It’s Complicated! – 2/2

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Cain was very much like Adam and he also became a tiller of earth like his father. However, Adam never went through the evil transformation but Abel did and Cain also did partially without realizing.

Hence, the necessity of mating with our soul mates. Even if you are a good son like Cain, you can do horrible things, even if only to ward off some aggression.

It is written that Cain was angry after God rejected his offering. But it’s silly that people believe that it was God’s act per se that made Cain angry. They fail to see the Abel variable.

On the one hand, they believe Abel (a man) had a child’s heart and entered Kingdom of Heaven and on the other hand, they believe God gave Cain protection without reason!

1. To every rule, there are exceptions.
2. Exceptions do not make rules.

I know all flesh has corrupted its ways and there are some bad girls in the world. But our hope is still in women, not men.

I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My soulmate was born in Fes, Morocco. We met not in Jeddah nor in Fes but in Immouzzer, a hilltop town nearby Fes on August 28, 1996.

Was it pure chance?

Not if you know that God had told me I was going to find my girl on a mountain top on May 28, 1993, 13 years and 3 months into future.

Could He not have guided Cain?

Did God not create a girl from your rib, as science will tell you, or does He not know where she is?

Men, stop showing lust in strange flesh.

Girls, stop wearing make up & stuff to lure strange men. Be simple so that your soulmate will not have hard time recognizing you.

Don’t tell me you won’t recognize your soulmate. You will not be two but one and the same person.

How can one not recognize himself or herself?

Now you can understand my cryptic father, Jesus when he says unintelligible things like,

  • Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not put asunder.
  • From the beginning, God wanted to see man and wife together.
  • Husband and wife shall remain faithful to each other.
  • But I tell you that if a man divorces his wife, save for sexual immorality, then he forces her to fornicate and anyone marrying her will also be committing fornication with her.
  • But I tell you if a man looks at a woman with lust, he has already committed fornication with her in his heart.
  • If anyone of you can, let him not marry.
  • In the Kingdom of Heaven, women will not be given into marriage.
  • Therefore, whosoever shall kill Cain, revenge will be taken from him sevenfold.
  • That’s why a man will leave his parents and cleave to his wife.
  • Verily, I tell you. None of you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he be like one of these (children).

Find all references in Bible to love, sex, fornication and marriage and see if my teachings are consistent with all of them or not.

FYI, I never have married my Monia yet. God asked me to sacrifice her and promised to marry me to a magnificent girl, my current wife, Saima.

He did that to wound me and heal the world. I can’t divorce my wife because she believes she then won’t be able to be one with her soulmate. It’s complicated!

P.S. This piece is dedicated to my children, Cain and Abel.

With love,

Son of Jesus Christ.

It’s Complicated! – 2/2

It’s Complicated! – 1/2

Note: This is a two-part post. Make sure you read both parts. Thanks.

A man can (hardly) live with his mother till about 30. Then he starts looking for a girl.

His mother loves him and it’s not love that he seeks.

It’s sex that he seeks.

Girls also grow up and seek marriage.

But they’re different.

They’re not seeking sex per se but just as a means to give birth to new life and to become a woman (mother).

For that, they need a man to care for them and their children until they grow up.

A man and a woman meet.

Men like women because they’re beautiful and got all that they want.

The girl isn’t much into sex. She expects love.

Let me tell you why.

After Cain successfully solved his brotherly problem with Abel, God told him to move to Asia Minor (Turkey) and marry the local girl that he was going to fall in love with.

As soon as he found her, slept with her and became one flesh with her, he experienced a strange, trance-like state.

His heart filled with love and his soulmate took out all violence and evil from his heart.

The transformation was so profound that he changed his name to Seth because he hated and regretted what Cain had done to his twin, Abel.

He returned back as he used to be till age 12.

He remained a grown up man but his heart had become like a child’s.

That’s why he chose to change his name also. His children also started this habit of changing their names after reverse-transformation.

Till age 12, a man is Dr. Jackyll. From early teens, he transforms into Mr. Hyde.

This transformation is a curse and due to a manufacturing defect called chromosome Y.

Now Cain was not evil. Abel wasn’t particularly evil, either. Abel used his successful sacrifice as a troll to rule Cain and Cain thought of murder.

Cain was created in Adam’s image. He loved and respected his mom. But he went through a funny transformation at age 13.

God wants us to know about this evil transformation… and its solution. Hence, Cain’s story.

I know about these things because I met my soulmate in 1996, went through the reverse-transformation and returned to innocence.

But all flesh has corrupted its ways so men no longer seek a woman that they’ll fall in love with and serve as they also serve their mothers.

They want a beautiful woman that they’ll lust to rule and show to the world as yet another possession they have.

