I was born in Saudi Arabia in 1967 to two Pakistani immigrants.

I received my education in Saudi public schools in Dammam. In 1985, I moved to Riyadh to join King Saud University.

I graduated in 1990 with bachelor of science degree in Statistics.

I worked in Dallah Group, Jeddah, for seven years then I moved to Pakistan in January 1998.

I joined the Master of Computer Science program of University of Karachi in 2000 and graduated with specialization in AI (Artificial Intelligence) in 2004.

From January 1998, I had started studying Quran on my own and working on my theory of AI.

In June 2001, I realized verse 61:14 of Quran asks us to convert to Christianity and I started self-studying Bible.

In February, 2014, I joined WBS (WorldBibleSchool.org) and their sister website, WEI (WorldEnglishInstitute.org) and have learned a lot about Christianity from them.

However, my teachers there believe I’m not a good Christian because of my “alter truth”.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for nice words. I wish you would have given more details on “important is what God thinks of you”. Thanks again for stopping by and liking my post.

    Wish you good luck in your life’s endeavors.


  2. AkoKristiyano says:

    Yes, I can understand why your teachers think that you’re not a good Christian. Given your background, that is no surprise. And honestly, I agree with them.


    Are you willing to be taught, and to change? Truth is very important, and you cannot keep your “alter truth” if you wish to be accepted by other Christians, especially by those of us who believe in the authority of the Bible. And that includes me.

    Also, the things you believe in matter much to God.

    For starters, you should realize that the Allah of Quran is not the God of the Bible.

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    1. Thanks for elaborating on my teachers’ timid comments.

      Nimrod was a mighty hunter before God (“nimrod” is a Jewish word that means “rebel on God”).

      I pray that God will bless you and make you another mighty hunter who can hunt me from Lord’s hand.


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  3. AkoKristiyano says:

    Hi. I’ve tried to read your other blog posts, and I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t finish them.

    There is just too much distortion on the truths of the Bible as I know them, and that pains me.

    I doubt that you will find any serious followers here. I for one will stop following you.

    But you are still welcome in my own blog. I hope that by following me you’ll realize what a true Christian life is like. And who God really is.

    Blessings to you.

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  4. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog posts.

    I know my alter truths do not go well with established Christianity. Nor with established Islam, either.

    I’m a heretic. Men like me need to be stoned to death. Thanks for casting the first stone.

    I believe all religions are from-man, not from-God.

    God didn’t invent religion. Nimrod did.

    Thank you for letting me know I’ll never get many followers but thing is, I’m no preacher and seek no followers to start with.

    I’m a fisher.

    I’m trying to fish people to God.

    That’s my Utility Function that I’m trying to maximize.

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