Finding My Soulmate-5

This story begins here.

That Thursday was a very beautiful day of Spring.

As soon as it struck 1pm, I immediately headed to my lovely Pritima, the beautiful aphrodite whom I loved since I was 17.

I found her waiting for me.

I was on time.

I’m always on time in such important matters!

But she didn’t suggest any restaurant.

Instead, she asked me to go downstairs with her where nobody was going to disturb us.

We went downstairs.

It looked like an in-patients’ ward but there was no one there except for a guy moving an oxygen bottle out.

She waited some time, gathered her courage and finally..

She said “I can’t accept this. We can’t continue seeing each other.”

She took me by complete surprise.

What could be her reason for rejection? Weren’t we perfect till last time? What went wrong?

But she didn’t elaborate.

She said it was something I wasn’t going to understand!

That really pissed me off.

I was pissed off and I was speechless.

Doesn’t one deserve at least an explanation?

Even a lame excuse?

I was very disappointed in her.

“She did it on purpose,” I thought.

My heart was broken and shattered into innumerable pieces.

After a while, I started trying to figure out her suspicious, cryptic statement.

I mean think about it: You have been dating a grown up, mature woman of 51 who has been married and has an adult daughter.

She is highly educated, has lived enough time in a Western country to qualify for their citizenship.

She is not just a household woman but she works in one of the most prestigeous medical hospitals of Saudi Arabia but…

She doesn’t know why she can’t accept a marriage proposal!

Hey, I wasn’t even going to propose to her yet. I wasn’t going to sleep with her either.

We had not even kissed yet…

We were very noble people.

Even God-fearing people yet…

I was just going to say “I LOVE YOU”.

Does that hurt?

But she says she can’t accept that.

She says we can’t continue seeing each other.

And she says she can’t explain that.

Of course she can’t!

She is a bi*ch, that’s why!

That’s how I had reasoned.

Yes, my dear ladies and gentlemen, she must have been a bi*ch.

She must have been a professional heart-breaker.

She did it on purpose, didn’t she?

She wanted to humiliate me.

She found no pleasure in a genuine romance because all she was interested in was a one night stand…

which she had failed to get after many visits.

Hence, she concluded I was not a good client.

I was too reluctant, too noble and too much into romance.. while she was there for… money.

Yes, money.

Quick, cheap money.

Don’t people go to and love Saudi Arabia for the sake of easy, tax-free money?

Quick, cheap money.

Evil Eve.

Always to be found near the Forbidden Tree!

A scholar once had told me “evil” meant “Eve’s way” just as “manual” was driven from “man”.

I thought up a plan to humiliate her.

To teach her it’s not the way to treat a gentleman.

I spent good seven days thinking up a plan.

Perfecting it.

A salesman named Emad was willing to help me bring her to me.. naked.

Here’s my perfect plan…

This story continues here.

Finding My Soulmate-5

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