How to Fool The Churbim

When I arrived Pakistan, I was unmarried and filthy-rich. And beauty is my weakness.

I went to a park to view women and children and get some life as I used to do during my stay in King Saud University’s homosexual dormitory. My elder brother Hamid had discovered that secret and it worked for me, too.

But there was a security guard at Park’s gate. He told me politely it was a family park (and off limits of evil, single men).

After marriage, I was able to view beautiful women as I was accompanied with a wife who took the evil out of me.

So that’s the secret to dodge the Cherubim God put on the way to the Tree of Life: Marry a woman who loves you. Only a woman who loves you (your soul mate) can take you to the Tree of Life.

It’s good that God put Pakistani Cherubim on the way to the Tree of Life lest the mighty ones would eat from it and become God-like.

Read my post “Adam & Eve” to understand “soul mate”. Read other posts to learn how I found my soul mate.

It’s good to know me!

How to Fool The Churbim

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