My Strange Divorce – 3

This memoir starts from  My Cinderella.  Thank you.

“I’m pennyless. How can I come?” I asked Abid.

“Take a rikshaw and I’ll pay him Rs150” was his answer.

I couldn’t believe this sudden change of heart.

I took a rickshaw.

Then I received a text from my wife asking me how was my birthday gift (it was February 6th) so Hamid had been working hard against me and she was mocking my birthday.

I told her I was riding a rikshaw like a king, going back to Abid’s on his invitation, at his cost.

She immediately tried to find me a place in an Islamic religious seminary in that neighborhood but she failed.

She wanted me to become a pious Muslim so that her accusations and her plans would materialize but my God is a jealous Lord and she fell prey to her own plans.

When I arrived back at Abid’s, I found him arguing with his wife for calling him while he was driving his car.

She said she had no way to know where he was and if he was driving, he shouldn’t have picked the phone or used hands-free but Abid was terrified by her call and he picked up the phone, putting his life in danger and he behaved like a fool.

He wanted his poor wife to take responsibility of his folly and apologize but his wife won’t apologize for something wrong Abid did.

Let me tell you what happened.

When Abid evicted me out of his house in 2001, he had resigned from NRL to escape charges of corruption and lost face in the neighborhood where he used to enjoy good reputation.

Only one neighbor was left who respected him. That neighbor’s wife, Atia, knew of my arrival back in great misery on February 2, 2014.

She called Shehnaz and asked her about my whereabouts. When Shehnaz told her about Abid’s decision to evict me again, she rebuked them very harshly for their evil.

Shehnaz didn’t want Abid to lose their last friendly neighbor so she called Abid immediately to avert losing their only friendly neighbor.

Abid decided to ignore that call as he was on the road.

God then sent Michael (God’s Power), His mighty angel, to kill Abid for his cruelty.

A great fear fell upon Abid and he immediately picked up the phone and did exactly as Michael told him to do.

But now he wanted his wife to take the blame and apologize on God’s behalf.

She didn’t.

She couldn’t, could she?

This frustrated Abid because he had already told everyone about his stupid act of answering a phone while on the road and almost getting himself killed.

It’s interesting to see the devils fall in their own traps and then getting frustrated, isn’t it?

Now it was very tempting for Abid to place the blame of his corruption in NRL on me. Hamid was keeping close contact with him to help him out.

Their plan was perfect.

In lieu of providing me with shelter, I’d take the blame of Abid’s corruption and subsequent misfortunes.

He first blamed my joblessness for my wife’s crimes. Out of 12 years of marriage, I had worked for only a year.

Since my advent to Pakistan 16 years ago, I had only worked for some 16 months.

He advised me to find a job because my wife “had not committed a crime by withholding food for 30 days or stealing my legal documents & certificates but had just tried to discipline me”, he argued.

That was very evil but I let him lay his traps on me and see who gets trapped.

He asked me to immediately start a job search. He told me jobs were to be found in Dawn Classified.

He then called my wife and invited her to his house next day and she promised to think it over.

I know my cousins. When they “promise to consider”, they mean “we’re not interested”. It’s a very gentle way but it really pisses people off.

So Abid had an important funeral to attend but waited whole Sunday for my wife to show up.

She didn’t show up.

This pissed him off.

It’s interesting to see the devils gettin their “perfect” plans frustrated.

He felt great humiliation because she showed no respect of him.

I was anticipating that humiliation but I wasn’t in a position to illuminate him of the ways of my wife because I had already been accused of not understanding anything. He assured me of her arrival so it was no use arguing with him.

Now that his accusations had failed, I started my job search.

I found a lucrative job as head of a marketing team that was a night shift job.

Since Karachi was weathering a gang war with frequent public transport shut downs, the employer suggested borrowing my brother’s car that lied idle during the night.

Abid fell prey to his own craftiness. He had two cars but they were too new and expensive.

He fell prey to his own craftiness.

Continues  here.

My Strange Divorce – 3

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