Jesus In The Trash

When I was about 9, I was once going to buy bread for lunch. I had 6 older brothers. They kept passing the buck until it came my turn when I was about 4.

I refused to pass the buck to my younger brothers. I was a bad child who didn’t keep the family tradition!

It’s very unsafe for children to go out in Saudi Arabia, especially at noon, when the streets are empty. It’s women who produce children and protect them but in the holy lands of Saudi Arabia, there are no women rights.

One day, I was going to buy bread when my eyes fell on a torn-out booklet thrown in a pile of trash. It was a colorful, illustrated book and I loved books so I picked it up.

It told a weird story of a strange guy named Issa. He was such a nice guy, I fell in his love head over heels but the authorities..

The authorities crucified him!

While on the cross, he asked God to forgive his tormentors as they didn’t know what they were doing. I also remember his heartwrenching cry “My Lord! Why have you abandoned me?” and God immediately answered and took his pain away (assisted suicide).

When his disciples once woke him up before the ship drowned, he scolded the winds and waters first then he rebuked his disciples for their lack of faith.

What an amazing teacher, I thought. He never mocked them. He never punished them. This guy was amazing.

When he came walking on water, he scared his disciples but when they cried, he comforted them.

What a nice, funny guy!

And when Peter showed interest in also walking on water, he didn’t challenge him. He encouraged him and when Peter started drowning, he didn’t mock him, he helped him. So much better than my elder brothers!

How could a child not love him?

Now I know it was the Gospel.

Next day, I read the verse 61:14 of Quran in school, which concluded by stating that God helped Jesus’s followers and they prevailed. I also read verse 41:34, which says,

“The evil and good are not equal. Payback by kindness then your enemy will become a friend.”

Jesus taught me the secret to overcoming the world!

In fact, I already used to obey that command but Jesus wanted to show me why I was doing the right thing and to also learn Quran.

My brothers used to mock me and despise me for doing every dirty job without arguments or complaints. So Jesus decided to meet me in a pile of trash to tell me “It’s OK to do the dirty jobs and help your mom who also loves you”.

And he gave me the power to bring about the change in my family.

Jesus In The Trash

14 thoughts on “Jesus In The Trash

  1. Wow, you can’t imagine how my spirits were elevated by your encouraging words.

    I told that story to a Canadian-American friend and he was disgusted for seeing Gospel entering the “holy” lands of Saudi Arabia!

    But your comment has restored my faith in Jesus and his unconditional love. You are a very kind person and you just don’t know how valuable your comment is.


  2. @AKOKRISTIYANO: Thanks for your encouraging comments.

    Jesus says in Gospel that we’re not supposed to tempt the Lord our God. So he kept me a Muslim till I moved to Pakistan in Jan 1998.

    I first studies Quran under Jesus for some 3 years and in June 2001, he led me back to verse 61:14 of Quran, which actually asks Muslims to convert and I immediately converted but I didn’t know what Christianity was until late 2011. And I fully knew Christianity in 2014 through and their sister site

    But my teachers there disapprove of my unique relationship with Jesus. Nevertheless, I still like them and respect them a lot.


  3. Apostacy and conversion are capital punishment in Saudi Arabia but God and His son were with me. They guided me into all righteousness but kept a lot of secrets until I was called out of the land of idolatry.


  4. AkoKristiyano says:

    I think I can understand what you’re saying, especially about keeping a lot of secrets for many years to keep your life safe. I probably would have done the same if I were in your situation.

    And about your unique relationship with Jesus… well, I don’t know enough about your life yet, but having found Jesus on my own like you (without much help from the church), I probably will understand you too 🙂

    Also, I truly believe in God’s sovereignty. So if you are saying that you’ve had help from the Quran to know Jesus (if indeed that is what you are saying), then who am I to judge that? IF GOD WANTS TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT, THEN HE CERTAINLY CAN DO THAT!

    Blessings to you, my Brother.

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  5. Thanks for your nice words.

    God didn’t let me convert until 2001, long after He called me out of Saudi Arabia, land of idolatry, in Jan 1998.

    If you keep an eye on my blog, you’ll know the details.

    I remained a Muslim but had Christian attitude since early childhood. Who, other than God, could do such a thing? In Gospel, Jesus says he’s lord over the Sabbath.

    He lied.

    He’s actually a lord over all the commandments. He’s a weird person: he’s fully human yet he’s fully God. He’s more weird than God himself! I call him TNT FOR THE BRAIN.


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