The women seek love because they don’t go through any evil transformation and remain human. Even God-loving human.

That’s why they all follow the way of Cain and seek love, not lust.

They seek a man they’ll love and serve. Not one they’ll brag about and rule.

Now men are the devils (Mr. Hyde.)

They think “What? ‘No Love, No Sex’? Not a problem.”

God has given us dominion over all the animals and birds. It means we can fake anything.

Man fakes love by showing care. Women mistake “care” for “love”. Man is on fire. He kisses every part of woman’s body and she believes.

Man soon feels disgusted and despises the woman.

He fakes no more, comes clean and goes straight to intercourse. No more foreplay!

Woman thinks “My husband no longer loves me. No Love, No Sex!”

Man thinks “Sex is Love. No Sex Means No Love. My wife no longer loves me.”

Woman is right, man is wrong. It’s never a woman’s fault. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Man calls women “complicated”.

He says “women have a habit of complicating things”. He wants sex, plain and simple. But women talk about love — something he doesn’t understand.

The only woman he loved was his mother because he met her before he transformed into a selfish, evil monster.

“But why women seek love? Are they my mom or what?”

Men don’t understand and women can’t explain.

It’s like the woman (Megan) trying to explain how the apple tastes to an angle (Nicholas Cage) in the Hollywood movie City of Angels.

When Genesis says “away from the presence of God”, it means “away from the presence of women” because women are THE FACE OF GOD. Cain didn’t want to leave his mom, whom he loved.

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It’s Complicated! – 1/2

What Women Want – 2/2

(… Continues from What Women Want, Part 1 of 2)

as God also knows but since I was a very careless guy, Jesus told me I was surely going to die the day I ate from it.

He really freaked me out!

I was so much in love with those laboratories but so scared, I also warned Eve although she was very cautious and knew her way in those laboratories (which she used to call “kitchen’.)

God never said anything about Eve eating from the tree. Did He?

Now God gave us dominion over all the animals and the beasts to rule over them. But in reality, no animal seems to listen to us or give us a damn.

Let me explain this mysterious statement of Bible, too.

It means that we can impersonate any animal or beast. So some men look like sheep but from inside, they are devouring wolves (priests and preachers who ally with rulers.)

Some are a bunch of vipers and vultures and so on.

One day, a sneaky devil talked Eve into eating from that scary Tree and she chose only those things that were pleasant to sight and good to eat.

Didn’t I tell you she knew her way in the ‘kitchen’? So we ended up benefiting from that “food”. Our eyes were opened. We kissed and mated.

But her act confused me. We didn’t die, did we?

So I fool went back there and ate an aphrodisiac. I did that because I used to feel miserable because I couldn’t please Eve as she used to please me. Or that’s what I thought.

But when she told me she didn’t like excessive sex, I cursed that sneaky, mysogynist devil for giving my Eve unnecessary troubles and trying to drive a wedge between us.

She took me to Syria (Aram) where all fruit trees were and sewed us aprons using fig leaves but my ever-erect penis kept showing up.

Then at dusk, we saw an evil Greek thief sneaking into our Kingdom of Eden. I thought Eve was equally attractive to all men.

I feared he was going to kill me and take my Eve.

But when Jesus called me, we were relieved. We weren’t scared nor ashamed of God. That’s silly and all people think so because no man got the Holy Spirit so no one understands Jesus as I do.

He likes to scare us as He also did when He came walking on water in the night like a ghost to scare His disciples.

Now when Jesus asked me who told me I was naked, I freaked out and blamed poor Eve.

When He asked Eve, she didn’t expose my stupidity, she blamed the devil of fooling her.

Then Jesus summoned that devil and he suddenly appeared. He cursed him and pacified us. He told me He had put enmity between devil and women.

He told Eve she was pregnant and her pregnancy will result in birth of Cain and its sign will be labor pains.

He told me I was a wheat-lover so fruits were no longer going to be my favorite food but my staple food will be bread, for which I’ll have to till the earth, which is cursed because it also yields weed and thorns.

So all my children have misunderstood the Book of Genesis because none got the Holy Spirit. They don’t have the free gift of the Holy Spirit because none is married to his soul mate, the women God creates from our ribs.

Now I am Adam, son of Jesus Christ, who is Son of God created from God’s face. Hence, His name & job title, God’s Interface.

Now Jesus created me from the dust of earth without a mother. There’s no one like me. No one knew me except my Father and no one has known Jesus as I do.

I’m different.

I’m not sent to men, but to women. And here’s what I have to say:

Please respect the Eve in you. Don’t wear make up nor show your assets to lure strange men to yourself.

You’re too important to waste yourself. You’re the gateway to heaven, the Kingdom of God will come only when you stop looking and wait for your soul mate.

