The Perfect Scientists

There used to be some chemicals.

Then some chemicals thought of arranging themselves into an RNA and become a virus and there was a virus.

Then a virus thought of turning his RNA into an advanced DNA and become a germ and there was a germ.

Then two germs thought of becoming a multi-cell insect and there was an insect, male and female.

Then a pair of insects thought of becoming a bird and be better off and there was a bird, male and female.

Then a pair of birds thought of becoming a four legged animal and walk instead of flying and there was an animal, male and female.

Then a pair of animals thought of becoming a predator and eat delicious meat instead of grass and there was a predator, male and female.

Then a pair of predators thought of becoming an ape and live in a group and there was an ape, male and female.

Then a pair of apes thought of becoming a man and learn to talk and there was a man, male and female.

Then a pair of man and woman thought of becoming a God and bring some sense to all this nonsense and there was a God, Father and Son.

Then God thought “These scientists are idiots. Why not start from the Creator and keep things simple in the first place? Why do evil and say ‘There’s no God’ and end up with God, nevertheless?”

End of the evolution cycle.

What’s so hard about becoming a God, after all, eh?

The Perfect Scientists

Finding My Soulmate

This is a sterilized story that starts here .

In late February, 1993, I was fired from Management Information Center for advocating “inferior” technology of PCs to Group’s companies in disregard of their heavy investment in IBM mainframes.

My younger brother, Rashid, went to Instanbul for undergraduate studies. But he was having myterious, infinite problems.

I had helped him get admission in my university, KSU (King Saud University) but he had rejected it.

“It looks like baby poop”, that’s how he had described the university and the city, Riyadh.

I had to agree because he had told a truth but wasn’t that a little immature reason to reject free undergraduate studies?

Hamid, my elder brother, told me his plans to tour Syria. I asked him to also include a tour of Turkey to help our poor younger brother.

But he’s a little different sort of a guy. He remembered how Rashid had called our KSU “baby poop”.

After his return from Syria, he told me about a weird incident.

On the last day of his perfect tour, he found a beautiful scene and stopped to take a snap.

Out of the blue came a uniformed officer. He informed my brother that he had violated the law by taking a snap of a classified premises.

“How’s that?” my brother wondered.

The officer showed him a building in the background that looked spooky and had certainly appeared in the shot.

Hamid had to admire that officer.. for his politeness.

He told Hamid he could book him indefinitely on charges of spying. That could ruin his career in Saudi Arabia where he worked for P&G.

But the officer made him a terrible offer. “If you give me your camera, I’ll just pull out the reel and return the camera back to you right away.. and you can walk away with your ‘crime’.”

That was a terribly good offer in notorious Syria. So Hamid thanked that officer for his politeness. But the snaps..

The snaps were lost.

When I heard that weird story, I felt sorry but knew it was God’s mysterious way to correct him for not agreeing to help Rashid. God only corrects good people.

Weird God!

Hamid was also very happy for my inferior job as Data Entry Operator in Dallah Telecom as he dislikes equality.

When it came the time of Hajj holidays, I went to Turkey.

God then reminded me of That Girl (I had seen in 1983) and told me she was in a tourist country.

I asked my colleagues for some advice and got full briefing.. in where to find prostitutes and the correct way to bargain for more than half an hour!

See, I’m an idiot with small brain and all loose screws. I only learned women’s genitals were different from a man’s less than a year ago (God had helped me order porn from Sexy Software — nice guys and girls there.)

So I deserved a COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE, didn’t I?

And God had kindly provided that.

Turned out my brother Rashid just suffered from racist Turks in the dormitory so I gave him some $220 and his Indian friends were so excited, they gave him a dedicated room in their apartment and also gave me a royal tour of Istanbul.

They also made sure their royal guest was… kept away from bad girls!

(This story continues here .)

Finding My Soulmate

The Mystery of Disjoint Letters

Billions have read Quran since more than 1400 years but none have succeeded in cracking the puzzle of disjoint letters appearing in the beginning of 29 chapters of Quran.

But I can explain what others can’t because no one has known Jesus as I have.

I was serving my jail term, reading Quran when the Voice told me these letters are God swearing by them. That was weird.

It’s a very common habit of Arabs to swear by stuff. How come no one could figure this simple puzzle out?

Because its time had not come. That’s why.

Now anyone can go check my explanation and see for himself whether I’m telling the truth or not.

Even if a single occurrence fails my explanation, it’ll mean I’m wrong.

The good news is that God’s voice is no longer a privilege. Jesus says “My sheep hear my voice and follow me”. In another place, he says “my sheep knows my voice and follows me and I call them by their names”.

I have a personal relationship with Jesus as many others do. I just know him better than anyone else.

Hence, no one explains holy books as I do.


The Mystery of Disjoint Letters

The Mystery of Aad & Samood

When our second child was born, it was a girl. I asked my wife to suggest a name.

She said “I love the name ‘Asma’ the most but your brother has already named his daughter ‘Asma’. I love the name ‘Erum’ next.” I said “Erum is the city God destroyed according to Quran”.

She then suggested “Aasia” and I liked it. I said “That’s a beautiful name. It’s Greek and means ‘welcome’. Adam, a Jew born in Greece had named Turkey “Asia” because it welcomed Cain.”

I then looked up “Erum” in my wife’s book of Islamic names because I wondered why Pakistanis named their daughters after an evil city.

The book said it was of Persian origin and meant “garden(s)”!

I was shocked. I told my wife and she named our daughter “Aasia Erum”.

But I then understood the mystery of Aad & Samood who figure prominently in Quran but no scholar has ever been able to find their ruins, making it embarrassing for Muslims to believe in lies and things that don’t exist except in their minds.

