My Promised Girl – Part VIII

This story starts from  My Cinderella.  Thank you.

I then received an email from Saima, my conditional wife, gently chastising me for picking unnecessary fights and told me about her efforts to put off that fire.

I told her the story of my class fellows and informed her how making her father angry was THE solution because if he failed to call me to the wedding, I won’t need to fulfil the Condition and it’ll be his fault, not mine.

I told the same to my elder sister and it made her laugh and roll.

We then waited anxiously for the clock to tick 00:00am, September 1, 2001.

As the clock finally ticked, I cut the cake in Karachi while Saima celebrated 1000 miles away in Rawalpindi.

My uncle tried to rubbish all my claims but when I and Saima threatened to resort to law (court marriage), he finally gave in.

Every knee shall bow to Jesus. Wasn’t that written 2000 years ago?

Even though my uncle lost the war & the Condition, I still brought my elder sister and my younger brother’s wife to the wedding party.

To make it interesting and funny, God made us arrive late at the airport and we were asked to enter the plane from its rare!

The wedding was quite simple and was held on September 28, 2001 according to my elder sister’s wish.

Until this writing, she doesn’t know I had found my soulmate, Monia, on the August 28, 1996.

But I didn’t marry my soulmate.

I married a strange girl instead.

That story has run parallel on this blog with the title Finding My Soulmate.

But doesn’t Jesus call marrying a strange flesh “fornication” in the Gospel?

Why had He helped me commit a fornication?

I call Him Enigma and a TNT for The Brain for a reason.

In the new series, I’ll tell you some secrets that’ll blow your mind off.

For the time being, I’ve proved my wicked marriage was from-God, not a man-made bond.

In the next series, I’ll prove it was a wicked promise of God.

This blog post is dedicated to  Anna,  one of my best readers & a true friend.

My Promised Girl – Part VIII

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