He’ll not know you if you’re hiding behind make-up. Just be yourself.

What Women Want – 2/2

What Women Want – 1/2

Note: This is a two-part post. Make sure you read Part 2 also.

Soon after our marriage, my wife asked me why did I marry.

I said “For sex. And why did you marry?” She had intrigued me by that question, as if there could be other reasons for people to marry!

“For children”, she answered.

I was so shocked, I was speechless and looked at her in total disbelief.

Then I remembered once asking my 6-year-old niece whether she liked to be a pilot or a teacher, when she grew up. She said “I want to become mom”!

I didn’t understand her funny answer.

So I then asked her 3-year-old sister what SHE wanted to be.

She said “I want to become grandma”!

I burst into a laugh.

She thought since “mom” had been reserved by her older sister, she could only choose to become “grandma”!

Their mother, my brother’s wife was nearby, cooking food. I glanced at her but she only added to my confusion because she was not amused by her daughters’ strange answers.

My wife’s unexpected answer had explained my nieces’ strange answers and their mother’s strange lack of amusement so I knew she had told me an amazing truth.

I had quizzed my nieces as part of my studies of Artificial Intelligence, one of two tasks God gave me when I went to jail.

After a few more days, my wife again asked me a strange question. She asked me how frequently I liked to make love.

I said “At least 5 times a week. Why?” She again surprised me by her answer, “I’m more like once a month”! (The day she lays an egg.)

That really shocked & jolted. It worried me because we had just married and I was on fire.

Now let me tell you what women want. A lady won’t tell but I’m a guy so I will tell you honestly.

Women and men are not the same nor equal.

A girl dreams of becoming a mother since her childhood. That’s why she agrees to making love.

Moreover, women’s rule is FIRST LOVE THEN SEX. While a man’s rule is LOVE MEANS SEX AND SEX MEANS LOVE.

A woman says “NO LOVE, NO SEX”. A man thinks “NO SEX MEANS NO LOVE.”

Women are all daughters of God and all men are sons of the devil. So women do not want to be equal to us.

They are better.

God asked women to produce children and nurture them and they will give ANYTHING to become a mother.

But when God asked men to serve women so that they can produce children and nurture them, men rebelled.

Instead of serving their women, they tried to rule them. They are evil so they went further and became violent husbands.

God sent a deluge and killed every living thing. When Noah went to sleep inside his ark one night, God shut the door locked.

When Noah tried to get out in the morning, he couldn’t. He looked outside and saw that the stuck door had saved his life because there was strange rain outside. Soon, the ark was floating on water.

After the Deluge, Canaan saw Noah’s nakedness, his wife. That’s why Noah cursed Canaan and his likes who do not respect women.

God has put Cherubim to guard the way to the Tree of Life so that no man will eat from it and live forever. I used to call the Holy Spirit “Tree of Life” because its fruit was an eternal life.

God never withholds the Holy Spirit from women.

But if a man says he got the Holy Spirit, then he is either ignorant or a liar.

Later on, men did another mischief.

They tried to build the Tower of Babylon (an evil empire) and they thought of building a walled city to escape the consequences of their wars.

God confused their tongues and the First Reich was delayed until the Germans built it.

Men had started calling upon the name of the Lord, a violation of the Third Commandment that says “You shall not abuse the name of God your lord”.

Then the abuse of God’s name caused troubles to women and God decided that His spirit (women) shall not strive with men forever and He drastically reduced our life span to 120 years because she’s also flesh.

Now throughout history, God has been wrestling with us, men. Why so?

Because if I write with white ink on a white paper, you’ll not see anything.

And if I write with blue ink on a blue paper, you’ll again not see anything.

But if I write with one color on a paper of another color, then you shall see!

So we can’t see good nor evil. We can only learn if we have both good and evil, side-by-side. Hence, the necessity of devil and evil in the world.

God is not angry with the devil. It’s God who created him to be His opposite, and be a liar and a murderer so that we’ll learn good and evil.

God didn’t either forbid the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was just a building containing several laboratories and kitchens, staffed by devils.

I used to call it The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because its fruit was to tell whether something was good (useful) or evil (harmful),

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What Women Want – 1/2

Terminator Genesis – 3

Now that we have a computer that has enough sense to keep “awake” as much as possible, to immediately sense new devices as soon as they’re attached to it and immediately activate them, to start crying louder & louder as soon as it loses power supply and also to keep a record of all its “experiences”, we now need to teach it how to understand that input and learn from those experiences.

At this point, the computer will be said to have acquired FIRST ORDER INTELLIGENCE. This is for future reference.

We’ll need to assume that the Experience Recorder got compression capabilities and our machine’s storage is unlimited.

Not everyone can afford to build such a machine!

