Losing My Soulmate – 6

This memoir starts from  The Flight From Casablanca.  Thank you.

The old airport was at a walking distance from my home.

My parents had arrived Saudi Arabia through that airport some 33 years ago. I was not with them.

I was not yet born.

My father was a member of Jamaat-e-Islami, a religio-political party. They used to visit him every month for membership fees.

Once, they talked him into buying their ticket.

Some unknown men from a rival faction then kidnapped him.

He was released after the end of the polling. My father had won only five votes but he thought it was fun.

But my mom was freaked out.

Ever since, she hated JeI and used to call them EVIL.

At that time, the government launched a housing scheme some 20km (12.5 miles) away in the far suburbs of Karachi, a very, very long way away in those days.

They bought a house there.

She felt safe there.

Now she could raise her children in peace.

I’m currently residing in that very house. It’s more like ruins and I’ve not eaten anything since five days. God Almighty has shut all doors on my face and I expect to die in a week at most because I’m about to run out of drinkable water, too.

God showed me a dozen dreams about my advent to this house and my ULTIMATE victory starting from that house also.

He has been showing me these dreams since time immemorial.

The JeI found my father and followed him to that far, far place.

On one beautiful day, they stood in front of the house and raised their voice as much they could.

They recited a verse of Koran that told men that their families and children were a burden but God could provide them with relief and great reward.

Koran is replete with such Satanic verses. Hence, it asks us to seek God’s refuge from Satan every time we read it but no one understands.

My mom lost her cool.

She went out and shouted at them “Why don’t you take away food from your children and feed it to the dogs?”

They ran away and never again dared to show up in that neighborhood.

Now my mom felt safe again…

But they found my father’s working place in downtown and he started feeding the dogs again from his meagre pay.

My mom then went back to downtown to meet her father and complained about those persistent parasites and her evil, selfish husband.

Her father found a job for my father with Kuwait Airlines and my father went to far, far Kuwait.

They couldn’t follow him there.

But my father soon realized foreigners weren’t allowed to bring their families to evil Kuwait.

He found a job with Saudi Airlines and moved to Jeddah, instead.

This greatly pleased mom. She was going to be safe near Mecca, where they have God locked in Ka’ba.

But soon, my father started sending money to JeI through wire transfers.

The JeI were so excited with donations in Rials, they asked my father to make additional members there to win a ticket to heaven.

He started proseletyzing activities, which are prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

He was fired from his job after some two years and became jobless while my mom was with a child.

That child was me.

At my second advent into this world on THE SIXTH DAY, my father had been jobless and we were living in poverty.

Mom used to visit Mecca every weekend, asking God to save them from starving to death as God Almighty had shut all doors on my father.

One beautiful day in the shrine of Mecca, an evil Saudi made a generous offer to buy me.

My mom didn’t understand much Arabic but she still realized what was going on.

She started shouting at that Saudi devil and he ran away before people handed him over to the police.

My mom then agreed to move to Dammam, some 1200 km (800 miles) away from Mecca, where my father had found a job offer with a petroleum company.

She left the holy shrine of Ka’ba to save me and her other children from their evil father.

Standing in chains in that same old airport on January 19, 1998, I wondered whether my late mom had any idea I would be sent back to Pakistan to fight evil and terminate it.

She had once shown me an old black & white photo of her whole family, which a boy had taken as soon they had disembarked from the airplane at their arrival to Saudi Arabia.

She was holding Hamid to her chest. That memorable photo was taken on a beautiful day of summer, 1965.

Back to future.

After some paperwork, we were taken in chains to the new airport, some 50km (31 miles) away.

They unlocked our chains just before we were allowed to embark the plane to Karachi, Pakistan.

I arrived Karachi on January 20, 1998, 10am.


Losing My Soulmate – 6

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