Finding My Soulmate – 6

This story begins here.

After some seven days, and after more than one sitting with my salesman friend, Emad, I realized I had no reason to humiliate a lady.. yet.

Emad was being very helpful and he kept assuring me of a quick, successful trap that went something like this.

He would go meet her as a client who’s interested in a quickly and who got a lot of money to throw.

When she would go out with him, I’d come and take her by surprise.

Catch her red-handed.

But the perfect plan had one thing missing.

She had looked a little worried and concerned during our last meeting.

That didn’t fit how a harlot would feel, one who enjoyed breaking men’s hearts.

I concluded she was afraid of me for some unknown reason. That’s why she didn’t dare to explain.

Were she not scared, she would have tried to explain, even if I indeed had failed to understand.

As long as there’s no fear of consequences, people do not mind talking to a guy whom they believe won’t understand them.

So I decided to write her a letter.

In that letter, I promised her not to cause her any troubles and that she could trust me to her secrets because I had no intentions to cause the least harm.

Stuff like that.

She called me as soon as she received my letter and…

Asked me what did I mean!

I said “Nothing. Forget it.”

That was the last I heard of her.

She still refused to give any reasons for her rejection.

Now I guess I know what was her secret reason to rejecting our developing affair and why she thought it was futile to explain herself to me.

In the subconinental societies, it is considered a great taboo for a woman (or even a man) to marry in late age.

It is even more condemned if that person has adult children.

It is extremely forbidden if he or she got a daughter, whether she’s married or not.

If the daughter is unmarried, it is doubly extreme shame.

So Dr. Pritima was a 51 years old woman who had an adult, unmarried daughter.

How could she even think of marrying?

She would be cut off from her family and society. And her poor daughter was going to suffer the most damage.

Dr. Pritima was not a woman… She was a mother, first and foremost.

She sacrificed her love for the sake of her daughter.

Dr. Pritima was a great woman and God has helped me understand her great sacrifice.

God stood up for Dr. Pritima and first saved her from my wicked plans of revenge.

Some 21 years later, He has helped me understand her secret motives.

Isn’t God holy?

He didn’t forget poor Pritima. He left me in pain and hurt for some 21 years.

He let me misunderstand women.

But He never forgot.

He remembered all these years.

Then He shocked me with revealing the true meaning of His statement in Genesis 3:15 (I will put enmity between you (Satan) and this woman).

Now, my faith is more firm in the superiority of women over men.

Dr. Pritima is one more example where a woman behaves in a terrible way but upon close scrutiny, she proves unblemished and without a blame.

My story of failed romance with Dr. Pritima proves she had absolutely no evil in her while I…

I had a lot of evil thoughts and I need to thank God for keeping me from continuing on evil ways.

I now also understand why she thought I wasn’t going to understand her. She thought men were incapable of understanding any noble motives.

She was right… generally speaking.

After reading my letter, she had other concerns.

Had she shared her concerns with me, I would have encouraged her to stand up for women’s rights.

She decided women’s rights was not her cup of tea.

She wasn’t my soulmate, was she?

Saudi Arabia is neither a tourist country nor a small one. Nor Jeddah is on a mountain top, is it?

So I calmed down and continued my quest for my soulmate.

This story continues here.

Finding My Soulmate – 6

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