Terminator Genesis 6 – A Criteria of Intelligence or of Wisdom?

Suppose you write a piece of software that can add any given pair of numbers.

Will that software be considered intelligent or dumb?

Can a dumb object like a chair add two numbers?

Isn’t the ability to add numbers a valuable skill? Isn’t addition a mental ability?

So why your piece of software is not considered intelligent by the AI scientists?

What does “intelligence” mean?

Let me surprise you.

The white man actually lacks wisdom. By wisdom, I mean the ability to understand what a chair is. What a fan is i.e. The ability to see things and recognize them.

That’s why they have struggled since the times of Aristotle and Socrates to understand what wisdom is. They decided to call it “common sense”.

Not that this 3000 years of illustrious philosophical venture has helped them gain any wisdom.

They’re still struggling to understand what “common sense” means.

Just because your piece of software got a lot of intelligence, it doesn’t mean it’s “intelligent” — because it got intelligence but no wisdom:

. It doesn’t know what numbers are.
. It doesn’t know what “addition” is.
. It doesn’t know what’s the use of adding numbers.
. It even doesn’t know whether it should add those numbers or, say, multiply them.

Heck. It doesn’t even know it’s adding numbers. It can’t choose not to add the numbers. It can’t choose to err and give you a misleading answer!

It got no mind of its own. Your piece of software is not WISE.

And wisdom is defined herewith as “The ability to receive sensory data, to correctly perceive it, to discern its implications and to make (independent) decisions that maximize a profit”.

Since your piece of software adds quickly and accurately, it’s definitely intelligent. In fact, it’s more intelligent than any human being but it’s not wise — because it lacks any of the abilities mentioned in The Definition of Wisdom.

It can’t even compete with a single-cell creature. Because even a single-cell microbe knows hunger and it tries its best to find food, for example. A microbe is wise.

A computer may beat humans at Go (the famous board game) and be called “A major breakthrough in AI” but does it know what it’s doing? Does it like playing Go? Does it know why to win? Can it choose not to win?

What kind of breakthrough people are talking about?

The scientists have convinced the investors that if we continue building larger & more powerful artificial neural nets, we’ll somehow achieve Strong AI (Wisdom).

They believe we’ll just wake up one day and the computers will be wise. They’ll listen and understand. They’ll look and see. Stephen Hawkins even warns us that artificial neural nets may one day learn stuff we never intended it to and turn against us!

The truth is bitter.

The truth is that no matter how advanced an artificial neural net is, the computer will still remain a dumb machine executing (machine) instructions without having the least idea of what it’s doing. Or the least interest in doing it!

I suggest either using “wisdom” as defined above or coming up with another word that fits The Definition of Wisdom.

I’m a Pakistani and since they got wisdom, they have words to describe what computers lack.

They know what makes computers do dumb things. Like catching a virus and doing damage to themselves and others.

The kind of wisdom I’ve defined her is called “Akal” or “Samajh” in Urdu. Computers lack akal — all Pakistanis know that.

It’s one reason why I succeeded in developing the necessary algorithms to make a computer understand what it’s looking at, what it’s hearing, to whom it’s talking, what’s going on, whether doing something is profitable or not and therefore, decide whether it should do it or not.

However great my achievement may be, it still needs to be converted into machine code. And I lack necessary resources.

I’ve already requested contributions to help me code and feed my algorithms to computers. Please spread the word to your network of family, friends and business associates.

I’ll also try to raise funds through Kickstarter.com.

If you read my other posts, you’ll know that my rich brothers are of no use — they want me dead because I dared to marry against their choice.


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