Losing My Soulmate

This memoir starts from  The Flight From Casablanca.  Thank you.

After my return to Jeddah, I didn’t hide my success in falling in love with a girl when I missed my Monia one night and grabbed a pillow to hug and sleep.

This unexpectedly made everyone jealous.

Everyone cared to say something against my “unholy” plans of love & marriage.

In fact, they called it my FORNICATION PLANS!

Now let me explain God.

Before going to Morocco, God had

1. Asked me to go Morocco.
2. In 1983, He had shown me a beautiful girl and pushed me to find her.
3. In 1993, He told me she was in a tourist country, on a mountain top. I went to Turkey but she wasn’t there.
4. In 1995, He told me she was in a small Arabic country with 6-digit telephone numbers. I went to Jordan. She wasn’t there, either.
5. In 1996, He finally told me she was in Morocco.
6. He asked me not to serve Islamic ritual prayers in Morocco.
7. He asked me not to sleep with any girls in Casablanca.
8. He asked me to also include a tour of Schingen Countries.
9. He promised me a tour of USA.


For one, He wanted to train me not to follow the ways of the world, nor my way but to learn to follow God even when He seemed to be wrong or make no sense.

As He also did with the Jews for 40 years in the deserts of Sinai.

For another, He wanted to turn my life into an interesting story.

He asked me not to sleep with any girls in Casablanca partly because He didn’t want me to hire Mustafa The Quick but Omar.

But Omar had a secret reason not to like my Monia in Immouzzer and wanted me to settle in Casablanca.

God knew Omar’s secret and didn’t want me to fall for his crafty plans in Casablanca.

He knew I was going to serve Friday prayers in King Hasan II Mosque nearby Omar’s house.

Omar’s mother hated that Mosque built by poor’s money to serve as a monument to the the corrupt, evil King Hasan II, while the common man lived in misery.

Her son, Omar, found no job and strayed into theft and robberies as many young Moroccans did.

God asked me to tour Europe to lose weight and shave my beard to please my Monia.

He promised to take me to a tour of America to enjoy and to give me some enemies.

After my return from Morocco, my company asked me to tour USA as our American principals were not willing to extend The Contract.

I got that job done but the Americans had learned of my adventures in Morocco.

They excluded the three countries of al-Maghreb (Morocco, Algiers and Tunis) from The Contract and left the remaining ten countries.

We were only active in Jeddah so that wasn’t a real loss.

I did apply to become their coordinator in those countries to be close to my Monia.

But God had some other plans.

Monia used to give me more than I used to give her.

That made me feel miserable.

I looked around and learned about some Sinclair Institute in USA. They claimed to have a 4-videos set, each of 15 minutes made by their experts in Principles of Lust.

They claimed their videos were used by sex therapists and other educational institutes.

I ordered them but they won’t ship them to a Saudi Address.

I found The Mail Post, a mail forwarding agency in Chicago. I asked Sinclair to send the videos to The Mail Post.

I also ordered two cans with false bottoms and had them sent to Sue Pace of The Mail Post.

She charged me 50 bucks for a set of screws.

But the damn reels won’t fit in the 2″ wide cans.

I asked Sue to keep the videos with her until further instructions.

I arrived Chicago O’Hare airport at 6pm. I could visit The Mail Post and personally receive the videos from Sue.

But the damn ticket had a wrong return date.

The immigration officer took me to the legal office. There was a long and slow queue there.

The judge understood the typing error but by that time, Sue was about to close the Office.

“What time do you open in the morning?” I asked.

“Ten” said she.

Damn! My flight to De Moines was at 10am sharp and they had no other flights.

I returned from my US tour without the videos.

But Hamid was now fuming with jealousy.

He enticed all my brothers & sisters against my marriage plans.

Everyone seemed to have a reason to oppose my plans.

In frustration, I sent Hamid et al a strong message through my little sister, Amna.

“I’ll shoot kill anyone coming between me and my Monia”.

Suddenly, all ill-talk silenced.

But then came The Law Man.

God asked me “And what if I come between you and your Monia?”

Continue  here.

Losing My Soulmate

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