Executive Summary

God creates people in pairs: men and women.

This much the scientists know and can discern.

What they don’t know nor seem to understand is that for each man, God creates a specific woman from his rib.

All women are clones & copies but it’s hard for scientists to see.

For the sake of convenience, I call these pairs SOULMATES.

Now if a man shows lust in (marries) strange flesh, someone else’s wife (soulmate), then he in effect has divorced his “wife” (his soulmate) and forced her to fornicate (marry strange flesh.)

And anyone marrying that “divorced wife” will also be committing fornication.

This website proposes the following obvious solution:

Men, stop showing lust in strange flesh and only seek your soulmate.

Women: keep strange men away and wait for your soulmate.

Stop showing your assets, wearing make up & stuff to lure strange flesh.

Executive Summary

30 Days Without Food!

In late June 2013, I received an unsolicited call.

It was a hiring manager from Genetic Solutions who had found my CV on Rozee.pk, a job-search engine, and invited me to a job interview.

I told my wife I had good chance to land that lucrative job.

But my wife created a great fuss.

She told me Hamid, my funny older brother, had not sent any money in June and she accused me of not doing anything to earn some money!

She told me I was her “one rude, disobedient husband”!

Then she withheld food from me for the next 30 days.

She wanted her lies to be exposed so she showed me a statement of account that had Rs13,500 — enough for a whole month!

She had at least 9 more accounts that I knew of.

When I told her in late December, 2012 I could talk Hamid into sending us Rs50,000 per month, she had told me out of excitement that she could save up to Rs25,000 per month.

Now that he had been sending us Rs56,000 per month since January, with one transfer of Rs83,000 and another of Rs75,000, she was telling me she didn’t have Rs800 for my food!

She also “forgot” to fire part-time housemaid and I wondered how come she had Rs2000 for a maid but not Rs800 for my food.

I’m no less a funny guy.

I’m never afraid of mighty bullies but I never argue with my wife and I didn’t fight with her for food.

After 30 days, I ran out of drinking water and she also withheld water from me.

I couldn’t live without water for long.

Luckily, her anger cooled off by August 2.

She told me she just wanted me (to not search for jobs in Pakistan and) to go to Saudi Arabia (as I and Hamid had agreed in late December 2012)!

While I was once lying hungry in the drawing room one day, where she had “locked me” by pulling the curtain, I overheard her telling someone in a frustrated voice, “he doesn’t even die”!

It had made me wonder why she wanted me dead.

This is how my ex-father, Jesus Christ, explained the disappearance of Enoch at the ripe age of 365: He demonstrated it to me!

My ex-father confuses past, present and future because they look the same to Him like someone watching a video recording of a movie for a second time.

Likewise, He confuses between “God” and “Woman”.

That’s because anything that a woman does is an act of God and also because Kingdom of God will come through women.

Men go through an evil transformation at early teens and change from Dr. Jakyll to Mr. Hyde.

Women are different.

They do not go through this evil transformation. They don’t harden their hearts and they cry like babies.

Enoch also went through that evil transformation and changed to Mr. Hyde.

He was a son of God (a ruler) and he was the first to marry out of lust (fornication) but after the birth of Methuselah at age 65, he found his soulmate wife (the woman God had created from his rib) and married her.

He didn’t divorce his first wife as divorce was not invented till 1250 BC by Moses.

This marriage gives men access to the Tree of Life and Enoch underwent a reverse-transformation. He changed from Mr. Hyde back to Dr. Jakyll.

Thus he walked with “God” for 300 years.

After 300 years, his sin found him.

His first wife found her soulmate.

That transformed her from Dr. Jakyll to Mr. Hyde!

This happened because she didn’t marry her soulmate after meeting him. She couldn’t.

Because she was already married to Enoch.

So she killed the asshole!

Or we can say God took Enoch.

It’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Thus, even women had become violent before the Deluge of Noah and these lustful marriages and subsequent violence was on the rise.

Only Noah and his children were married to their soulmates.

I, on the other hand, thanked God for helping me lose 13 kg (29 lbs) of fat in 30 days!

I always find a reason to thank God, don’t I?

30 Days Without Food!

Finding My Soulmate – 7

This story begins .here.

I had my next vacations in 1995.

And God gave me the next hint, “She’s in a small Arabic country” and I planned a trip to Jordan.

When I was a boy, a Pakistani barber once told me nymphs and mermaids lived in Jordan.

But my second elder brother, Zakir, wanted me to visit Pakistan to help him complete heirship document for our deceased parents.

I first got a tourist visa to Jordan and then went on a week’s trip to Pakistan and stayed at al-Andalus House, our eldest brother’s house.

My Pakistan mission failed.

Hamid was watching.

He’s always watching me… closely yet secretly.

He discreetly called Abid and tipped to him to hold me for one more week, to completely lay waste to my 2-weeks’ vacations.

Abid had reasons to like that tip.

I consulted Zakir using Abid’s telephone and he advised me to get another week from my employer. I again used Abid’s line to call my employer in Jeddah and got another week.

I kept that a secret.

