Finding My Soulmate – 14

This story begins with  The Flight From Casablanca.  Thank you.

“Did you sleep with Latifa?” Monia asked in disbelief.

“Omar brought her to me and I did sleep with her” was my simple answer.

“All the time in Europe, my penis dripped blood because of her.”

“What? Did you also sleep with her before touring Europe?” She found my willingness to confess and even complain of Latifa astonishing.

“Next time, don’t do that, OK?” She asked politely and I agreed as if it was a silly mistake on my part.

“These bad girls are unhygeinic” she explained my penis that dripped blood.

I had no idea, otherwise, I wouldn’t have slept with her again, don’t you think so?

Afterwards, when she was lying on the coach, watching TV, an idea occurred to her.

She pulled my pants and looked inside.

“Put it off,” she instructed. She wanted to reduce the number of my kisses and my “excessive sex” problem.

“I can’t” I tried to explain my ever-erect penis. “It’s involuntary” I complained to her.

She tried to fix it with her hand but it only grew stiffer.

After a while, she put her hand in my pants to see if it was still erect.

It was.

For few days, she diligently kept checking at random times and every time, it was erect. It had been that way since about 12 years and all my brothers, sisters, parents and even visitors knew about it because I’m a careless guy.

Finally, she confirmed it was not my fault that I slept with Latifa and she no longer worried about my freaky penis.

She found it amusing, instead.

When Omar first brought Monia to me, he made it a surprise.

When Monia returned from the wedding, she, too, thought of surprising me.

Omar took me to buy some grocery. He then asked me to wait to see if Monia had returned from the wedding.

She had not and we carried the grocery to the apartment.

When we entered the apartment, I found Najat there. I asked her about Monia.

“She didn’t come tonight,” said she.

I couldn’t believe she could not come to meet me.

I looked everywhere but found her not. Then I remembered the drawing room, which was empty and was never used and… “peek-a-boo!” she jumped on me and we kissed.

She then looked at my changed looks.

“Is it for me?” she wondered at my quick weight loss and shaved beard.


She gave me a strange kiss which was even sweeter than any before.

“How did you do that?” I asked in surprise.

She showed me her little tongue.

“But Latifa also used to do that and she didn’t taste so sweet??” I made another complaint.

“I got clean breath” was her cryptic answer.

I half-believed because of my penis that had bled all the time I toured Europe.

But Monia was very hygienic. Still, I envied her because it was not the first time she had surprised me with her knowledge of Principles of Intimacy.

I then wrote her a love letter because by this time, I knew I was in love with her.

God then asked me to give all the gifts I had bought in Europe to Monia.

Omar had asked me to buy a pair of Addidas shoes from Paris but I found the shops closed and I gave him a Yashica camera instead.

Still, he felt jealous.

He had a secret reason to dislike Monia.

When my vacations finished and we boarded the train to Casablanca, we had two empty seats in our first class compartment.

A beautiful young damsel came and asked us if she could join us and I let her in.

She started a conversation with me, showing interest.

Then came another lady in her late 30s. She was in bad mood.

She told me she was in Fes to divorce her husband.

I didn’t find those news interesting, either, and the young damsel restarted her talk.

This pissed off the lady and they started arguing. The lady asked me a question that I didn’t understand and I asked Omar for help.

“The damsel claims she’s virgin while the lady refuses to believe her” explained Omar.

“So what if she claims? It’s none of anyone’s business. Is it?”

That was a good point yet also silenced everyone because of its many implications.

I wore my eye-blinds and went to sleep.

When both women disembarked at nearby Miknas, Omar could hold his laughter no more.

“Your ways are amusing,” he said, “You silenced both women yet insulted none.”

I laughed at his witty remark because he had told a truth and made me wonder how could I be so simple and not smart yet know how to tell people their limits.

Now I know my secret: Jesus Christ. He knows how to first lure women to me but when they fall into the temptation, He puts necessary words in my mouth to force them re-think their lack of faith.

To be continued…

Finding My Soulmate – 14

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