My Strange Divorce – 4

This memoir starts from  My Cinderella. 

It’s interesting how men can keep finding a way out of each trap.

Let me blow up another of my Father’s top secrets so that you can understand how things work.

We believe Satan is a rebellious angel of God with whom God is very dissatisfied.


God picked an angel and said “You will teach men everything that I hate.”

That good, obedient angel has been doing a perfect job ever since. Not even once he failed God nor he’s ever disobeyed. Of course, God has given him everything he needs to do his job.

This I learned from the Book of Job. See how God gives Satan royal reception and counts him among His sons. See how each time, God first makes sure Satan got no complaints.

Then see how God asks and consults him on the most important task at hand: Job and his strange thanksgiving for every good and evil that befalls him.

See how God listens so carefully to Satan’s statement and how He accepts Satan’s accusations and prayers without argument.

Finally, see how Satan obeys God, his Father, and executes His will in letter & spirit.

Isn’t this good news?

Ever since I read an excerpt of Paradise Lost, I’ve been having sleepless nights and thinking of a glimpse of hope for that poor spirit called Satan!

Thank God for the Book of Job and may God bless Abraham and the Jews.

In short, God doesn’t find pleasure in half-hearted repentance so He gave us Satan to help us fight till the end and exhaust all possibilities before giving in to God’s ways.

When we obey Satan, we’re comitting mistakes and learning from them and that’s something good, isn’t it?

God and Satan work together to teach us Good and Evil. As Jesus also used Pharisees and Sadduccees who kept tempting Him to sin and be cursed & stoned.

Hence, Abid didn’t give up yet.

He suggested it was a very cruel job and advised me to find a morning job, instead.

I then found an even more lucrative job but it too required a vehicle.

I asked Abid for a Rs20,000 loan to buy a used motorbike.

He again fell prey to his own craftiness but he didn’t give up yet. He quickly found a sure way out.

“Ask them Rs15,000 per month transport allowance and I’ll buy you a car, instead,” he said cunningly.

No employer pays such an amount, he knew.

“That night job’s salary was Rs12,000 while this one’s is Rs30,000 plus Rs3,000 transport allowance,” I explained.

Hence, I asked him to pay me Rs300,000 to buy a used car. A gift payment, not a loan.

Now he realized how he had been getting in deeper trouble every time he played a trick on me.

Instead of a Rs20,000 loan, he now was to gift me Rs300,000.

It’s interesting how much we love money. God frequently uses money to teach us lessons.

His wife had shown me her leg that got burned by some hot water but Abid was not taking her to a doctor.

He was doing that on purpose to discipline his wife. He was a real macho man and a good, heartless Pakistani husband.

To escape payment of hefty Rs3,00,000, he showed his wife to a good doctor and asked her to handle his freaky brother.

She showed me the medicines although I’m no physician but I still obediently looked and found Augmantine. “It’s best antibiotic for skin infections,” I reassured poor Shehnaz who was worried about her worsening injury.

“Works every time and works wonders” I related from my experience with that expensive yet excellent antibiotic.

She then asked me to find a job nearby her house and I agreed & obeyed.

Those car-demanding jobs had freaked out her arrogant husband and made him bow to his wife.

I then found a job in a nearby school and another part-time job in the evening as a print shop operator for a real estate agent named Mr. Mansoori, another interesting devil.

As soon as I found the school job, Abid asked me to find a room for rent.

“It’s not possible for a single man to find a room,” Mr. Mansoori told me and I understood the strange lack of rooms for rent.

“With the room, you’ll also get a wife. Would you like a wife?” He enquired.

I told him about my freaky wife who kept me 30 days without food for some unknown reason and who later stole all my documents and kicked me out of my apartment and won’t let me see my poor children.

He promised to find me a landlord who’ll give me a room.

He also told me that I was a handsome man and women were now going to start visiting his real estate office but I laughed it off as a friendly complement.


P.S. This blog post is dedicated to  America on Coffee,  one of my best readers.

My Strange Divorce – 4

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