The Untold Story of Creation!

I guess most of my readers have already read the Story of Creation in the Book of Genesis at least once? If not, please do so now.

I also believe it’s safe to assume that none has understood much of it. In fact, most all have actually misunderstood it.

I’m not going to blame those who failed to understand it — “Only God understands what God says and God only listens to God”.

But I usually lash out my great displeasure at teachers and preachers of Bible — because they work so hard to assert their wrong interpretations.

They do evil and that displeases me.

Today I’m going to uncover another great mystery of the Book of Genesis.

Pay attention and listen carefully.

The scholars have wondered for thousands of years about God’s declaration “It’s very good” when He created mankind on the 6th day.

Why call evil “very good”?

They wonder but fail to find an answer because they don’t pay attention to what Jesus says in Gospel.

When approached by a would-be, rich disciple called Joseph, Jesus rebuked & corrected Joseph by asking him “Why do you call me ‘good teacher?'”


Because Jesus Christ is NOT a good teacher!

He’s a wicked teacher who loves & enjoys evil!

So now let me re-tell the Story of Creation and you’ll understand everything because God explains to me His words — all of them.

When God created Woman, He asked her to produce children and nurture them till they grow up and that’s what women do. So God got nothing to hold against women.

But when God asked Man to earn a living and give it to his wife so that she could stay at home in peace, produce children and nurture them, Man rebelled.

He said “No Sir! Why should I bow to women? It’s my money, my house, my rules. I’ll not bow to women. Instead, I’ll ask women to bow to me!

“I’m a man. I’m strong. I’m not a kid, I know everything. You can’t fool me, Sir. I know everything!

“Women are weak. They’re fools. They stay at home. What do they know? Women don’t know anything!”

When God saw this rebellion, He didn’t feel scared. Neither did He feel sorry.


He said “This is very good. This is going to be fun. We’re going to have some fun.


And there was fun.

He picked an angel and said “Your job is to teach Man everything that I hate” and that Satan got down to his job. He loves evil.

God then turned to Woman and said “I’ll turn your heart to Man so that he’ll easily rule over you!”

Man is created from dust. Dust is dirty. Don’t eat dust. It contains all kinds of germs and insects. We don’t eat dust. We keep dusting and throwing dirt out, don’t we?

But women are created from a rib. It’s good to eat a rib; it’s clean. Even if it falls and gathers some dust, it’s still clean. Just wash it and eat it.

We don’t throw away ribs, do we?

Then God sat back and wondered with us: “Can Man indeed establish his rule over women against My will or is he going to bow to Woman?”

Now look all around you.

What do you see?

Man is bowing down to Woman!

Man is fighting for women’s rights: No nation can advance unless they learn to respect their women.

That’s the secret of Wealth of Nations. It’s the untold secret of success of Anglo-Saxons!

“Satan” is a Jewish word that means “enemy”. The whole world says Satan means “enemy of God”. Well, that’s not totally wrong but “Satan” actually means “misogynist” (enemy of women).

If you do misogyny, then God will put a curse on you. If you don’t repent, He’ll keep putting more curses on you until a time will come when you’ll hardly progress.

You’ll feel as if you’re crawling on your belly and licking dust!

We all come to this world from the bellies of a woman, don’t we?

What comes out of the bellies of man, except for dirty things?

Learn to respect women so that God will bless you with success and great achievements.

Otherwise, He’ll put a curse on you and you’ll be a loser.

I hope that my story will help you understand my Father as well as the Story of Creation.

I hope you’ve found this post interesting.

If so, why not share it with others?

I’ll keep elaborating on the stories of Genesis and others until you understand them all.

Adam, Son of God (reborn into this world through a woman.)


What Does Yehweh Mean?

Note: You may like to first read an earlier post titled     Defending Myself – 6000 Years Later!

If you have read at least the above post of mine, you’ll get an idea how misunderstood God and I, Adam, Son of God, are.

I keep hiding my first name and my face from the world because of what people, my children, keep saying about me, my Eve and even about my Lord and my father, Jesus Christ Himself!

After Jesus created me, He wanted me to eat from the Tree of Life but for that, I needed a help meat.

Hence, my Eve.

Eve indeed helped Adam eat from the Tree of Life and THAT’S WHY Adam named his woman Eve, a Jewish word that means “Giver of Life”, not “Mother of All Living”.

