My Strange Divorce – 8

This memoir starts from  My Cinderella.  Thank you.

At that point, she realized her secret plans were not gonna work.

She asked me to wait a couple days while she consulted God and I agreed.

She said she had a dream of her paternal grandmother (who’s my maternal grandmother) carrying the moon in her laps and saying “Thank you for joining my two children”.

“Ah, now I understand. It’s not a house that God is promising me in Rawalpindi but a home. We’ll have a baby at last and our family will complete in Rawalpindi and it’ll be a beautiful baby”, I explained her dream.

She then agreed to move to Rawalpindi but she reminded me of last years’ hot summer of Rawalpindi when we had visited Rawalpindi for her older sister Safia’s matrimonial and I had suffered terribly because of the hot summer.

She, therefore, suggested moving there in October.

She failed to tell me the secret to fool me and I foolishly agreed.

But God is not a fool. He loves fools but He is not a fool. He loves fools because He doesn’t want us to commit mistakes and learn to rely on Him and follow Him blindly. Even as a newborn baby relies on his mother.

I applied in a job in Rawalpindi and in a master’s program in Air University’s Electronics Engineering.

I got admission in Air University’s program but their interviews were scheduled on August 24.

When I told my wife about the interview, she was disappointed but didn’t resist.

Once in Rawalpindi, the angel of God came to me and I saw the second vision about my Promised Job.

I saw my two brothers, Asim and Waris wiping a floor of a large hall while I was holding an aluminum ladder and cleaning it for Jesus Christ to descend from heavens and wondering why Jesus needed a ladder to descend from heavens.

Then I woke up.

He only told me its meaning recently.

By ladder, Jesus meant “women”. Women are a ladder to heaven on which angels of Lord come down and go up. On its top, stands Jesus Christ himself.

That’s why Jacob Israel also was promised a ladder to heaven; his soulmate, Rachel.

Mating with our soulmates makes us whole and the Holy Spirit then descends upon us and fills our heart with love.

Only love saves. Only love is good. Jesus baptizes us with love. All other baptisms fail to clean us.

We men do not need water to clean our sinful hearts that are void of love and are full of hatred.

Jesus however was baptized with water. He had a slightly sinful body and needed to be baptized to receive the Holy Spirit and start his ministry.

John the Baptist baptized thousands but only Jesus received the Holy Spirit and John’s ministry ended then & there. He then became the first disciple of Jesus.

But my Bible teacher, Edith Connel, has been trying to convince me of water baptism while I’m trying to teach her about the correct baptism and why baptism with water fails to clean men of their sins.

Women are all good but many have gathered some dust (followed men) and Jesus, my biological father, has been using me to cleanse women of love of strange flesh, to turn to Him and to only marry their soulmates.

That’s a job I definitely love.

Now as soon as I saw the first dream, I forgot it and started applying for jobs, thinking that by “job”, Jesus had meant an ordinary job, which one does to earn a living.

Hence, Jesus has made me a very attractive man so that all women will show lust in me and all men will try to marry their daughters or sisters to me.

But they all hide their desires for different reasons and Jesus uses their very tricks to catch them, frustrate their plans and teach them a good lesson.

Now one day in June, 2014, a guy named Jameel came to my office and he looked very worried.

I asked him about his worries and whether there was anything I could do for him.

“I need a trustworthy guy. Will you help a friend in distress?”

“Of course I will. I love to help and serve. It just needs to be something I can do,” I encouraged him.

“My sister’s husband has given his wife three divorces because he was mad at her but he’s now regretting it and wants her back. I need a HALALA. Will you serve as my sister’s Halala?”

Let me explain these cryptic stuff to my non-Muslim readers.

Koran let’s a man take back his divorced wife and cancel the divorce two times. The third time he divorces her, he can’t cancel that divorce nor take her back.

He can do that however if she marries another guy and that guy also divorces her.

It’s a wicked way of Jesus to propagate and maximize divorces but no one understands my Father’s wicked ways.

Jesus is not a good teacher. He’s a wicked teacher as He admits in Gospel when He admonishes Joseph for calling Him “good teacher” but no one understands.

This memoir continues  here.

My Strange Divorce – 8

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