The Second Advent of Jesus Christ

Note: You may like to first read an earlier post titled   The Terrible Day of Judgment.

As usual, I’m going to tell you some more deep secrets of my father, Jesus Christ.

For some 2000 years, the world has misunderstood the Second Advent of Jesus Christ and even His ascension to Heaven.

Let me present my explanation and apology.

In Gospel, Jesus says He’ll come secretly like a thief in the night.

Everybody knows that but then they talk about the Rapture, the noisy trumpets, doomsday scenarios, blah, blah, blah.


When Jesus ascended to Heaven, the angel said “What are you looking at? He’ll return as you saw Him ascend”.

Now angels are spirits. Can we see them with our eyes open? We can’t. It’s stupid what people believe in. It makes no sense. Still they’ve believed in non-sense.

The presence of the angel means the disciple(s) saw the ascension of Jesus to Heaven in a dream, while sleeping. In the night.

Now as He ascended as a spirit in the night, He’s also descended as a spirit in the night.

He descended on February 6, 1967 at 3am, Jeddah’s local time, when I was born again.

That’s why Jesus said “If someone tells you Jesus is there, go and see Him, don’t believe him”.

How can a spirit be seen at any place with our eyes open? Are you nuts or just an evil liar?

And why do people believe that Jesus will come alone? Why not come with His father, THE God?

Jesus said “I’ll come in the glory of God”. He meant “I’ll come with my Glorious Father”.

He came as a man, born of a virgin to set an example for people.

Why should He again come as a man? Did He promise to clothe us in His glorious body or did He promise to eternally shed off His glorious body and become of dust?

Are you nuts?

The world is round. If He descends in Jerusalem, how shall His people half way around the globe see His glorious descent?

The truth is that as He ascended in a dream, so He shall only be descending in dreams.

But then who’ll rule the world? Who’ll be our Messiah if Jesus will be a spirit?

Adam, son of Jesus Christ, son of God!

It’s Adam who’ll be our promised Christ, King of Kings.

Why won’t Jesus appoint His son as the Messiah? Why won’t anyone not agree to accept his father, Adam, as the Messiah, King of Kings?

And Adam’s kingdom will not be of this world. His armies will be of angels, not of men.

Hearts of men are evil. Why use evil armies to eradicate evil from the world?

Are you nuts?

End of presentation of my explanation and its apology (defense).

Have a nice day.


Note: This post is dedicated to Ron Bronx  Ron’s Time Tunnel..  He’s a man, not a woman so his heart is also evil. He is a veteran, not a pacifist. But still he’s one of my best readers. He’s a strange guy who defies the laws of nature.

The only explanation is that he must have been a mother’s child. I challenge him to deny his mutual love with his mother, if he can.

And his cousin,  LadyG,  is a funny woman who calls lovers of food “greedy”. They’ve taught me to love & appreciate black Americans!

The Second Advent of Jesus Christ

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