Adam didn’t name his wife “Eve” because she was the mother of all living — she wasn’t.

So why do evil and say she was the mother of all living? The world population was in thousands at that time. How could she be their mother?

Are you nuts?

Adam called his wife “Eve” because she gave him Life, an everlasting life with God. It’s always a woman who can give a man an everlasting life.

We men are inherently evil & Godless, cut-off from God and we need a woman to eat from The Tree of Life and become Godly.

It’s a woman who gives us God a.k.a. The Holy Spirit a.k.a. Life, not “I AM”. That’s just another terrible mistake and misunderstanding of God and what His name is.

It’s a result of misunderstanding the Jewish language.

Yehweh means Life, not “I AM”.

Want a proof?

Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and THE LIFE”.

Also, the First Commandment says “You shall thank God who gave you LIFE and set you free”.

God is Life, a meaningful name that makes sense. He’s not I AM.

That’s a stupid name to have. It makes no sense, despite the hard effort priests put in in convincing people about it’s meaningfulness.

But everybody knows it’s meaningless, nevertheless.

Another woman also named Eve turned a Godless man named Cain into a Godly saint named Seth.

But Canaan followed the example of Lamech-Enoch. He married a strange flesh, not his soulmate and changed his name to Ham to fool the world.

But God knew he still was the Godless Canaan so He tempted him and Canaan saw the nakedness of Noah (Na’amah), his mother.

That’s why Noah cursed Canaan, calling Ham by his original name because his fake baptism had been exposed since a saint NEVER commits a sin but Ham did commit a sin, didn’t he?

Therefore, he had never been baptized, was he?

The story of Canaan-Ham is very similar to the story of Lamech-Enoch.

If you search Internet for Chava, Eve’s name in Hebrew and Chiva, the Jewish word for “snake” or “serpent”, you’ll know that the serpent was called ALIVE ONE because angels already got an everlasting life.

I hope that my post will help you better understand God and His word, Bible.

Adam, Son of God.

What Does Yehweh Mean?

Defending Myself – 6000 Years Later!

I guess there’s little doubt that God is the most misunderstood person of mankind history.

But there’s a couple that have been equally misunderstood for thousands of years: Adam and Eve.

The story told in the Book of Genesis has been misinterpreted. It’s amazing how men find error with their innocent parents.

First, God forbade only Adam from eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Where does Genesis say that God forbade Eve from eating of it?

Adam was a careless guy, that’s why God scared him of that tree. When God created Eve, Adam loved her and mistakenly told her not to eat from that freaky tree.

Go and read Genesis. Why does Eve say “nor touch it”? Why did she think touching that tree was also forbidden?


Yes, it was Adam who suffered from anxiety so when God scared him from that Tree, he told himself not to even touch it!

That’s why Eve had doubts. Her doubts proved correct. The Serpent asked her a very logical question, “Do you really believe God would plant a harmful tree right in the middle of the garden? Are you nuts?”

Eve suffered from no anxiety nor was she careless. Why? Because when God creates a soul, He cuts them in two. Any shortcoming in one part is perfect in the other part.

When both put together, they again become a whole. A perfect whole.

That’s why God wants no man to show lust nor marry any woman but to enlist God’s help in finding his soulmate. Marrying his soulmate will always solve all his problems and he’ll become perfect.

Every single statement of Genesis has been misunderstood. God didn’t create an evil Tree. It was a very good tree. Just it was dangerous for Adam because he fool liked the molten iron (which he called ‘Good Gold’) more than he liked edible (cooked) foods there. God knew Adam was going to eat all the wrong, dangerous things in those laboratories.

Hence, the command not to eat ANYTHING from that “tree”. But why forbid Eve? She knew what was good to eat!

God wanted Adam & Eve to eat from that cooked food because they fool had no idea why they were naked and what to do to mate and become one.

They had grown up bodies but “minor”, childish minds. As soon as they tasted wheat, they loved its taste and their minds grew up and they mated.

When God says there was also the Tree of Life in the midst of Garden, He means the Holy Spirit. He also wanted Adam to eat from that Tree but Adam needed a help meat, a woman.

