Finding My Soulmate – 11

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Hayat was aware she was not the least attractive in my sight and she showed me her flat chest that looked like a man’s.

But I comforted her because men are the devils and know how to lead a girl to their altar of sex.

To cover my facial impressions of fear mixed with disgust, I turned off the light and did all the foreplay learned from watching porn but when I tried to fuck, I realized to my disadvantage that her legs were too fat to open up.

Because of the darkness, I couldn’t point my schlong correctly and just fucked somewhere between her legs as best I could.

I fell prey to my own wicked move!

Like any devil, I wasn’t deterred.

In the morning, I thought an idea.

I asked her to ride me because I had not felt satisfied in the night but she said she was too fat to do that and went away.

After the breakfast, Omar told me she had asked him to apologize to me on her behalf for not being able to straddle me.

“Hayat is a man and there’s a dearth of men these days!”

I declared because I was astonished by her courage to tell Omar what had transpired between me and her so candidly.

Omar found that very amusing. He laughed all day long at my predicament and I laughed with him.

We went out to tour Fes and swam in the springs of Sidi Harazem.

When we returned in the afternoon and Omar suggested more girls, I told him I was no longer interested in girls. I suggested just touring around and going back home.

My sudden change of mood, total lack of interest in girls and decisive tone took him by surprise.

He fell on his knees (not literally) and begged me to give him one last chance.

He said he knew what I was looking for and promised to behave himself and bring me a girl according to my desire and I agreed to give him a second chance.

Since last night, he had been fooling me and laughing at me to his heart’s content. Now it was time to get down to business.

From the beginning, God told him I was going to fall in love in Immouzzer and he had a secret reason not to let that happen.

He prepared a course especially tailored for me to instruct me about THE EVILS & PERILS OF FALLING IN LOVE, 1996.

He also asked me not to commit to any girl nor sleep with anyone more than once.

That was a strange advice for a guy who was in Morocco to find a girl to love & marry.

After finishing our lunch, he asked me to wait in the restaurant as the inner streets were not safe for tourists and went on The Great Commission: In Search of My Soulmate!

He returned tired and with a long face after a search of three hours and sat silent, looking at the floor, concerned and ashamed.

“It’s not a big deal, Omar. We’ll tour more places and then go home,” I comforted him.

We then walked home in silence.

When I entered the house, the lights were on. I looked back at Omar but he shrugged his shoulders. I thought maybe it was the landlord came to watch TV.

But my jaws dropped at the sight of a terribly beautiful girl sitting on the sofa.

I looked in astonishment and couldn’t believe God was going to give such a beautiful angel all to me.

“This is in lieue of Ehsan,” said God.

Omar immediately pulled me into the kitchen.

“Are you nuts?”, he inquired, surprised.

“They’ll think this man has never seen a girl in his life and that will scare them away. You looked like this” he popped his eyes and dropped his jaw.

I had turned out a lover worse than his worst fears.

“Oh, sure I didn’t look like that!!” (He had bulging eyes like a frog’s.)

“Oh, yes you did. Look, it’s the girl on the right that you like, isn’t she?” Well, that was true so I cooled down and agreed to listen to his advises.

“Her name is Monia. The one on left is Najat and the woman is Najat’s mother and Monia’s aunt. She won’t let her niece go with me but when I mentioned it was for a foreigner, she agreed but insisted on seeing you by herself.

“Monia was brutally attacked by some man and she sustained serious injuries and now she runs away whenever someone threatens her. The assailant was caught by the neighbors and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

“She came to make sure you’ll understand her niece’s post-traumatic fragile condition.

“It’s up to you to convince this stern, iron lady. You’ll need all the good luck you can muster. Else, forget Monia.

“Now let’s go lasso some real damsels.”

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P.S. This blog post is dedicated to  Judith,  one of my best readers.

Finding My Soulmate – 11

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