It’s Complicated! – 1/2

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A man can (hardly) live with his mother till about 30. Then he starts looking for a girl.

His mother loves him and it’s not love that he seeks.

It’s sex that he seeks.

Girls also grow up and seek marriage.

But they’re different.

They’re not seeking sex per se but just as a means to give birth to new life and to become a woman (mother).

For that, they need a man to care for them and their children until they grow up.

A man and a woman meet.

Men like women because they’re beautiful and got all that they want.

The girl isn’t much into sex. She expects love.

Let me tell you why.

After Cain successfully solved his brotherly problem with Abel, God told him to move to Asia Minor (Turkey) and marry the local girl that he was going to fall in love with.

As soon as he found her, slept with her and became one flesh with her, he experienced a strange, trance-like state.

His heart filled with love and his soulmate took out all violence and evil from his heart.

The transformation was so profound that he changed his name to Seth because he hated and regretted what Cain had done to his twin, Abel.

He returned back as he used to be till age 12.

He remained a grown up man but his heart had become like a child’s.

That’s why he chose to change his name also. His children also started this habit of changing their names after reverse-transformation.

Till age 12, a man is Dr. Jackyll. From early teens, he transforms into Mr. Hyde.

This transformation is a curse and due to a manufacturing defect called chromosome Y.

Now Cain was not evil. Abel wasn’t particularly evil, either. Abel used his successful sacrifice as a troll to rule Cain and Cain thought of murder.

Cain was created in Adam’s image. He loved and respected his mom. But he went through a funny transformation at age 13.

God wants us to know about this evil transformation… and its solution. Hence, Cain’s story.

I know about these things because I met my soulmate in 1996, went through the reverse-transformation and returned to innocence.

But all flesh has corrupted its ways so men no longer seek a woman that they’ll fall in love with and serve as they also serve their mothers.

They want a beautiful woman that they’ll lust to rule and show to the world as yet another possession they have.

The women seek love because they don’t go through any evil transformation and remain human. Even God-loving human.

That’s why they all follow the way of Cain and seek love, not lust.

They seek a man they’ll love and serve. Not one they’ll brag about and rule.

Now men are the devils (Mr. Hyde.)

They think “What? ‘No Love, No Sex’? Not a problem.”

God has given us dominion over all the animals and birds. It means we can fake anything.

Man fakes love by showing care. Women mistake “care” for “love”. Man is on fire. He kisses every part of woman’s body and she believes.

Man soon feels disgusted and despises the woman.

He fakes no more, comes clean and goes straight to intercourse. No more foreplay!

Woman thinks “My husband no longer loves me. No Love, No Sex!”

Man thinks “Sex is Love. No Sex Means No Love. My wife no longer loves me.”

Woman is right, man is wrong. It’s never a woman’s fault. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Man calls women “complicated”.

He says “women have a habit of complicating things”. He wants sex, plain and simple. But women talk about love — something he doesn’t understand.

The only woman he loved was his mother because he met her before he transformed into a selfish, evil monster.

“But why women seek love? Are they my mom or what?”

Men don’t understand and women can’t explain.

It’s like the woman (Megan) trying to explain how the apple tastes to an angle (Nicholas Cage) in the Hollywood movie City of Angels.

When Genesis says “away from the presence of God”, it means “away from the presence of women” because women are THE FACE OF GOD. Cain didn’t want to leave his mom, whom he loved.

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It’s Complicated! – 1/2

My experiences of learning Bible

Hi there.

I was born in Jeddah to Pakistani immigrant parents. I received all my schooling in Saudi public schools in Dammam. I then moved to Riyadh and was trained in Statistics and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1990.

God entered my life since my birth. My mom used to love Mecca, which she believed was where God lived. My father was jobless at the time of my birth but my mom won’t agree to leave “God” in Mecca.

One day, while in the shrine near Kaaba, a Saudi made a lucrative offer to my father to buy me. This freaked out my mom and she agreed to relocate to Dammam, some 1200km away. She loved me more than she loved Kaaba — an empty room that’s of no use to any.

When I was about 9, I was once going to buy bread one noon, I found a torn illustrated book in a trash bin. I picked it up. Now I know it was the Gospel.

I got many other interesting stories. But did I know God and choose Him or was it God who chose me?

Did I know God who led me to the Gospel or was it the Gospel that led me to God?

I’ve learned a lot about God from the priests and teachers of Bible but they are grossly wrong about God, and their teachings are less than perfect.