Hence, God created Eve to help him eat from BOTH trees. As soon as they ate cooked food, they grew up and mated. Immediately, Adam also ate from the Tree of Life because mating with his soulmate, Eve, made him whole and he immediately received the Holy Spirit and became a saint.

God never fails in His duties. It’s we, men, who err and marry wrong woman. Then we dip ourselves in some water and expect to receive the free gift of the Holy Spirit but we don’t, do we?

Water doesn’t cleanse our evil hearts. Don’t you know that? It’s the fires of love that cleanse our hearts. Love covers over the multitude of sins. Water doesn’t.

Stop preaching the Original Sin. There was no sin committed there. Why do evil and preach falsehood? Why keep trying to find an error with your parents, Adam and Eve?

And why do you say Adam was hiding from God in the fig trees? Can one hide from God? Are you nuts?

He thought it was a Greek thief and he hid himself in the fig trees. It was night time and Adam had poor night vision, also.

And stop preaching bad news of God punishing your parents.

God only told Adam that he was a lover of wheat so from now on, his staple food was going to become bread. Why do you call that a punishment? God says “I don’t find pleasure in punishing the sinner. My pleasure is for the sinner to return back to Me”. Don’t you know that?

And He told Eve the good news that she now was with a child and she was going to know his time when she was going to experience labor pains. Why call that a punishment?

Stop preaching bad news. Stop believing bad news about God.

I’ll keep defending myself despite 6000 years of misunderstanding.

Adam, Son of God.

Defending Myself – 6000 Years Later!

The Second Advent of Jesus Christ

Note: You may like to first read an earlier post titled   The Terrible Day of Judgment.

As usual, I’m going to tell you some more deep secrets of my father, Jesus Christ.

For some 2000 years, the world has misunderstood the Second Advent of Jesus Christ and even His ascension to Heaven.

Let me present my explanation and apology.

In Gospel, Jesus says He’ll come secretly like a thief in the night.

Everybody knows that but then they talk about the Rapture, the noisy trumpets, doomsday scenarios, blah, blah, blah.


When Jesus ascended to Heaven, the angel said “What are you looking at? He’ll return as you saw Him ascend”.

Now angels are spirits. Can we see them with our eyes open? We can’t. It’s stupid what people believe in. It makes no sense. Still they’ve believed in non-sense.

The presence of the angel means the disciple(s) saw the ascension of Jesus to Heaven in a dream, while sleeping. In the night.

Now as He ascended as a spirit in the night, He’s also descended as a spirit in the night.

He descended on February 6, 1967 at 3am, Jeddah’s local time, when I was born again.

That’s why Jesus said “If someone tells you Jesus is there, go and see Him, don’t believe him”.

How can a spirit be seen at any place with our eyes open? Are you nuts or just an evil liar?

And why do people believe that Jesus will come alone? Why not come with His father, THE God?

Jesus said “I’ll come in the glory of God”. He meant “I’ll come with my Glorious Father”.

He came as a man, born of a virgin to set an example for people.

Why should He again come as a man? Did He promise to clothe us in His glorious body or did He promise to eternally shed off His glorious body and become of dust?

Are you nuts?

The world is round. If He descends in Jerusalem, how shall His people half way around the globe see His glorious descent?

The truth is that as He ascended in a dream, so He shall only be descending in dreams.

But then who’ll rule the world? Who’ll be our Messiah if Jesus will be a spirit?

Adam, son of Jesus Christ, son of God!

It’s Adam who’ll be our promised Christ, King of Kings.

Why won’t Jesus appoint His son as the Messiah? Why won’t anyone not agree to accept his father, Adam, as the Messiah, King of Kings?

And Adam’s kingdom will not be of this world. His armies will be of angels, not of men.

Hearts of men are evil. Why use evil armies to eradicate evil from the world?

Are you nuts?

End of presentation of my explanation and its apology (defense).

Have a nice day.


Note: This post is dedicated to Ron Bronx  Ron’s Time Tunnel..  He’s a man, not a woman so his heart is also evil. He is a veteran, not a pacifist. But still he’s one of my best readers. He’s a strange guy who defies the laws of nature.

The only explanation is that he must have been a mother’s child. I challenge him to deny his mutual love with his mother, if he can.

And his cousin,  LadyG,  is a funny woman who calls lovers of food “greedy”. They’ve taught me to love & appreciate black Americans!

The Second Advent of Jesus Christ