Abid’s wife doesn’t understand Arabic and I had made all calls in Arabic.

I went to ALIA (Royal Jordanian)’s office and postponed my flight to Jordan by one week.

After Abid dropped me off at airport with a wicked, wide smile across his face, I waited a while for him to return home.

Then I called him from inside the airport and told him about extension in vacations and how I used his phone, his house, his wife and him to drop me in his car.

I told him there were no flights to Jeddah, I was going to Amman.

He was dumbfounded and had nothing to say.

Upon my safe arrival to Amman and getting some rest, I asked a taxi driver about Air ALIA’s office to confirm my flight back to Jeddah.

He confused me when he mentioned a hill in the address of their offices. I asked him to take me to that office on a hill.

I found a very beautiful damsel in the office and her name was Taghreed (birdsong or chirp).

I asked her out but she was a conservative girl who marry whoever their parents choose for them.

Instead of feeling mercy for her, I felt insulted. I used to feel frustrated with Burqa-clad girls of Saudi Arabia who go into a black head-to-toe turban since age 6.

My anger kindled against women.

I first asked the taxi driver to show me a “good” girl, a prostitute who doesn’t mind extra-marital sex.

He asked me to wait for him till 9pm.

He took me to a night club.

There were two girls wearing shorts and dancing on some romantic music. We were alone there with a Saudi rich client.

After enjoying their dance show, I went out. The taxi driver had told me they were expensive and I couldn’t compete with that rich Saudi.

I left both girls to the asshole.

We then went on a tour of the ruins of the Romans, the ruins of Petra and the ruins or the dead sea of Sodom & Gomorrah and reached Aqaba.

There was a hill in Aqaba also.

I went there but it was another desert and just a tad better than the ruins of Petra.

Then my anger kindled against God.

He had fooled me. There were no girls in Bursa de Turkey nor on any hill or mountain of Jordan.

I asked a local taxi driver to show me a cheating wife.

Yes, a cheating wife.

He knew 3.

The first was occupied.

The second was no longer in business.

The third asked us to wait for her husband to go out to drink.

We waited and waited and waited but her stupid husband won’t go out to drink that night.

At last, I lost hope.

I told my young, handsome taxi driver that if he failed to find me a girl that night, I was going to fuck him instead!

He looked at me with eyes wide open out of fear…

then we burst into a laugh!

The first taxi driver had ripped me off all money and there were no international ATM machines in Jordan.

This story continues .here.

Finding My Soulmate – 7

Finding My Soulmate – 4

This story begins here.

God reveals That Girl!

She’s 51 years old while I’m 29. Oh my, she’s so beautiful and perfect and her voice..

Her voice is the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.

She offers her daughter to me but I’m interested in the mother and we fall in love..

Me: 🙂
Pritima: 🙂
God: 😉

I start meeting Dr. Pritima regularly.

I make sure I wear best perfume and I dress to impress and my magic was .. working wonders.

God had shown me a movie to teach me a few more etiquettes of handling ladies. It was the Hollywood movie, Fright Night. I learned the taste of good dress and gentleman manners from the vampire!

Remember what he says to Charlie: “Don’t lose your temper, Charlie.. It isn’t polite!”

How cool, how mindful.. Jerry Dandrige is definitely the epitome of a gentleman!

One day, Pritima asks me to visit her after hours.

When I arrive at her gynaecology clinic at closing time, I notice how it’s crowded.

The Filipino attendant smiles when she sees me. I ask her to tell Dr. Pritima that I could come some other day.

She tells me Pritima had been waiting for me since morning.

Then she goes in to announce my arrival.

She returns with an even wider smile “No, she’ll meet you today and right away in a few minutes.”

I’m fully aware today is our big day. We’ll have a romantic dinner during which I’ll express my love.

I’m not even feeling anxious..

I’m feeling confident.

It’s interesting how young people do not worry. I mean I had no idea where we could go for a dinner but I still was cool.

I tell God age is not a problem and I’m not interested in having children. The population explosion had its worst effects on the Saudi economy. I try to tell God about true love and population explosion problem and He likes that.

After a while, a patient comes out and the attendant calls me in.

Some patients were curious to see a male visitor in that department who didn’t fit. All Dr. Pritima’s male visitors used to be either pharmaceutical agents with bulky bags or doctors but this guy..

This guy looked and smelled like a date!

Dating is considered a taboo in Saudi Arabia and all patients were female and envied Dr. Pritima.

I went in.

She was wearing a very beautiful dress.

She apologized for unexpected number of patients.

I told her I didn’t mind.

We talked for a while. The attendant brought us tea.

She took a sip. She was looking for proper words.

After a few more sips while perusing her book of appointments, she asked me if I could visit her on Thursday 2pm (in 1995, Thursdays used to be half days and the first day of weekends in Saudi Arabia.)

She thought a lunch would be a more appropriate time, especially in a country like Saudi Arabia.

“Sure, it’s a date.”, I agreed. We could spend some more time together because of the weekend, I thought.

This story continues here.

Finding My Soulmate – 4