Terminator Genesis – 2

In order for a computer to behave like a human (or any natural creature for that matter), it must not be passive, waiting for a user input.

Here is what a typical computer looks like:

1. You plug it in.
2. You turn it on.
3. It loads an operating system.
4. It stops, waiting for your input. Like this:


Or this:


All that Hamid sees is an intimidating, cryptic system prompt.

In modern computers, you’ll usually see a cold wallpaper called “desktop” and some sort of a “start” button.

You may also hear a musical tone.

This is pretty dumb.

So first thing that we need is to teach the computer to remain “alive”.

The second thing that makes computer dumb and intimidating is their nature of waiting for user action. Even if you plug in a microphone, it may remain passive.

A computer must keep an eye on all its assets, especially any sensors like a microphone. As soon as a microphone is plugged in, it must automatically install its device driver AND turn it on.

It is very dumb to have a microphone yet remain deaf, isn’t it?

The same holds true for web cams, scanners, keyboard, mouse etc.

Now a computer is also considered dumb because it keeps forgetting stuff. It feels as if it has no memory.

What we need next is an “experience recorder”.

We need the computer to record all data from all input devices.

This Experience Recorder must allow access to the streaming data as well as all previous record to other algorithms that’ll process the input data.

It’s also very dumb on the part of computers to use energ-saving habits and go to sleep or hibernation mode without regard of others.

Our machine must remain turned on at least during day time.

In fact, it must have as large a UPS as possible and as soon as it’s plugged off, it must start crying for “food”.

Now with these features in place, the computer won’t be as dumb as the ones my brother, Hamid, hates.

The computer is still not aware nor able to understand a thing. For that, we’ll need to study how natural creatures gain awareness and develop algorithms to mimic these skills.

Till next post,

See Ya.

Terminator Genesis – 2

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