My Strange Divorce

In the serialized memoirs titled  My Cinderella  and  My Promised Girl,  I made the assertion that my marriage to Saima was from-God, not from-men.

If such a bond isn’t holy, then what is?

Now in these series, I’ll show you why this bond is both holy and wicked.

In late June, 2013, I received an anonymous call. They were a software house who needed someone to serve as the contact person with their American client(s).

They had found my resume and contact details through, an online job search site.

The timings of that job were from 7pm till 3am.

I wrote an email to my brother Hamid in Saudi Arabia asking him to help me buy a car as there was no public transport after 9pm.

The reply came from my God-ordained wife and it came harsh & swift.

She called me her “rude, disobedient husband” and withheld food from me.

She told me Hamid had sent no money in June and accused me of never earning any money, hence, she had no food for me.

She pulled the curtain of my door-less room, “locking” me in.

I was surprised & puzzled by her confusing statements and lies.

Having no access to money, I lied down silently in my room.

After a couple days, she showed me a statement of account with Rs13,500 in it — enough for all our expenses for a month.

She had at least nine more accounts.

“Why then she has no food for me? And why not give me a little money to join the company and earn more money?” I wondered because she made no sense.

After a few more days, she let me overhear her telling someone in frustration, “He doesn’t even die!”

I was at a loss to understand why she wanted me dead.

I tried to figure her out for some 30 days without success.

If you play tricks on me, I won’t figure it out and that’ll frustrate you.

After 30 days, I ran out of water and poured some drinkable water in my bottle but she moved all the bottles away.

I then decided to find some place else.

I put some clothes in a plastic bag, sold back a medicine for Rs35 and bought a bus ticket to downtown for Rs20.

I had worked in Darul Ishaat, an Islamic publishing house near Urdu Bazaar stop and there’s a restaurant there called Sabri Nihari who give their leftovers free to homeless tramps & addicts.

After 30 days without food, I tasted some leftovers and thanked God.

It was rotten food that poisoned me.

I went to nearby Civil Hospital and managed to see a physician in ER.

The free medicines solved my problem while the blood count report came clean.

I slept on the pavement because Darul Ishaat asked me to join them after Islamic Eid festivals, some 12 days later.

I went to the Civil Hospital next day also and annoyed the physician who threatened not to give me anymore medicines if I continued eating rotten food.

Left with no other options, I told God I was going to return home and ride the bus.

If the conductor complained, I’d disembark and return to downtown.

But he accepted Rs15 and didn’t complain, quite unusual.

When I knocked the door of my apartment, my wife opened and gave up her tricks and told me she just wanted me not to search for jobs in Pakistan and to go to Saudi Arabia as agreed with Hamid in December 2012!

I told her I never had any problems.

According to my wife’s wish, I then asked Hamid to send me Rs500,000 to buy an immigrant visa to Saudi Arabia.

I had no bank account so he used to send all money to my wife’s account.

But my wife won’t trust me and accused me of conspiring to humiliate her once in Saudi Arabia.

Again, if you play tricks with me, I won’t understand your implied message and frustrate you.

I wrote to Hamid about her delusions of paranoid but he rubbished them as immature complaints.

I asked him to send me Rs35,000 because my wife had again withheld food and money from me.

My wife stole my ID card so that I won’t be able to receive money from my brother.

When I asked her to return back my stolen ID, she also stole the rest of my documents, degrees and certificates and ran to her parents’.

Continue  here.

My Strange Divorce

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