Good And Bad Spoils of King Jesus

In an earlier post titled,  Baptism of Love,  I presented my theory of Correct Baptism and why Baptism with Water doesn’t work.

Herewith, see some examples of both Good and Bad examples of Jesus’ Baptism.

After Cain murdered his twin brother, Abel, he feared his mom and fled from the face of the Lord (his mom) eastward of Eden (Skopje).

He became a fugitive and a vagabond, stealing food and stuff until he reached Nod, Turkey.

Jesus met him there and told him his sin had made him a fugitive and a vagabond.

Cain complained of his harsh punishment. Jesus asked him to enter Nod and marry the girl he was going to fall in love with her.

He was led to his soulmate by Jesus.

As soon as Cain slept with his soulmate, the woman God had created from his rib, she filled his heart with love and the Holy Spirit descended upon him.

He was baptized with the fire of love and became a saint. He changed his name to Seth.

Therefore, anyone who’ll curse Cain will be cursed sevenfold.

Moses also killed an Egyptian and fled to Sinai where he found Ziporah, his soulmate, and was baptized by the fire of love.

Jacob stole the blessings that belonged to Esau and fled to his uncle, Laban.

He fell in love with Rachel but Jesus tricked him into first marrying Leah THEN Rachel.

When he returned to his mom, he sent his family and everyone else ahead. Then the strange boat guy (Jesus) wrestled with him all night to give Esau and his soulmate, Leah, time to sleep with each other.

Problems solved.

David married strange flesh. But one day, he saw Bethsheba, wife of his neighbor, Uriah, the Hittite.

He slept with her but was not baptized. He remained a sinner because Bethsheba was a married woman because David had also married strange flesh.

Adultery spoiled his baptism.

David then conspired and killed Uriah.

Uriah should have obeyed God-appointed king but he didn’t so God didn’t save him from death.

After Bethsheba became a widow and David slept with her, he was baptized and received the Holy Spirit, became a saint and no longer sinned.

His first sex with Bethsheba was a bad example of Baptism and it didn’t work. His later sex with her worked.

Lamech married two women and lied about becoming a saint and changed his name to Enoch. He killed two men AFTER acclaimed baptism and was killed by his wives, an act of God.

Ham also lied and changed his name to Canaan. He sinned AFTER his fake baptism and was cursed by Noah.

Anyone marrying strange flesh will also receive the curse of Canaan. He’ll become a slave of slaves.

God married me to my older brother’s soulmate and he tried day in, day out for years on end to find a way to sleep with her but failed because she was married to me and I’m a saint, already baptized since August 28, 1996.

He first tried to force me to marry someone else but failed.

After I married his soulmate, he and my wife tried to kill me but failed. They paid a shrink, locked me in a mental asylum who subjected me to electric shocks but failed.

They paid police to lodge a false case against me but failed. They paid doctors to kill me but failed. They paid a Mufti (religious judge) to declare me an apostate and hang me but failed.

My brother tried to bribe me with money but I refused.

He then offered his beautiful wife in exchange for a night with my wife but I still refused.

For years, my wife also tried to turn me away from God but she failed.

Finally, my wife made a deal with God.

Then God showed me a strange way to divorce my wife that you can read in the memoir series titled  My Strange Divorce.

It was impossible for me to divorce my wife but Jesus found a beautiful way.

My story is not fiction nor entertainment. It’s not about MY problem. It’s about ALL problems of the world.

note: This post is dedicated to  OneAnna65,  a survivor and my good reader.

Good And Bad Spoils of King Jesus

Executive Summary

God creates people in pairs: men and women.

This much the scientists know and can discern.

What they don’t know nor seem to understand is that for each man, God creates a specific woman from his rib.

All women are clones & copies but it’s hard for scientists to see.

For the sake of convenience, I call these pairs SOULMATES.

Now if a man shows lust in (marries) strange flesh, someone else’s wife (soulmate), then he in effect has divorced his “wife” (his soulmate) and forced her to fornicate (marry strange flesh.)

And anyone marrying that “divorced wife” will also be committing fornication.

This website proposes the following obvious solution:

Men, stop showing lust in strange flesh and only seek your soulmate.

Women: keep strange men away and wait for your soulmate.

Stop showing your assets, wearing make up & stuff to lure strange flesh.

Executive Summary

30 Days Without Food!

In late June 2013, I received an unsolicited call.

It was a hiring manager from Genetic Solutions who had found my CV on, a job-search engine, and invited me to a job interview.

I told my wife I had good chance to land that lucrative job.

But my wife created a great fuss.

She told me Hamid, my funny older brother, had not sent any money in June and she accused me of not doing anything to earn some money!

She told me I was her “one rude, disobedient husband”!

Then she withheld food from me for the next 30 days.

She wanted her lies to be exposed so she showed me a statement of account that had Rs13,500 — enough for a whole month!

She had at least 9 more accounts that I knew of.

When I told her in late December, 2012 I could talk Hamid into sending us Rs50,000 per month, she had told me out of excitement that she could save up to Rs25,000 per month.

Now that he had been sending us Rs56,000 per month since January, with one transfer of Rs83,000 and another of Rs75,000, she was telling me she didn’t have Rs800 for my food!

She also “forgot” to fire part-time housemaid and I wondered how come she had Rs2000 for a maid but not Rs800 for my food.

I’m no less a funny guy.

I’m never afraid of mighty bullies but I never argue with my wife and I didn’t fight with her for food.

After 30 days, I ran out of drinking water and she also withheld water from me.

I couldn’t live without water for long.

Luckily, her anger cooled off by August 2.

She told me she just wanted me (to not search for jobs in Pakistan and) to go to Saudi Arabia (as I and Hamid had agreed in late December 2012)!

While I was once lying hungry in the drawing room one day, where she had “locked me” by pulling the curtain, I overheard her telling someone in a frustrated voice, “he doesn’t even die”!

It had made me wonder why she wanted me dead.

This is how my ex-father, Jesus Christ, explained the disappearance of Enoch at the ripe age of 365: He demonstrated it to me!

My ex-father confuses past, present and future because they look the same to Him like someone watching a video recording of a movie for a second time.

Likewise, He confuses between “God” and “Woman”.

That’s because anything that a woman does is an act of God and also because Kingdom of God will come through women.

Men go through an evil transformation at early teens and change from Dr. Jakyll to Mr. Hyde.

Women are different.

They do not go through this evil transformation. They don’t harden their hearts and they cry like babies.

Enoch also went through that evil transformation and changed to Mr. Hyde.

He was a son of God (a ruler) and he was the first to marry out of lust (fornication) but after the birth of Methuselah at age 65, he found his soulmate wife (the woman God had created from his rib) and married her.

He didn’t divorce his first wife as divorce was not invented till 1250 BC by Moses.

This marriage gives men access to the Tree of Life and Enoch underwent a reverse-transformation. He changed from Mr. Hyde back to Dr. Jakyll.

Thus he walked with “God” for 300 years.

After 300 years, his sin found him.

His first wife found her soulmate.

That transformed her from Dr. Jakyll to Mr. Hyde!

This happened because she didn’t marry her soulmate after meeting him. She couldn’t.

Because she was already married to Enoch.

So she killed the asshole!

Or we can say God took Enoch.

It’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Thus, even women had become violent before the Deluge of Noah and these lustful marriages and subsequent violence was on the rise.

Only Noah and his children were married to their soulmates.

I, on the other hand, thanked God for helping me lose 13 kg (29 lbs) of fat in 30 days!

I always find a reason to thank God, don’t I?

30 Days Without Food!