What Does Yehweh Mean?

Note: You may like to first read an earlier post titled     Defending Myself – 6000 Years Later!

If you have read at least the above post of mine, you’ll get an idea how misunderstood God and I, Adam, Son of God, are.

I keep hiding my first name and my face from the world because of what people, my children, keep saying about me, my Eve and even about my Lord and my father, Jesus Christ Himself!

After Jesus created me, He wanted me to eat from the Tree of Life but for that, I needed a help meat.

Hence, my Eve.

Eve indeed helped Adam eat from the Tree of Life and THAT’S WHY Adam named his woman Eve, a Jewish word that means “Giver of Life”, not “Mother of All Living”.

Adam didn’t name his wife “Eve” because she was the mother of all living — she wasn’t.

So why do evil and say she was the mother of all living? The world population was in thousands at that time. How could she be their mother?

Are you nuts?

Adam called his wife “Eve” because she gave him Life, an everlasting life with God. It’s always a woman who can give a man an everlasting life.

We men are inherently evil & Godless, cut-off from God and we need a woman to eat from The Tree of Life and become Godly.

It’s a woman who gives us God a.k.a. The Holy Spirit a.k.a. Life, not “I AM”. That’s just another terrible mistake and misunderstanding of God and what His name is.

It’s a result of misunderstanding the Jewish language.

Yehweh means Life, not “I AM”.

Want a proof?

Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and THE LIFE”.

Also, the First Commandment says “You shall thank God who gave you LIFE and set you free”.

God is Life, a meaningful name that makes sense. He’s not I AM.

That’s a stupid name to have. It makes no sense, despite the hard effort priests put in in convincing people about it’s meaningfulness.

But everybody knows it’s meaningless, nevertheless.

Another woman also named Eve turned a Godless man named Cain into a Godly saint named Seth.

But Canaan followed the example of Lamech-Enoch. He married a strange flesh, not his soulmate and changed his name to Ham to fool the world.

But God knew he still was the Godless Canaan so He tempted him and Canaan saw the nakedness of Noah (Na’amah), his mother.

That’s why Noah cursed Canaan, calling Ham by his original name because his fake baptism had been exposed since a saint NEVER commits a sin but Ham did commit a sin, didn’t he?

Therefore, he had never been baptized, was he?

The story of Canaan-Ham is very similar to the story of Lamech-Enoch.

If you search Internet for Chava, Eve’s name in Hebrew and Chiva, the Jewish word for “snake” or “serpent”, you’ll know that the serpent was called ALIVE ONE because angels already got an everlasting life.

I hope that my post will help you better understand God and His word, Bible.

Adam, Son of God.

What Does Yehweh Mean?

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