Executive Summary

God creates people in two forms: men and women.

This much the scientists know and can discern.

What they don’t know nor seem to understand is that for each man, God creates a specific woman from his rib i.e. Men and Women are created in pairs.

For the sake of clarity & convenience, I call these pairs SOULMATES.

All women are clones & copies of their men but it’s hard for scientists to see.

Now if a man shows lust in (marries) strange flesh, someone else’s wife (soulmate), then he, in effect, has divorced his “wife” (his soulmate) and forced her to fornicate (marry strange flesh.)

And anyone marrying that “divorced wife” will also be committing fornication.

This website proposes the following obvious solution:

Men, believe the good news (Gospel) of our Lord and stop showing lust in strange flesh and only seek your soulmate.

Women: keep strange men away and wait for your soulmate. Stop showing your assets, wearing make up & stuff to lure strange flesh.

Remember, you are the gateway to heaven (or the ladder to heaven) for your soulmate.

You’re too precious to waste yourself on lustful men who’re only interested in using you because men are too selfish to love strange flesh.

They only love themselves.

Wish you all a fulfilling life.