I was born in Saudi Arabia in 1967 to two Pakistani immigrants.

I received my education in Saudi public schools in Dammam. In 1985, I moved to Riyadh to join King Saud University.

I graduated in 1990 with bachelor of science degree in Statistics.

I worked in Dallah Group, Jeddah, for seven years then I moved to Pakistan in January 1998.

I joined the Master of Computer Science program of University of Karachi in 2000 and graduated with specialization in AI (Artificial Intelligence) in 2004.

From January 1998, I had started studying Quran on my own and working on my theory of AI.

In June 2001, I realized verse 61:14 of Quran asks us to convert to Christianity and I started self-studying Bible.

In February, 2014, I joined WBS (WorldBibleSchool.org) and their sister website, WEI (WorldEnglishInstitute.org) and have learned a lot about Christianity from them.

However, my teachers there believe I’m not a good Christian because of my “alter truth”.

This blog site is about Alter Truth.

What is Alter Truth and how can it help you?

Start the journey from  The Flight From Casablanca.

For contacting the author, use the comments or visit the  Contact Us  page.


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