My Promised Girl – Part VII

This story starts from  My Cinderella.

This is how God completed my conditional marriage: He put me in troubles for my rivals to capitalize on.

On a beautiful day of June 2001, I opened Koran and read chapter 61. The last verse shocked me because for the first time I realized it was asking us — the Muslims — to be Christians as the disciples also were.

In fact, we were taught in school that all the prophets had come to preach Islam but their followers corrupted their books and Koran was the only book left intact because God guaranteed its integrity.

So basically I did nothing.

I just informed all my relatives about my adoption and acceptance of Christianity.

That’s all.

I remained as devout a Muslim as ever.

After a while, I received a call from Saima asking me to write to her father, uncle Irshad.

I had no idea it had to do with my Christianity and faith. So I just sent him some news, other blah and assured him of my brothers’ participation in the wedding ceremony.

On June 19, I received his reply that was very subtle, discussing several issues, rebuking me for fighting Abid, blaming me for getting him fired from NRL, etc. but it contained a suspicious statement buried deep at the end of the email that said “… and I welcome a good Muslim”.

I found that email very disrespectful, asking me to renounce my faith.

I decided to wait a couple of days to cool off and not judge the email in anger.

But when I read that email again, it indeed was disrespectful.

I then wrote a very harsh reply and scolded my uncle for acting like Nimrod.

That humiliation drove him mad at me. He called my elder sister in Jeddah but she refused to help him and blamed him for fighting with her brother.

He told her there was no way he was going to marry me to any girl; someone (God) had to apologise.

She refused to apologize.

He told her it was the end of the marriage. Game over.

When my brothers and sisters started arriving Pakistan for their annual vacations in July, my elder sister offered to marry me to some other girl “since Saima didn’t love me.”

I showed her the bundle of love letters and cards from Saima stamped with kisses and hearts including recent ones.

I informed her it was not an engagement that Uncle could cancel. It was a conditional marriage which only I could cancel through divorce and I had no such intentions.

Moreover, the Condition had not expired. I still had till the end of August.

My brothers had not given her these facts.

She decided to stay till the end of that august month.

This is how God showed me the solution to that impossible condition: He demonstrated it to me.

In August, I foolishly told my class friends about chapter 61 of Koran and my acceptance of Christianity.

The professor of Software Engineering gave us an assignment of making presentations. He asked us to join groups of at least 3 and each group was to choose a subject approved by the professor.

“Once approved, there’ll be no revisions of presentation time nor the subject,” he elaborated. “Any failure will result in an F”.

Mansoor and his friend approached me and asked me to deliver the presentation and field the questions while they’d prepare the material.

I decided to trust them.

We agreed on a presentation on recently-released Oracle 9i and the professor assigned us a date.

On the day of presentation, they surprised me by informing me that they had not prepared a thing and the professor was their neighbor.

So it was all a planned conspiracy that was well thought out and designed to teach a fool it’s not good to be a Christian among Muslims.

I only had an hour to do something.

I went to the library but they had no recent material on any subject at all.

Mansoor followed me closely everywhere to keep an eye on me.

I spent some time reading stuff in the library then I went out and sat on the benches in front of the Faculty of Computer Sciences.

Mansoor and his friend joined me while I chatted with Imran, a friend, about kittens that were playing there.

Suddenly, I looked at my watch and alerted Mansoor. It was 8:30pm — closing time.

He immediately rushed in the class and I followed him but the professor asked him to shut up and sit down.

The previous presentation was so long & interesting that it ran till end of class time. The students won’t let the professor end it.

Since it was the professor who had failed to call me to hold the presentation, it was his fault. He fell prey to his own strict condition of no second chances and I received full marks without actually making any presentation.

This is what a “fool” gets when he believes in Jesus, the Lord.

Continue  here.

My Promised Girl – Part VII

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