The Fright Night

After giving birth to our daughter in late August, 2009, my wife restarted her ill treatment and uncalled-for insults, despite her promises to stop them when she realized she was with child.

I bought 10 tabs of Motilium to prevent vomiting and then consumed all 61 tabs of pain-killers and anti-deppressants that I had in my house and went to sleep.

I felt as if someone was secretly watching me but nothing mattered anymore.

Then when the clock struck midnight, God sent Michael to kill my wife for her cruelty. A great fear fell upon my wife and she arose from sleep.

She changed her clothes and our children’s and awoke me from sleep and we went out and God sent a taxi at that late time to our small street in Rawalpindi.

She rushed me to the ER of Islamabad Complex Hospital.

I only remember hearing someone telling me “Drink this”. I took a sip of that stupid liquid and immediately felt the urge to throw up.

I arose and emptied my stomach on the floor.

Then I woke up.

I saw a doctor holding a bowel who shouted “Wait!” But he was too late.

I looked around in disbelief and asked him where I was and where my family was.

He then knew I had actually been fast asleep until I threw up and wondered about it.

My wife was at the door, listening, and she entered the ER with our two children.

I was feeling dizzy and I laid back for a few more minutes then I asked my wife where I was and how come I was dressed and how could she carry a 109 kg (240 lbs) crocodile to hospital.

She told me she thought she had awakened me and everyone else also thought I was awoke.

She had given me clothes to wear and I had changed as if I were awoke.

She looked at me with disbelief but it was not the first time she was fooled by my strange sleep.

I took her and the children to Pizza Hut to thank my God whose name is The Lord.

Until this day, she has not forgotten that fright night when God sent His mighty angel in order to kill her.

She blames me for being insane and trying to kill myself (instead of beating her — the normal, expected behavior of husbands in Pakistan.)

The Fright Night

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