Who Gets to Rule?

We believe Man rules the world because that’s what we see. We tend to believe what we see, don’t we?

But are we indeed the rightful rulers of the world? No.

“This world belongs to the meak and humble”~ Jesus, Sermon on the Mount.

Eve ate from the Forbidden Tree first and man became ruler as a result. But the world still belongs to women and children as it did in the Garden of Eden.

Look at patriarchal societies such as Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan: you shall see hell. Thanks to such barbarians, we know we need to thank God for giving us some civility.

Did Jesus indeed ascend to heaven? Yes, but only to descend. During the past 2000 years, he has descended, turning this world into His kingdom, one block at a time.

A few countries are reminiscent of how it used to be before Christ and no country is perfect yet. But the age of evil empires is largely over and democratic values are taking root everywhere.

A very slow, gentle and graceful journey to heaven. Eve shall rule as before. Then, we shall achieve World Peace.

Are you an obedient husband? I am, thank God.

Who Gets to Rule?