Terminator Genesis 5 – The Role of Definitions In Solving Problems

In the previous post titled  Terminator Genesis 4 – The Importance of Definitions,  I explained how all natural creatures depend on their ability to construct definitions to see things.

And when I say “see”, I also mean to hear, taste, smell, touch or see abstract things such as love, intentions and work.

In this post, I’ll show you how definitions also help in understanding problems as well as in solving them.

I’m not going to show you HOW to build an electronic problem solver. I’l just show you the important role definitions play in solving problems — just as I only showed you the importance of definitions in the work of our senses but I did not show you HOW one can build an electronic definition builder and hence, electronic sense(s).

If you are good in mathematics, you should already know the fact that each problem (and solution) is a mere definition but I’ll assume that you’re not a mathematician.

Thus, you’ll be surprised to learn that a computer program is nothing but a definition and that a nest is also a mere definition.

A sparrow can build and maintain a good nest because it got a very good definition of what a nest is.

What it does to build a nest is to work towards constructing a nest that fulfils the definition it has in its mind, using its skills and its faculties. (I’m not going to discuss these skills and faculties yet.)

If you remove a part of its nest, the sparrow will know because the nest will no longer fit the Definition. It, therefore, will start repairing the nest until it again fulfils the Definition (assuming it decides to.)

Again, if you throw some paper balls in its nest, it will remove them to keep its nest clean & tidy.

In the first instance, we made the nest incomplete and the sparrow realized that and repaired the damage to re-complete the nest.

In the second instance, we added stuff to the nest that’s not part of its definition. Again, the sparrow realized the problem and returned the nest to its proper state.

A software developer works in a similar fashion.

Suppose that you asked a programmer to write a code to print the numbers 1 to 10 on the screen.

Then the programmer will start constructing a program that fulfils the problem definition.

At this stage, she’s like a sparrow constructing its nest.

After writing the code, if you delete some part of her program code, she’ll know it and will replace that code.

Similarly, if you add something wrong to her program, she’ll know it and remove it because she knows what the correct program should be.

Isn’t it beautiful how computer coding is like building a nest?

If we assume that all problems’ solutions in the world are like coding a computer, then by building a definition builder, we’d not only have built an electronic ear, but also have built a general problem solver!

A true general problem solver.

Let me inform you that the algorithms used to build an electronic ear will also be used to build the electronic eye i.e. our algorithms will be a general sensory data (signal) processor.

I got the algorithms for analyzing an audio (or video signal) and creating the definitions. These algorithms can also refine the definitions with experience.

To convert these algorithms into computer code, however, I need an investor who’ll finanace my work for at least two years.

An electronic ear can be a good addition to any computer device but it’s particularly useful for small computing devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

According to  Statista.com,   there were 1.86 billion smartphones in the world in 2015, projected to reach 2.87 billion by 2020.

The  Pew Research Center  estimates 68% of Americans owned a smartphone and 45% owned a tablet PC in 2015.

Hence the potential market for an electronic ear is quite large.

Thus, my financial supporter will be given handsom returns for sharing the risk(s) with me.

A typical investor will pay $339 upfront + $79/month thereafter or $479 paid half-yearly. I expect producing the first version in 2 years.

In case of success, the typical investor will receive twice their money. The larger your investment is, higher the return you’ll get. . I’m open to suggestions.

I’ll next further discuss definitions. Till then…

See Ya.

Terminator Genesis 5 – The Role of Definitions In Solving Problems

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