Wrestling The Nephelim

This is a sterilized story that starts here .

I looked up book’s publication data. It was published in 1960.

So she was some 20 years older than me but I didn’t care, I still loved her. Mmm.. she was attractive.

That night I had a vision. I saw God handing me a rod of iron!

All I could see of God was His hand.

I could look up that dream in my mom’s library, I was sure.

My mom was the opposite pole of my dad. She was more into spirituality than science.

Indeed, I found a dream-interpretation book in her magical library.

I thought I would look up “God” and “Iron” and cook up an interpretation. But I was intrigued to find an entry dedicated to that very dream.

“Weird book,” I thought.

It said God was going to put me to test!

I was troubled. Why me? I couldn’t remember doing anything wrong. Unless reading from parents’ libraries was a sin.

I knew I was a bad boy destined for hell.

As soon as the classes started, I was shocked to see a cute, attractive boy who looked so much like That Girl in the book and his hair was brunette!

He was so attractive, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“I’m not listening, teacher, I’m looking at the beauty!”

That boy was going to ruin my studies and more, I thought. I used to sit beside Hamdan.

I didn’t pick Hamdan, he picked me since class VI. All his brothers had left school and joined lucrative jobs in Aramco, the oil giant that runs Saudi Arabia and rules the oil markets of the world still.

But Hamdan wanted to be something more.

I had secured the 6th position in the Eastern Province. The 5 above me were not interested in Hamdan but the sixth…

The sixth was a poor boy. One you could easily win. The sixth was me. This is how we became good friends.

But I’m a superficial guy who is used to judging things by their looks and Hamdan looked like… a rat. Yeah, a rat, ladies and gentleman, a rat!

He offered to lend me Superman and comic books so I guess I did good by keeping him, despite his scary looks.

Hamdan said the Physics teacher was a bad guy. He talked to the principal to change the class but there was only one Physics teacher for all the 6 sections of class XI so he decided to keep the class.

Now I had been kidnapped twice in class IX by two nice Sodomites but both times God had saved me.

The second Sodomite was my boss in a bank where I used to work after school.

He was nice, so he offered me his wife in exchange but I still rejected. I had not yet reached puberty and she was my mom’s age. That big, fat MILF scared the crap out of me.

I was frustrated by men’s interest in sex, which I saw as mere nudity and doing dirty, disgusting things.

And I hated gay sex even after I did reach puberty because I saw it as moral depravity.

But that boy? He was different!

I was confused because his love was different. I didn’t see any moral depravity in his love. He used to pose for me and drive me crazy. Everything he did made my heart beat and sing a song for the Lord.

Yes, I actually thanked God for my falling in love with a boy!

Then came the Law Man.

God told me Ehsan was going to get pregnant had I touched him!

He really scared the crap out of me.

I immediately stopped fantasizing about him!

Now Jamal, the Physics teacher was a holy recruiter for Afghan Jihad. He used to hold brain-washing sessions during the lunch break. I liked attending them with Hamdan… for the sake of free sandwich and a Pepsi.

Hamdan was brain-washed and wanted to become a regular contributor to Jamal’s pamphlet-journal.

One day, Hamdan showed me a piece he had written about the evils and perils of anger.

God had been encouraging me to show anger to ward off Sodomites and scare them away and it was… working.

I gave harsh criticism on Hamdan’s piece.

He tried to brush away my “inferior”, biased opinion but he got stuck and could never publish the piece.

He decided to prove me wrong and get even.

One day, after the last class, he asked me to wait for him to take down the notes.

By the time he finished, the school was empty.

Ehsan had also been waiting. He approached me and undid a button while talking to me in his sweeter-than-nightingale voice.

When he undid the second button, I realized what he was up to. I gently held his hand and he… stopped.

He was not offended. Our love was not about sex. It was not of flesh. It was not of this world.

This shocked Hamdan.

He had been noticing our developing love and he was sure there was no way in hell I was going to miss such an opportunity.

He left Jamal and his Afghan Jihad, Islamic wisdom, hatred of Russian and American infidels, blah, blah, blah.

This story continues  here .

Wrestling The Nephelim

Who Gets to Rule?

We believe Man rules the world because that’s what we see. We tend to believe what we see, don’t we?

But are we indeed the rightful rulers of the world? No.

“This world belongs to the meak and humble”~ Jesus, Sermon on the Mount.

Eve ate from the Forbidden Tree first and man became ruler as a result. But the world still belongs to women and children as it did in the Garden of Eden.

Look at patriarchal societies such as Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan: you shall see hell. Thanks to such barbarians, we know we need to thank God for giving us some civility.

Did Jesus indeed ascend to heaven? Yes, but only to descend. During the past 2000 years, he has descended, turning this world into His kingdom, one block at a time.

A few countries are reminiscent of how it used to be before Christ and no country is perfect yet. But the age of evil empires is largely over and democratic values are taking root everywhere.

A very slow, gentle and graceful journey to heaven. Eve shall rule as before. Then, we shall achieve World Peace.

Are you an obedient husband? I am, thank God.

Who Gets to Rule?