My Strange Divorce – 2

This memoir starts from  My Cinderella.  Thank you.

She also had accused me of being a eunuch and causing her sexual frustration.

While I blamed her of becoming a devil and completely rotten.

I kept pressing her to either be with me or not with me until she finally gave in and decided not to live with me anymore.

When she ran to her parents’, I had not eaten for two days.

Hamid’s elder brother, Zakir, paid me a visit after two more days. He had been trying since 2009 but finally met me in January 2014.

I told him I’d been hungry for four days and he gave me some money to buy some food.

I then told him my wife’s strange behavior.

He advised me not to let my wife enter my apartment ever again unless she provided a guarantee that she won’t steal stuff again.

He wondered what was the solution to such problems. I said as long as Adam & Eve were in paradise, Eve was in no need of Adam. But after losing the paradise, Adam tilled the earth and Eve needed Adam.

Ever since I let my wife open an account, she no longer needed me so she got rid of me.

This confused Zakir because he wondered why all women were rebellious.

After 3 weeks of sending my wife texts teasing her of living under her parents like a servant instead of living with me where she was like a lady & a lord and threatening to take legal action against her, I went to my uncle’s and asked him to help me recover the documents his daughter had stolen from me.

She grabbed that opportunity and fled to my apartment with her brother in his car. My documents were not at her parents’.

When I arrived at my apartment, she refused to let me in because she said she feared on her life from me.

I told her she could return my stolen documents and then her life would no longer be in danger but she won’t agree.

I asked her where I was supposed to go. She asked me to go to my eldest brother, Abid.

I had Rs500 on me. God asked me to buy Calcium supplements for Rs320 and take busses for Rs35 to al-Andalus House.

I hate Abid’s for his insolence but I had no other choice.

I told him I had decided to forgive all those who had hurt me and he let me stay with him.

I told him about my wife’s strange behavior also and 30 days without food.

After four days, Hamid informed him he had nothing much to gain from my forgiveness.

Abid asked me to take responsibility of his misfortunes and demanded I ask him for his forgiveness, instead.

I refused.

He asked me to leave his house and take charge of my apartment by force. “What kind of a man are you?” He asked.

I ignored his stupid warning.

Next afternoon, his wife told me Abid was serious and didn’t want me home when he returned home that evening.

I told her if he thinks I’ll force my way into my apartment and throw my wife & our little children on the street, he was mistaken.

(Pakistanis usually kill their rebellious wives for much less than that.)

“I’ll talk to my wife again. But if she refuses to let me in, I don’t know where I’ll spend the night.” I explained my principles to Shehnaz, Abid’s wife.

I then wrote an email to Hamid.

Shehnaz asked me what use Hamid was?

“He’s not my brother but my wife’s brother”, I told her.

God then told me Saima was going to use my Christian faith to justify her criminal behavior and asked me to renounce His diety as Peter also had done.

That was weird.

I went to the bus stop but no bus came. A rikshaw driver came and offered to drop me near my apartment for Rs20.

That was strange. They charge Rs150 for that 6km (4 mile) trip.

“Do you mean 20 or 30?” I confirmed because these two figures sound similar in Urdu and I only had Rs20 on me.

“I’m going home there and will drop you for Rs20 fuel cost,” he explained.

That was a royal treat from Jesus.

He demonstrated it was OK to deny His deity. That’s good news, isn’t it?

When I disembarked and headed to my apartment, Hamid indeed called me and assured me of talking to Saima to take me in.

She indeed asked me whether Jesus was a man or God. I said “He was as much a human as me and you.”

That baffled her.

But she still refused to let me in.

She, however, gave in and told the truth.

“Even if you become as harmless as a sheep, I’ll still fight you and give you troubles.”

Well, that was the truth.

Hamid says one thing but does another. He had been playing tricks on me but couldn’t win over Jesus.

I went out and sat on a pavement. I had nowhere else to go.

Then I received Abid’s call. He told me I could stay with him. That was strange, sudden change of his mind.

Continues  here.

My Strange Divorce – 2

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