The Terrible Day of Judgement!

In a previous post, I posited that Jesus was not a good teacher, but a wicked one.

That’s what He told Joseph, the rich man, who had come to Him to see what else he could do to please God.

When Joseph met Jesus, he called Him “Good Teacher” and Jesus immediately corrected him, “Why do you call Me ‘good teacher’? Only God is good”.

Nobody understood why Jesus had corrected him but I know my biological Father so let me also tell you why Jesus corrected him: He didn’t want Joseph to become an ordinary follower.

He wanted to give him a special job. So He asked Joseph to give away all his belongings to the poor and follow Him. Joseph went away broken-hearted and Jesus said, “Verily I tell you it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Sounds like bad news, eh?

Nope. It’s good news like the rest of Gospel but no one knows.

Jesus was telling a wicked lie. He once said “Take My yoke; it’s light”
so how come you evil generation and preachers say rich men can’t go to heaven? Nothing is difficult for my Father, didn’t you know?

Jesus wanted Joseph to do one of history’s greatest jobs: To take care of His dead body and bury it in a grave befitting Jesus.

And that’s what Joseph did. Didn’t he?

No matter how difficult it may be for rich men to go to heaven, Jesus can do it. Can’t He?

He’s a wicked Lord so He first asked Joseph a terribly difficult thing to do and Joseph’s heart was broken.

Then He gave Joseph a terribly great job yet something terribly light for him.

Did you enjoy how my wicked Father plays with us?

Now the whole world thinks this way of Jesus’ Second Advent and The Judgement Day.

The sun will lose its light. The moon will crack and break apart. The stars will fall from heaven. The seas will catch fire. Water will become bitter. Rivers will dry. The mountains will turn to rubbles. There will be eclipses, earthquakes, pandemics and diseases will break out. The man will kill his brother. There will be wars and Armagiddon. The Anti-Christ will mislead all and shall rule the day.

Is it Jesus Christ that is coming or some evil?

Jesus said He will come in peace and secretly like a thief in the night.

Why do you evil preachers say He’ll come with great noise to scare women & children? Why do you evil generation believe such bad news?

Now let me shock you with my Good News. Blessed are those who shall believe the good news of The Lord and repent.

Jesus has already descended from heavens as He promised 2000 years ago. He descended in peace with his Father, the God, before the 2000 years completed of His first advent.

He descended at 3am, February 6, 1967, when I was born.

They came to protect me, the servant of women & children.

On my next birthday, at 3 am, Jeddah local time, I’m going to celebrate Judgement Day’s 50th anniversary.

No longer worry, Jesus and God are with us to bring World Peace, every woman’s dream.

They’re going to fix all that we’ve broken before we completely destroy this planet.

Spread the good news and let’s celebrate. Hallelujah!

The Terrible Day of Judgement!

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