My Promised Girl – Part IV

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During her meeting with me, Safia, my c-wife’s (conditional wife’s) elder sister had tried to seduce me repeatedly and she did that suspicious, disgusting thing not because women are as evil as men are as my Bible teachers instruct and as kindly elaborated with many references from Bible to support their false teaching and to reject Genesis 3:15 that states in no ambiguous words that God has put enmity between Satan and Women, but because women are very transparent and frequently fail to show faith in God and hence, become a tool in the hands of men.

In fact, they are an extremely powerful tool.

We frequently use them against others, thereby, multiplying our power while also hiding & protecting ourselves from our adversaries.

The solution is for women to seek God and believe the good news of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who is as good a savior & shepherd of women as He is of men so the solution for both men and women is the same: Jesus (of course).

But the difference lies in two very important aspects:

1. Women hate violence and all evil; they are inherently good. While we, men, like violence and find it interesting; they are inherently evil.

Women have inherent love of God and hatred of Satan. Men have inherent love of their interests and hatred of God.

While it’s almost impossible to make a man righteous by teaching him about God, it’s terribly easy to do that with women.

2. Women are an extremely good tool also in the hands of God.

A woman who shows faith in God teaches her children and other men under her all the good things of God. As one Bible teacher put it, “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World.”

And if a woman mates with her soulmate, she fills his heart with love (holy spirit) and turns him into a saint. Thus, as a woman gives birth to our flesh, another gives birth to our spirit.

Bible likens Jacob’s soulmate, Rachel to a ladder to heaven.

Thus, women are the tool Jesus has been secretly using since eternity to build his Kingdom of Heaven.

He works in silence like a thief in the night but I’m a whistle-blower and have exposed an age-old secret of my Father.

Hence, my respect of all good women. They’re my lords & ladies and I worship them and find pleasure in serving them.

So as God promised Jacob — a very deceitful man — a ladder to heaven and consequently, the blessing of Abraham & Isaac, God also promised me a Magnificent Girl.

But unlike Jacob, Jesus had already baptized me on August 28, 1996 (when I slept with Monia, my soulmate,) without my knowledge (nor consent!)

Hence, the purpose of my Promised Girl was basically wicked.

Still, my story is not any less interesting.

So here’s how Safia revenged my continuous rejection of her sexual advances that she had been doing according to her father’s A COURSE IN OVERCOMING PATRIARCHY THROUGH OBEDIENCE OF MEN, 2001.

Sounds stupid but we men are the devils and know how to fool women into serving us or even becoming a bi*ch, as also was done by the cunning, mysogynist father of Qandeel Baloch, a Pakistani celebrity that recently got killed by her own brother.

Safia hinted that her mother had also brought Saima with her to Karachi but had hidden her somewhere!

She avenged her humiliation by mocking my naive confidence in getting married to her sister against her father’s will in evil, patriarchal Pakistan.

So one reason behind my visit of my uncle’s wife at Izhar’s was secret: to find Saima and meet her.

When I found her not at Izhar’s, I asked Aunt Ainy why she had been hiding Saima.

“Who told you Saima was in Karachi and that I was hiding her?” Aunt Ainy asked with confusion.

“Safia did.” I solved Aunt Ainy’s puzzle.

She laughed at my simplicity and lightly slapped her daughter for disrespecting a man in evil, patriarchal Pakistan.

Now that slap was a worse humiliation than my rejection of her sexual advances because that one was between me and her while this one was in the presence of all her cousins and their parents.

As if I wasn’t going to tell the whole world about the first one!

That’s how mysogynists (and women serving them) move from one humiliation to another. Or as Bible puts it, “crawling on your belly and licking dust.”

Of course, I cared to tell Saima and all others about those two humiliations that were increasing in severity.

Safia planned a severe lesson to match my unrelenting defiance of her father’s plans in evil, patriarchal Pakistan.

Continues  here.

This post is dedicated to  Roberta Pimentel,  one of my best readers.

My Promised Girl – Part IV

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