,
perhaps the only true English translation of a Hebrew word, Ish-ah.

The story says God created Adam from dust and put him in a garden in the east i.e. in Greece. But Adam was lonely and God saw that it was not good for man to be sad & blue. He first brought all kinds of animals to Adam and Adam gave them names. And whatever name Adam gave to each animal, that was its name i.e. God liked those names because they were true and correctly defined each animal unlike English names.

Adam saw how each animal had a pair but he had no one to pair with. Then God sent a deep sleep over Adam, took one of his ribs and created a woman from that rib. A woman is not created from dust but from flesh & bone, despite what scientists will tell you.

Then God brought that woman to Adam to see what name he shall give to her. Adam said “Now this is a bone of my bone and a flesh of my flesh so I’ll call her ‘woman’ and I’ll call this woman Eve (Giver-of-life)”.

Why create a clone from our rib?

Because each animal is one species so a lion can pair with any lioness — both share same personality.

But mankind is not one species but each man is a different & unique person.

I love the blue color but my wife loves the pink color. So each morning, I paint my house blue and go to work but when I return home in the evening, I find out my wife has colored my house pink.

God created Eve to be a helper for Adam but my wife is more like a Pink Panther to me. We all have married strange flesh. We all have violated women’s rights. Hence, there will be no World Peace, despite UNO’s promises.

God said “Let’s create man in our image.. Man and Woman created them He” Does that mean God has a wife? No. As God and His son are one and indistinguishable from each other, never separated from each other, so He creates for each one of us someone to love and bond with for eternity.

That’s how the Original Script used to be and there was World Peace.

Then Sons of God (rulers) saw that daughters of (ordinary) men were beautiful and they married whatever women they liked (lust).

World Peace was lost.

And the problem kept compounding so God sent a Deluge to save women and World Peace was restored… for a while.

Now the kind of love between Adam & Eve is holy and strange that’s why none of us understood it. Not me, not my brothers, and not anyone else.

Hence, Jesus Christ explained it to me through my life’s stories.

My wife asked God and He advised her to marry me, not my brother, Hamid. She took great leap of faith and married her lover’s brother. She easily sacrificed her love for the sake of God.

Hamid put up a great resistance through other brothers and sisters but when he poor learned his Saima wanted to marry his brother, he helped us financially. This strange tendency to sacrifice makes this love even holier and deserves a separate post.

I will tell you more details and about the demonstration.

But is my explanation clear or is it still ambiguous? I’d like you to tell me what parts are ambiguous.

Thank you.

Adam & Eve

8 thoughts on “Adam & Eve

  1. Your comment was tagged as spam. It’s too vague and generic. I hope you’ll write more specific comments so that they don’t get marked “spam”. Good Luck!


    1. Thanks for your interest and the like. You ask good questions, lady.

      I can’t claim to know God’s thoughts or His ways.

      However, my brother is a little tricky. He found his soul mate first but instead of expressing his feelings, he kept it a secret. Also, instead of offering me help in my quest, he challenged me to fall in love.

      Our eldest brother was using him to get rid of his ex-wife in Rabat, Morocco. When Hamid learned about my plans to search for my girl in Morocco, he suggested I go rape Abid’s ex-wife in Rabat!

      God wanted the world to know about His way, His creation and also teach Hamid to be more thankful. So He asked me to leave Monia and go to Pakistan. Hamid liked my going to jail and getting flogged. See my post, The Flight From Casablanca.

      Can you be sure that when you’ll meet your soul mate, everything will go smooth?

      I suggest that you be ready for some hardships before you succeed. Precious things cost sacrifices, don’t they? But you will succeed because that’s what God wants.

      I’m sure you’re a very blessed girl. Wish you good luck.

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      1. That is some story. Sometimes we think that our family would only want good for us however often times it’s not like that. Interesting that you say prepare for some hardship, I never thought about that. Because it’s God’s way it will just come easy were more my thoughts. Thank you for pointing that out. Your brother seems like a difficult person, you better listen to God bc your bother advice does not seem to be good advice at all. I get that God wants us to know his way, thank you for sharing your stories and allowing God to work through you. May God bless you.

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  2. God is sometimes hilarious.

    Both are made from same dust so they behave in harmony and share exact same personality. They’re always in agreement.

    She was the daughter of our mother’s best brother, Irshad. But he (Irshad) failed to attend her (our mom’s) funeral, I think because he was in jail for some financial issues but he likes to keep it a secret.

    So my family were very upset with this uncle.

    They (Hamid and Saima) both decided to keep their love secret when they first met. Even from each other!

    When I arrived Rawalpindi, God advised her to marry me instead of her Hamid. She took a great leap of faith and married me.

    But she was a devout Muslim and used to despise and persecute Christians.

    When she learned about my conversion, she decided to try her ways instead of continuing to trust God.

    We all have learned a lot about God this way. It’s a divine comedy because Hamid, in turn, inadvertently married his elder brother, Zakir’s soul mate.


  3. They didn’t know they were soul mates. They just felt strange attraction, which they called love.

    Nobody knew what Adam & Eve’s story meant. Nobody knows how precious women are. We, men, all have violated women rights.

    I thank God I always was an obedient husband, at least. I respect women because they’re so weak and fragile. Since childhood, they continuously love and serve.

    They never complain. They keep sacrificing to please others. They suffer in silence.

    God gave women the power to produce children, nurse them and protect them yet, they put these powers to good use.

    God gave men physical power (less than a donkey’s) and some intelligence (less than a pocket calculator) but they’re arrogant. They’re mindless. The’re always fighting and cursing.

    They’re always complaining and arguing. They’re inferior but they abuse women and refuse to obey them, thereby, destroying their lives. We, men, need women to behave ourselves and learn civility, don’t we?


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