My Strange Divorce – 5

This memoir starts from  My Cinderella.  Thank you.

I told Shehnaz about the lack of rooms for single men and showed my willingness to shift to a half-built room in the backyard and serve as a watchman for her husband, my oldest brother.

Abid refused that offer. He had no need for a watchman, he told his wife.

A thief then stole his son’s bicycle the very next day.

Shehnaz gave me a diary to write my memories in it.

The angel of God showed me a few dreams that I jotted down in that diary.

In one dream, I saw that my wife was pregnant. I looked up its meaning on Internet. It meant she was up to something good.

Shehnaz used to read my diary when I was not around without telling me.

In another dream, I saw my wife throwing Rs32,000 at me and going to Saudi Arabia.

It made me feel great pain to know that my villain was my older brother Hamid who used to live in Saudi Arabia and he corrupted my wife who sold me for luxurious life in Saudi Arabia.

I jotted down the dream without writing the interpretation or my feelings because it troubled my heart to have my brother as my villain.

In yet another dream, I saw my wife was dead while I was not worried but was examining a white car with great interest (Abid’s both cars were white.)

Again, I looked up its meaning on Internet. It meant she had an advantage over me while a car meant a married way of life.

In another dream, I saw I was in the lobby of a dormitory. An American guy was lying on a bed in that lobby. He asked me with great excitement, “Are you Christian?” Then I saw his girl stand up and leave for some job.

She was exceedingly beautiful and was only wearing her panties.

I also saw that in each room, everyone had an exceedingly beautiful girl with him.

I jotted down that dream as well, as I did with all others.

Then God thought of frightening Shehnaz and Abid.

I saw in a dream there was a rat in my house whom I used to allow to steal from my food but he still tried to bite me.

I threw him out of my house and a cat caught him and he cried with great noise in his agony. I didn’t care.

Why should I care for his falling prey to his own evil?

That’s what I wrote in my diary that day.

As you can imagine, this not only freaked out Shehnaz but also Abid.

Abid knew that rat was he. He was about to suffer great agony due to his mischief.

I then found a room nearby his house. Its rant was Rs4000 with another Rs4000 cash security.

He immediately paid up all amounts while his wife provided me with some clothes and other necessities and I moved into that room.

If you realize that my brother and his wife used to read the dreams without knowing what they meant, you’ll understand how God works and enjoy a great laugh.

One beautiful day, the landlord’s wife asked me to give tuition to her two grandchildren and I agreed.

On another beautiful day, she told me her daughter’s husband went to Dubai and deserted her daughter. I felt sorry for her daughter.

“She’d make a perfect match for a man whose wife had deserted him for the riches of Saudi Arabia,” Thus I reasoned.

“Not so,” was God’s answer!

That night the angel of God visited me and I saw a nightmare.

I saw a woman trying to hold my hand in lust and that scared me off and I woke up.

The angel asked me to buy a wedding ring for Rs20 and wear it. Pakistanis don’t ordinarily wear wedding rings.

There was a gift shop opposite the real estate office. I found a ring there but it was for Rs60.

I was about to leave when I noticed that it was part of a larger gift shop. I went in the larger shop and enquired about a wedding ring.

He had only one ring that looked the same like the Rs60 one. It fitted my wedding finger and I asked about its price.

“Its price is Rs60 but I’ll sell it for Rs20 to you” was shopkeeper’s strange answer. I bought it. I only had Rs20 on me at that time.

The landlord’s wife noticed the wedding ring and stopped offering me her married daughter but I wondered about that nightmare because I had seen her daughter. She was young & beautiful.

Everyday, she would find an excuse to come see me but she was not lustful; just interested.

I wondered what was so frightful about her. “God misguided me,” I thought.

Then one day, while I was coming home, my eyes fell upon another woman looking down at me from her balcony and there was great lust in her eyes!

She really made my spine shiver.

The angel had told me the truth about a lustful daughter and he also had told me the truth about the wedding ring costing Rs20 and solving my problem, didn’t He?


My Strange Divorce – 5

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