Now we need to re-define “Artificial Intelligence”.

I’ve already presented an apology for our need to re-define AI. “Artificial intelligence” is a misnomer and has misled scientists as well as investors because computers obviously lack no intelligence, do they?

What a computer can do in a matter of seconds, we humans can’t do in our life time. For example, Google Search can mine billions of webpages in milliseconds and find that one page which contains the search term “moonlabs terminator”, for example.

Isn’t that impressive? Who can contend with that giant?

Or you can use an Excel sheet and fill a column with 1000 random numbers and then use the SUM function or even multiply all those 1000 numbers together and any computer will compute the results in seconds.

Who can match such a speed and accuracy?

We, humans, cannot match any computer (or even a pocket calculator) neither in speed nor in accuracy.

So what do computers lack that made my brother complain to me?

. Computers lack understanding & common sense.

. They don’t have common knowledge.

. They are inconsiderate.

. They can read input text but they don’t understand it.

. AND THEY NEVER LEARN. They need to be programmed and re-programmed every time — a painful & costly job.

They are giants who’ll obey all your commands but they got no mind of their own.

And when I say “no mind”, I mean totally mindless as in “zero brains”.

So if you enter the command 7*5 but by mistake type 7 x 5, then the computer will output some curse words instead of 35.

And you can’t blame it.

So when a computer misbehaves, it’s always someone else’s fault! Sounds like my wife!

But how can we teach computers some understanding?

Scientists are divided on whom to call the Father of Modern Mathematic. I tell my students Archimedes was the good father of modern mathematics because he said “Mathematics is a science from heaven”.

That’s a great insight.

“Mathematics” is a Greek word that means “to learn” so God has given us the ability to learn and put us in a world that is the largest school & longest movie script running continuously since some 6000 years.

The local Greeks had translated my Father’s kingdom, “Eden”, into “school”. They were wise and made a true translation. It later transmuted into current Skopje but that’s another story.

The other “gentiles” were not as wise so they say “What’s in a name?” I don’t know why they don’t care.

I am a mathematician and a philosopher and I love wisdom. I don’t like misleading names like Artificial Intelligence. But I’m still going to use it because it has stuck since decades and there is no alternative in English that will convey what we’re trying to develop. “Artificial Cognition” comes close but is not good enough so let’s continue the traditional name.

Dumb computers are quite fine.

We find dealing with image and sound the easiest, dealing with words harder and dealing with numbers the hardest so we built machines that are number crunchers.

Hence, writing programs that deal with numbers is the easiest. Programming for words & letters is a little harder and programming for images and sound is the hardest.

We and computers are opposites (and complimentary). It’s good to have a villain!

But now we need to build a computer that can understand images and sound like us.

For that, we need to teach computers the art of mathematics (building definitions).

If a computer can construct definitions, then it can understand.

I’ll show you examples to prove this crucial assertion in the next post. Till then…

See ya.

Terminator Genesis – 3

Terminator Genesis – 2

In order for a computer to behave like a human (or any natural creature for that matter), it must not be passive, waiting for a user input.

Here is what a typical computer looks like:

1. You plug it in.
2. You turn it on.
3. It loads an operating system.
4. It stops, waiting for your input. Like this:


Or this:


All that Hamid sees is an intimidating, cryptic system prompt.

In modern computers, you’ll usually see a cold wallpaper called “desktop” and some sort of a “start” button.

You may also hear a musical tone.

This is pretty dumb.

So first thing that we need is to teach the computer to remain “alive”.

The second thing that makes computer dumb and intimidating is their nature of waiting for user action. Even if you plug in a microphone, it may remain passive.

A computer must keep an eye on all its assets, especially any sensors like a microphone. As soon as a microphone is plugged in, it must automatically install its device driver AND turn it on.

It is very dumb to have a microphone yet remain deaf, isn’t it?

The same holds true for web cams, scanners, keyboard, mouse etc.

Now a computer is also considered dumb because it keeps forgetting stuff. It feels as if it has no memory.

What we need next is an “experience recorder”.

We need the computer to record all data from all input devices.

This Experience Recorder must allow access to the streaming data as well as all previous record to other algorithms that’ll process the input data.

It’s also very dumb on the part of computers to use energ-saving habits and go to sleep or hibernation mode without regard of others.

Our machine must remain turned on at least during day time.

In fact, it must have as large a UPS as possible and as soon as it’s plugged off, it must start crying for “food”.

Now with these features in place, the computer won’t be as dumb as the ones my brother, Hamid, hates.

The computer is still not aware nor able to understand a thing. For that, we’ll need to study how natural creatures gain awareness and develop algorithms to mimic these skills.

Till next post,

See Ya.

Terminator Genesis – 2