My Promised Girl – Part III

This memoir starts from   My Cinderella.  Make sure you start reading from there. Thank you.

Now this is how the War on My Marriage unfolded.

After my return to Karachi on January 11, 2001, I started writing emails to my brothers, pissing them off by repeatedly mentioning God, His promise to marry me to a special girl and worst of all, repeatedly calling Saima “La Magnificent Saima” while signing my emails with Messenger of Extremes!. . ..(with emphasis).

I had no idea I had unwittingly chosen the very girl Hamid had met in early 1996, I guess, and fallen in love with.

I also was at a loss to understand why my brothers won’t show faith in God.

I just wanted to tell them about my journey with God and keep them posted about my news, as goes my habit.

In early February, I received the copy of an email from my Aunt Aysha in Canada addressed to my uncle’s wife, Ainy, telling her about the visit of a Canadian friend to Karachi looking for a wife for her son and asking my uncle’s wife Ainy to travel to Karachi to meet them there.

My Aunt Aysha said her Canadian friend had little time and busy schedule so she advised my uncle’s wife, Ainy, to hurry up and not miss the opportunity.

I found that email very disrespectful and wrote a very harsh reply to Aunt Aysha insulting her for writing such a poor English and scolding her very harshly for daring to harass a girl’s party to go see a male suitor.

I warned her she was paving her way to hell.

I sent a copy of my reply to Aunt Ainy.

Aunt Aysha then responded in fluent English this time and requested me politely not to use profanity and curse words.

I chose to ignore that response.

Women usually do not need too harsh a correction, do they?

She indeed never again dared to participate in any other conspiracy against her brother’s wife and some years later, she even sent me an e-friendship request on LinkedIn, which I respectfully accepted.

FYI, her husband had visited me in 1999 to offer me his daughter and sell me The Canadian Dream that I had respectfully declined but had nevertheless warmly served him during his stay in my brother’s house.

But Aunt Ainy still visited Karachi with her daughter, Safia, and surprised me because I failed to see the reason behind that visit.

Safia was a little different this time.

She was showing interest in me but it was a little too late for her.

Her mother, on the other hand, mentioned her desire to wed her to some Mujeeb, son of their neighbor, Habib, in Karachi.

I strongly agreed with Aunt Ainy.

When Abid returned from work, he showed displeasure to see the
guests whom he used to like before.

I and Safia went upstairs.

I wanted to give my brother free hand to conspire against me without any hindrance from my side.

At that time, I knew Aunt Ainy had actually come to meet my brother and talk him into blessing my marriage with Safia, instead of Saima.

Once upstairs, Safia hinted at her desire of having sex with me.

Unlike in Murree, this time she was willing but I kept our talk focused on Saima.

After many tries, she got frustrated with me and felt humiliated by my continuous rejection of her sexual advances and decided to revenge her

I totally understand her injured feelings but it was none of my fault. Was it?

She left me angrily and went downstairs.

I went back to my studies and when I came downstairs, I was surprised to see the guests had not been served dinner.

My brother’s wife asked me to eat dinner but I declared I was not going to eat unless the guests were also served food.

I slept without food that night.

In the morning, my brother’s wife served us breakfast and I only agreed to eat because the guests were also served.

Abid had once dared to question my eating after the announcement of the start of Islamic fast by the mosque.

I then went on an 8-months continuous Islamic fast from dawn
to dusk until all our relatives learned about it and strongly censored Abid for not giving food to his younger brother.

When I asked Aunt Ainy about Abid’s response after the breakfast, she advised me to stop thinking of marriage and to focus on my studies, instead.

This only added to my resolve because Abid seemed to be challenging me.

Instead of going to my lectures that Friday, I went to Uncle Izhar’s, where Aunt Ainy was staying and it helped restore her lost self-esteem because I had come to pay respects and make sure she was being served well and taken good care of.

This memoir continues  here.

My Promised Girl – Part III

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