Losing My Soulmate – 9

This memoir starts from  The Flight From Casablanca.  Thank you.

I started taking Hamid with me to the mosque and we repaired a broken TV and an air-conditioner and our room became livable and my two younger brothers also moved in with us.

Now Hamid was safe from Abid’s continuous humiliations.

Our mom tried but found no girl for Abid. In 1987, Abid found a personal ad of a very beautiful girl named Zohra of Morocco, went to meet her and they got married.

Abid started bragging about his success but Zohra kept asking him for money but not agreeing to move to Saudi Arabia to live with Abid.

I asked Abid to pay her whatever she asked but he refused. After many tries, he gave up, went to Pakistan in August 1991 and hired the services of a lawyer to divorce her.

But she kept asking Abid for money. Abid moved to Pakistan in 1992 and let Hamid handle her requests for money.

Our mom then found a girl for Abid in Pakistan and he got married.

Now one can imagine how hard it was for Abid to get married, trying since 1982 and finally marrying in 1993. And that letter from Pakistani embassy in Morocco was jeopardizing his marriage in 1998.

All my brothers know how effective I am in writing applications.

Hence, by 1998, Abid finally decided to ask me for help. I asked him to show me that divorce letter.

It was a verbose, angry letter with many complaints and no mention of divorce. It just said “if you don’t come, I’ll assume as if nothing was between us”.

“There’s no ‘divorce’ word in this divorce letter,” I observed. That’s why she had continued asking Abid to pay her expenses!

Koran specifically asks men to pay their wives their expenses because women are always up to something good.

I then wrote a simple divorce letter with a polite apology for not being very expressive earlier and asked Abid to sign and send that letter to the Pakistani ambassador in Morocco.

Problem solved.

Zohra had a sick mother and she was in great need of money. That’s why she sacrificed and married Abid, a very repulsive, macho man.

Hamid was not done with me. He had a secret reason for me not to get deported to Pakistan. But now that I had dared to do that, he thought of killing me. It’s easy to kill people in lawless Pakistan.

He came to visit me in March and offered to take me to a tour of Islamabad, Murree and other northern areas and I agreed.

Everywhere, he tried to find someone to kill me and once, he tried to push me off the edge of a dam but the damn taxi driver was watching and that best chance was also lost and only then I realized his wicked plans.

He never again went to northern areas.

After failing to kill me, he tried to get me married to any girl except for the one he was afraid I intended to marry.

He just told all our relatives that I was in Pakistan to study Computer Science and they all started bringing their daughters because they knew I was a feminist and a mother’s servant.

It must have made Abid very jealous to see everyone trying to marry their daughters to me.

But God kept all girls away from me. I told Hamid and others God had promised me a special girl.

Hamid then tried to get me a scholarship in master’s program of CS in UPM but it failed as they gave the scholarship to an Indian applicant because he had secured higher marks in the Vocabulary section of GRE test!

I then found admission in University of Karachi’s Master of Computer Science Program.

After the first semester, Uncle Izhar suggested taking his children to Rawalpindi to visit his older brother, Irshad.

Hamid had been paying monthly handouts to Aunt Qudsia and Uncle Izhar and even Abid to keep me away from Uncle Irshad and his daughter, Saima, but they ended up helping me marry Saima.

Every trick they played to keep me from marrying Saima only made that Promised Marriage take place.

You can read my memoirs titled  My Cinderella and My Promised Girl  series for more details.

This concludes my story of losing my soulmate.

Losing My Soulmate – 9

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