Finding My Soulmate – 13

This story begins from  The Flight From Casablanca. 

From Casablanca, I boarded a train to Tangier.

In Tangier, I asked a taxi driver for a room with a girl — I was in mood for some mischief.

He took me to an apartment.

He talked with the landlord and told me the room would cost me Dh200 and the girl another 100.

The damsel looked liked a minor and I liked her.

It was night time already and my boat to Spain was scheduled in early morning.

The landlord showed me a bed and soon I was fast asleep.

I rose at 6am as goes my habit, took a shower and changed.

I found the landlord sleeping on the floor, at the door.

I skipped him and went out.

He came running after me and demanded Dh100 for the girl.

“Which girl? She was too young and I don’t sleep with minors.”

“That’s your problem. If you don’t pay me Dh100 for the girl, I’ll call my thugs in the restaurant” and he pointed at a restaurant down the alley.

I shivered at the thought of knives and their painful cuts.

“No girl, no money. Do what you like,” was my reply.

In Khunefra, the landlady won’t let me go without sleeping with her.

When she heard of my offer to pay but not sleep with her, she lost her cool and wanted to kill me.

It infuriated her to see me not mind the girl Omar had brought for me but claim being “too tired” to sleep with her!

She knew I was a liar!

I neither paid nor slept in Khunefra.

In Tangier, the landlord was glad I didn’t sleep with his girl but wanted to kill me for not paying!

Again, I neither slept nor paid.

Let me explain God’s ways.

Women got no evil in them. They’re all angels of God.

But it’s men’s world, The Kingdom of Satan. Hence, women are under the influence of men, the devils.

I risked my life in Khunefra to avoid sleeping with a beauty who failed to understand  Sexy Consent.  As expected, her husband didn’t fancy, either.

In Tangier, I risked my life to avoid sleeping with a minor (or pay).

The landlord of Tangier was interested in money.

He was glad when his wife asked him to let the foreigner sleep without a girl but he slept like a dog in front of my door to block my way out and extort Dh100.

He got frustrated for losing Dh100.

Bible calls that “crawling on your belly and licking dust”.

Through these two live demonstrations, I was able to decipher Joseph’s story with Potifar’s wife as follows.

It’s strange that the first record of workplace sexual harassment is of Joseph’s on the hand of his master’s wife. Isn’t it?

A man was sexually harassed and even sexually assaulted by a woman!

Are women rapists? Are they more evil than men?

Not exactly.

Joseph was an honest, hard-working slave. Even though God had promised him a very high post, he became a slave in a foreign land.

He didn’t curse his luck.

He looked at the full half of the glass and thanked God.

But his very honesty and hardwork landed him in another trouble.

His master worried about Joseph’s good reputation as Saul also worried about David’s good reputation.

Potifar complained to his wife.

Potifar’s wife then thought of a good plan to get rid of Joseph before her husband killed him.

Her plans saved Joseph while also solving her husband’s problem.

Potifar did good by complaining to his wife instead of killing Joseph as Saul tried with David.

But that made his wife look evil in the sight of the world while Potifar looked innocent and still does till this day!

Even when I seem to be doing evil, I’m serving God & women, especially since I found Monia, my soulmate.

From Tangier, I embarked on a boat to Algeciras, Spain.

I had forgotten to take bread from Tangier. I bought a pack of biscuits and a good, black coffee first thing in Algeciras.

God then reminded me of water-only fasts I had read about in Natural Hygiene magazine.

I embarked on the fast but drank healthy amounts of water and wherever I went, I faxed Hamid of my news & tours and bought something good for my little sister, Amna.

In Berlin, I bought a small piece of Pizza and served noon prayers in my hotel room.

By the time I returned to Immouzzer, I had lost 10 kg fat (22 lbs).

Moreover, on my way back, I decided to board a plane from Paris to Casablanca.

At Charles de Gaulle Airport, God asked me to shave my French beard and I shaved it clean.

On our return to Immouzzer, Omar again brought Latifa and I slept with her for a second time.

“I didn’t find Monia; she’s not yet back from the wedding,” he told me.

But when Monia returned, he told her about Latifa and my infidelity!

Continue  here.

Finding My Soulmate – 13

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