Finding My Soulmate – 12

This story begins with  The Flight From Casablanca.

We entered the living room again.

I went and sat beside Monia and she started examining me with her eyes from top to bottom.

She was so interested, looking at me so intently that I, even I, blushed. I just couldn’t believe such a beautiful, cute angel was so interested in me.

My right ear was on fire and I started wetting my fingers in the glass of water and soaking my burning ear while trying to focus on Monia’s aunt who was basically repeating what Omar had already explained.

She was stealing looks at her niece whose open interest in me was making her blush and want to laugh. After a while, she could hold herself no more.

“I guess I don’t need to tell you to take good care of Monia. No one will take better care of her than you,” said the aunt and ran away, still trying to hold her laughs.

Everyone was shocked and caught off-guard by the intense love-from-first-sight between two lovers who didn’t feel ashamed showing their affection off without regard to the on-lookers.

As soon as the aunt left, I carried Monia in my arms and laid her on the large coach in front of the TV. I brought my blanket and covered her with it.

I sat at her head, put her head in my laps and at each commercial break, I’d pull the blanket over us and start kissing her.

At night, she told me she didn’t like excessive sex and asked me to get lost and leave her alone.

I had to ask Omar for some help explaining matters of men. She loved me so much that she didn’t mind and let me sleep with her.

After mating, she held me so tight to her, I feared getting choked but that night proved my best night ever.

Omar had been watching our love story. He had a secret reason to dislike Monia.

In the morning, her aunt asked me if I was in love with Monia but I blushed and denied knowing anything.

After the second night, in the morning, Monia told me she was going to attend a wedding party and return after ten days or more.

I told her I’d tour Europe and come back flying.

I walked with her till the crossing and asked her to lip-kiss me in public.

We kissed goodbye.

That night, Omar brought me a fair, tall and beautiful girl to sleep with. He said it was wise to taste around before making a final decision and I slept with Latifa.

Then we headed to Casablanca through Khunefra. It was afternoon and we could continue our journey but Omar found two girls who happened to pass by our table.

They immediately agreed to spend a night with us. The little girl with them also wanted sex but her sister told her she was too young and sent her home.

He then booked a cab who took us to a house and we booked a room.

The landlady refused the outside girls and Omar sent them away.

Let me inform you that I know all the dialects of Arabic except for the Moroccan.

After Omar sent away the two girls, he talked with the landlady and told me of her desire to sleep with me.

“Tell her I’m sick and need rest.”

He talked with her a little more and soon they were fighting over something.

I asked Omar what was wrong.

“She doesn’t believe you’re sick or tired and insists on sleeping with you”.

That felt weird.

“Why me? Why doesn’t she sleep with you? If it’s money she seeks, tell her I’ll pay but not sleep.”

That for some reason infuriated her and they again started shouting at each other.

“What are you fighting over now?” I was at a loss to understand.

“She says you can’t book a room without also sleeping with her; this is not a game”!

I stood up and carried my bag, “In that case, I choose to leave.” But the beautiful lady in her 30s stood in my way.

“She says you can’t leave now.” Explained Omar.

“Says who?” Now I was getting pissed off.

I’m a worshiper of God & women and I preach the same to the world. But God comes first and I don’t mind standing up to a woman bully.

“Tell her to move aside or else” I was ready for a fight.

After seeing me eye to eye for a while, she stepped aside, uttering something from her teeth.

As soon as we were out, Omar told me she had some gang members down the street and we were going to deal with them.

We weren’t armed, not even a knife.

But I turned and looked at Omar — who was pale as ghost — in the eye and said “I don’t rape nor accept to be raped”.

I then walked with confidence while Omar kept looking back and trying to walk as soon he could.

Once we reached the road safe & sound, he took a sigh of relief and after a while, on our way to Bani Malal, he was laughing at that freaky lady who was about to kill for a night with a foreigner.

Can you tell why she refused to believe that I couldn’t sleep with her?

Continue  here.

Finding My Soulmate – 12

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