Offering God An Apology – 2

Note: This is the second part. Read the first part  here.  Thanks for your understanding.

“This way, we’ll get rid of this evil woman. But her death must be an accident. Let a bus run her over but save me and my children; let only Saima die and let not my name be tarnished. When I’d tell my uncle (her father), he must see clearly that God killed her because she was very evil.” I prayed.

After this apology, I spent many weeks and months contemplating Saima’s accidental death; reviewing its all sides. I imagined the funeral, the burial and behold, everything was to my satisfaction.

When months passed with me dreaming of Saima’s death, God then surprised me with a simple question.

He asked me “And will you be able to take care of these children?”

It felt like a 440-volt jolt. I said “No, dear God! Don’t you kill Saima please. I gave you a very wrong and stupid advice. Thank you for not listening to my stupid apology but having done Your will.

“More than once I told Saima ‘Only you can take care of the children. If you leave them to me, they’ll surely die’!”

God then asked me “Then tell Me what should I do?”

I pondered for several days and then asked God “Please tell me some trick that’ll kill Saima’s evil and she’ll return back good as before.”

God asked “Have you left any effort or trick not tried?”

I thought very hard but I couldn’t think of anything more I could do. I gave her love but the more I loved her, the more she hated me. Finally, I got mad at her and said “Your condition is like ‘The illness increased as the medicine was administered’!”

Then I tried to reason with her but she kept her crooked ways. Finally I got pissed off and said “I wish I had a magical hammer & nail. Then I’d hammer down my explanation in your head”!

Then I tried figuring out who was corrupting her. I asked her “Does your mother corrupt you?” She shook her head in disagreement.

I then asked her “Does your father corrupt you?” She again shook her head in disagreement.

“Does your sister, Memona, corrupt you?” but she shook her head in disagreement.

“Does your brother, Mubashir, corrupt you?” She then got frustrated and said “It’s not me who’s under evil influence. It’s you who’s been listening to others”!

Stupid woman. She was blaming me for listening to God!

Then I tried to convince her she was getting attacks of hysteria. “It happens with all the stresses of life,” I said. I told her she needed to see a good shrink. I offered to show myself to him also and take my part of the medicines so that she won’t shy from people calling her “insane”. But she answered “It’s not me who’s crazy. It’s you who’s nuts.”

Stupid woman. She was calling my gentle ways “insanity”! She wanted me to just beat her every time she behaved like a bi*ch!

What a strange woman!

I also tried to turn her to God but she used to hate God. She used to greatly dislike my Bible reading and she used to hate my habit of asking God questions.

I then got mad one day and told her “The devil and women are created from the same piece of dust!”

Another time, I said “You’re now completely rotten.” Another time, I told her “The children need a good mother.”

Therefore, I asked God in return “I’ve tried all I could but have failed to correct this strange woman. I’ve tried to give her love. I’ve tried to reason with her. I’ve tried to threaten her. I even have tried beating her, apologizing to her but she has turned into a very stubborn thing. What else do you think I can try?”

God said “You’ve exhausted all options. You can do nothing more. Tell Me what should I do?”

I put all my brains to it. Finally, I thought of a novel idea. I asked God “Don’t kill Saima nor tolerate her evil anymore. Instead, think of some way whereby she’ll keep evil, but I and my children will be somehow saved from her evil.” For several months, I spent time thinking about this intelligent idea. As the time passed, I got convinced my suggestion was very good. This time around, I had given consideration to everything.

Then one day, my wife shut the door on my face, effectively dissolving our marriage!

I asked God “What have you done, God? What will happen to my children?” God said “It’s what I told you two years ago through the dreams but it took you two years to understand. Now you and your children are going to be safe from Saima’s evil ways.”

I was shocked. The decision God had taken was the right solution but it took me time to grasp it. With so much love, tolerance and care God had explained His solution to me.

All along, I believed I was making God understand me while in reality, it was God helping me understand Him!

Note: This post is dedicated to  America On Coffee.

Offering God An Apology – 2

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