The Great Escape

There used to live a man named Abdullah in Mecca. He married a Christian woman named Amna in a city of (Arab) Jews.

The Saudi king, Abu Jehel, had built a shrine like‎ the Temple of Solomon on the holy mount of Zion, in Jerusalem, and used to hide The Second Commandment of Torah that prohibits worship of idols.

People had faith in the “men of God” of Mecca and had no access to Torah, an expensive book at that time.

Abdullah had the bad habit of telling people about that Second Commandment of God instead of marketing the lucrative idols like the rest of “thankful” people of Mecca.

One beautiful day, when he was returning in a caravan to Mecca, he was killed. People believe his death in his twenties was natural.

They have faith in men of God and the Saudi king.

His wife, Amna, was pregnant and gave birth to a son she named Muhammad.

When Muhammad reached 6, his Christian mother took him to Madina, to her family.

On her return, she, too, was killed like her husband. People believe she died a natural death.

They have great faith in men of God and the Saudi king who uses them.

Muhammad studied on the hand of a Christian monk in Syria as all Muslims know but they only believe the Saudi king who says Muhammad was illiterate who couldn’t even read a word.

Upon completing his studies, Muhammad married a widow named Khadija, also a Christian.

She already had an orphan named Zaid.

Muhammad committed a crime against the “holy” shrine and they killed his wife but Muhammad and Zaid managed to escape to Madina.

When Muhammad reached 57, Zaid took a new wife named Aysha.

Muhammad fell in love with Aysha, his adopted son’s wife.

Zaid divorced her so that Muhammad could marry her.

As soon as Muhammad slept with her, he received  The Baptism of Love  and became a saint.

He was not a cave-man as Men of God say but people have too great a faith in men of God.

Soon afterwards, Muhammad started receiving angels and revelations. He named it Quran, which means “read a lot”.

You can’t decipher Koran unless you’ve been baptized. That’s what Quran says.

لا يمسه إلا المطهرون

Translation: None touches it except those who have been baptized.

Mecca’s authorities fought and resisted Muhammad for some 23 years then they suddenly accepted him and even exalted him. Why?

Because Quran seems to acknowledge the Shrine of Mecca, unlike the books of Jews (Old Testament) or the books of Christians (New Testament). It was too easy to hurt the lucrative income from Ka’ba using Bible.

This is what Quran says about Ka’ba:

جعل ﺍلله ﺍلكعبة البيت الحرام

Translation: God has made Ka’ba the Haram (Forbidden) House.

But the Saudi king told people it was forbidden to HUNT game animals in Mecca. Otherwise, Haram means unclean. Everybody knows this.

I don’t know what game animals are found in a desert but people’s faith is unbreakable in the Wahabis and the Saudi king who knows how to use them.

The idols are still there after more than 14 centuries: Ka’ba, the Black Stone, the Stone of Abraham, etc but Muslims believe their men of God and the Saudi king who is very rich and powerful.

In fact, more than a billion people call themselves Muslims as ordered by Quran, a holy book full of Satanic verses as it acknowledges itself:

ﻓَﺈِﺫَﺍ ﻗَﺮَﺃْﺕَ ﺍﻟْﻘُﺮْﺁﻥَ ﻓَﺎﺳْﺘَﻌِﺬْ ﺑِﺎﻟﻠَّﻪِ ﻣِﻦَ ﺍﻟﺸَّﻴْﻄَﺎﻥِ ﺍﻟﺮَّﺟِﻴﻢ

Translation: So if you read Quran, then seek God’s refuge from the devil.

And these Muslims turn their faces to Mecca, still, when serving ritual prayers, 5 times a day, that are not found anywhere in Quran but are a continuation of idol worship that’s also found in the Arab Jews of Sinai and Arab Christians of Ethiopia until this day.

They believe the fight was over cleaning the Shrine of Mecca of some 360 idols, an idol for each day of the year.

What year?

The Julian year consists of 365 or 366 days and the Islamic calendar later came up with a lunar year that consists of 354 or 355 days.

Why 360 idols?

Can anyone name even a single one of them?

Because even a dog gets a name!

What kind of gods & lords were these who had no names?

The truth is the idols are still there: Ka’ba, world’s largest idol, Abraham’s standpoint stone, the “holy water” of Zamzam and other idols in Arafat and Mina.

But Muslims are unaware, aren’t they?

The Great Escape

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