It’s Complicated! – 2/2

Note: This post continues from  It’s Complicated! – 1/2.  Make sure you read Part 1 first. Thanks.

Cain was very much like Adam and he also became a tiller of earth like his father. However, Adam never went through the evil transformation but Abel did and Cain also did partially without realizing.

Hence, the necessity of mating with our soul mates. Even if you are a good son like Cain, you can do horrible things, even if only to ward off some aggression.

It is written that Cain was angry after God rejected his offering. But it’s silly that people believe that it was God’s act per se that made Cain angry. They fail to see the Abel variable.

On the one hand, they believe Abel (a man) had a child’s heart and entered Kingdom of Heaven and on the other hand, they believe God gave Cain protection without reason!

1. To every rule, there are exceptions.
2. Exceptions do not make rules.

I know all flesh has corrupted its ways and there are some bad girls in the world. But our hope is still in women, not men.

I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My soulmate was born in Fes, Morocco. We met not in Jeddah nor in Fes but in Immouzzer, a hilltop town nearby Fes on August 28, 1996.

Was it pure chance?

Not if you know that God had told me I was going to find my girl on a mountain top on May 28, 1993, 13 years and 3 months into future.

Could He not have guided Cain?

Did God not create a girl from your rib, as science will tell you, or does He not know where she is?

Men, stop showing lust in strange flesh.

Girls, stop wearing make up & stuff to lure strange men. Be simple so that your soulmate will not have hard time recognizing you.

Don’t tell me you won’t recognize your soulmate. You will not be two but one and the same person.

How can one not recognize himself or herself?

Now you can understand my cryptic father, Jesus when he says unintelligible things like,

  • Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not put asunder.
  • From the beginning, God wanted to see man and wife together.
  • Husband and wife shall remain faithful to each other.
  • But I tell you that if a man divorces his wife, save for sexual immorality, then he forces her to fornicate and anyone marrying her will also be committing fornication with her.
  • But I tell you if a man looks at a woman with lust, he has already committed fornication with her in his heart.
  • If anyone of you can, let him not marry.
  • In the Kingdom of Heaven, women will not be given into marriage.
  • Therefore, whosoever shall kill Cain, revenge will be taken from him sevenfold.
  • That’s why a man will leave his parents and cleave to his wife.
  • Verily, I tell you. None of you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he be like one of these (children).

Find all references in Bible to love, sex, fornication and marriage and see if my teachings are consistent with all of them or not.

FYI, I never have married my Monia yet. God asked me to sacrifice her and promised to marry me to a magnificent girl, my current wife, Saima.

He did that to wound me and heal the world. I can’t divorce my wife because she believes she then won’t be able to be one with her soulmate. It’s complicated!

P.S. This piece is dedicated to my children, Cain and Abel.

With love,

Son of Jesus Christ.

It’s Complicated! – 2/2

3 thoughts on “It’s Complicated! – 2/2

    1. Although your question is a little ambiguous as some of these are my personal stories from my life. But I’ll assume you’re curious about my stories or actually, my re-phrasing of Bible’s stories.

      Who told Moses to write the first books of Bible? Who taught him?

      You can choose not to believe but God talks to me as well as His son, Jesus Christ. But I’m unlike any prophet or disciple.

      I’m Adam, Son of Jesus Christ.

      I know people are sure God can’t and will not send back Adam & Eve into this world (nor anyone else, for that matter) but He has already done.

      We’re constantly being “resurrected” but not out of grave but through re-birth into this world as children.

      It’s women like you who are giving us second chances but you don’t know, do you? You’re more valuable than what you’ve been told.

      That’s what I’m to tell women.

      People have always believed in resurrection and second-chances but they just don’t believe in it as I’ve experienced, do they?

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