Terminator Genesis 7 – A World No Viruses!

On one beautiful day, I received an email notifying me of a new Facebook post by my best e-friend, Bishop Dr. Ijaz I. Malik.

He warned people and his loved ones from a hideous virus that had hit his computer, deleting his precious video clips.

Doesn’t this seem rather a familiar story?

All the world’s antivirus manufacturers have recently made a disclaimer notifying their clients of their inability to guarantee against any damages caused by viruses.

See for example reports by  ZDNET,  Wall Street Journal,  MIT,  CNET  and  The Guardian

In fact, we do not need so many proofs because currently, the computer will never see “A VIRUS” as “A VIRU5” i.e. The slightest jot can result in a disaster.

Please look closely: the second word’s last character is the number 5, not the letter S.

The question is: Till when shall the computer remain a toy in the hands of the enemies?

In other words, when shall the computer eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good (useful) and Evil (harmful)?

If your computer gains wisdom and comes to know the good from evil, he will serve you without instruction or supervision.

And on the other hand, he will not cheat you or become a tool in the hands of the enemy.

Now there have been many projects of AI such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Speech Recognition, Expert Systems etc.

The latest is ANN (Artificial Neural Nets).

The world is investing billions of dollars in ANNs and big business is making many times more on these investments.

But do these intelligence products understand what they’re doing? Do they got the knowledge of good and evil as so clearly understood by the Terminators?

One theory says wisdom is not quantum. Hence, binary computers will never become wise.

Another theory says wisdom is organic: we can’t create wisdom outside neural nets.

Yet another theory says wisdom is biological. It can’t exist outside a living tissue.

There must even be someone out there who believes wisdom is spiritual. It’s not of this world but a God-given gift — hence, man will never create it.

To answer these questions and give the world some hope, we need to create a PROTOTYPE.

The Prototype may not do everything that Terminator T-800 Model 101 – our subject of interest- could do.

But if it did just a couple things, it will serve as PROOF OF CONCEPT.

It will put an end to endless debates over the nature of intelligence and the possibility of (some day,) creating the Terminator.

Moon Laboratories’ E2P2 (Electronic Ear Prototype Project) will serve an important academic purpose. The Prototype, therefore, will be about research in BASIC SCIENCE.

But that’s not all.

The E2P2 will also show the world that AI is not the exclusive domain of Big Business and a threat to human labor (unemployment & job eradication).

Shortly, I’ll create a crowd-funding project using websites like KickStarter.com and Indiegogo.com.

The purpose of that fund-raising project will be to first create the E2P2 prototype and if all goes well, to also start building the Terminator — one small piece at a time.

I’ll work part-time on Moon Labs’ E2P2 project as I also got other projects that are equally important both for me and for mankind in general.

By participating in funding my revolutionary approach to AI, you’ll be entitled to complete copy(s) of all the building blocks of Terminator at discounted rates.

Those who’ll not participate in funding E2P2, will not get complete copy or will have to pay a premium.

Have a nice day.


2 thoughts on “Terminator Genesis 7 – A World No Viruses!

    1. Thank you for this great, timely insight. I had given the rationale of using the name “Terminator” in  Terminator Genesis 1 – The Need For Terminators  and had assumed people will like Terminator (T-800) because of his learning the importance of women in subsequent sequels. But you are right, “Terminator” can spell the doom for my fund-raising efforts. Thank you. (Any other suggestions will also be highly appreciated, you’ve done me a great service.)

      Liked by 1 person

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