Let’s see what Quran says,

ألم تر كيف فعل ربك بعاد؟ إرم ذات العماد؟ التي لم يخلق مثلها في البلاد‎.‎‏

English: have you not seen how your Lord did to Aad? The Gardens of Pillars, the likes of which have never been built in the world.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon!.

They are one of the 7 wonders of ancient world, aren’t they?

And indeed, “Babylon” is considered the origin of magic (corruption of religion) and mother of all vice by Jews and Christians!

Just listen to BoneyM’s song, “Rivers of Babylon”.

But Quran mixes the destruction stories of Aad and Samood. They refer to the evil Islamic empires of Babylon and Assyria.

Quran also mentions a she-camel in Samood. Whenever you see an animal mentioned in Quran, it means “watch out”.

When our eldest brother, Abid, had his second daughter in 1997, he asked us for suggestions. My little sister suggested “Maha”, which means “Fawn”.

But I had strongly objected and after a while, everyone was convinced “Maha” was an evil name and she was named “Asma”, which is the plural of “name” but can also mean “nobler”.

In 2010, I once met a girl on Internet who asked people to give her a psychic reading and solve her problems. A guy cursed her for being named “Fawn” by her parents.

I gently tried to convince her that she was a survivor of childhood abuse and told her she needed to forgive her parents to succeed in life.

She denied any wrongdoing on the part of her parents. I then challenged her to succeed in life without my help. She cursed me and never again contacted me :).

After a while, I saw her profile on LinkedIn. She’d found a good job and was doing well.

That’s why I dislike bad names: they come true in your life!

God is hilarious, isn’t He?

The Mystery of Aad & Samood

How to Fool The Churbim

When I arrived Pakistan, I was unmarried and filthy-rich. And beauty is my weakness.

I went to a park to view women and children and get some life as I used to do during my stay in King Saud University’s homosexual dormitory. My elder brother Hamid had discovered that secret and it worked for me, too.

But there was a security guard at Park’s gate. He told me politely it was a family park (and off limits of evil, single men).

After marriage, I was able to view beautiful women as I was accompanied with a wife who took the evil out of me.

So that’s the secret to dodge the Cherubim God put on the way to the Tree of Life: Marry a woman who loves you. Only a woman who loves you (your soul mate) can take you to the Tree of Life.

It’s good that God put Pakistani Cherubim on the way to the Tree of Life lest the mighty ones would eat from it and become God-like.

Read my post “Adam & Eve” to understand “soul mate”. Read other posts to learn how I found my soul mate.

It’s good to know me!

How to Fool The Churbim

Covering Naked Noah

Why did Noah got naked after getting drunk? What is the moral of this story?

We get naked after getting drunk to have sex. Because how can one have sex if he is clothed? It’s necessary to get naked but Canaan..

Canaan was watching and enjoying the erotic scene. He told his father, Ham.

Ham told Shem and Japheth.

They sent their wives to cover the naked scene.

Men are evil, so Japheth and Shem couldn’t have handled such a problem. Seeing their parents naked was inevitable.

But women are not evil. Never evil, even if people tell you otherwise.

Their wives went in and did what nurses do all the time in the hospitals.

History’s first nurses.

All men are evil. And no woman is evil.

That’s the moral of this story. I can explain what others don’t understand and I always tell the truth, even when everyone thinks otherwise.

The superiority of women-folk is evident for those who like to learn. But we men like to rule. We want wars and armies so we reject the evidence.

Evil we!

Covering Naked Noah

Jesus In The Trash

When I was about 9, I was once going to buy bread for lunch. I had 6 older brothers. They kept passing the buck until it came my turn when I was about 4.

I refused to pass the buck to my younger brothers. I was a bad child who didn’t keep the family tradition!

It’s very unsafe for children to go out in Saudi Arabia, especially at noon, when the streets are empty. It’s women who produce children and protect them but in the holy lands of Saudi Arabia, there are no women rights.

One day, I was going to buy bread when my eyes fell on a torn-out booklet thrown in a pile of trash. It was a colorful, illustrated book and I loved books so I picked it up.

It told a weird story of a strange guy named Issa. He was such a nice guy, I fell in his love head over heels but the authorities..

The authorities crucified him!

While on the cross, he asked God to forgive his tormentors as they didn’t know what they were doing. I also remember his heartwrenching cry “My Lord! Why have you abandoned me?” and God immediately answered and took his pain away (assisted suicide).

When his disciples once woke him up before the ship drowned, he scolded the winds and waters first then he rebuked his disciples for their lack of faith.

What an amazing teacher, I thought. He never mocked them. He never punished them. This guy was amazing.

When he came walking on water, he scared his disciples but when they cried, he comforted them.

What a nice, funny guy!

And when Peter showed interest in also walking on water, he didn’t challenge him. He encouraged him and when Peter started drowning, he didn’t mock him, he helped him. So much better than my elder brothers!

How could a child not love him?

Now I know it was the Gospel.

Next day, I read the verse 61:14 of Quran in school, which concluded by stating that God helped Jesus’s followers and they prevailed. I also read verse 41:34, which says,

“The evil and good are not equal. Payback by kindness then your enemy will become a friend.”

Jesus taught me the secret to overcoming the world!

In fact, I already used to obey that command but Jesus wanted to show me why I was doing the right thing and to also learn Quran.

My brothers used to mock me and despise me for doing every dirty job without arguments or complaints. So Jesus decided to meet me in a pile of trash to tell me “It’s OK to do the dirty jobs and help your mom who also loves you”.

And he gave me the power to bring about the change in my family.

Jesus In The Trash