Finding My Soulmate-3

This story begins here.

In October 1993, I move to a third company of Dallah Group with a very good salary and an interesting job.

One day in spring 1995, I receive a call from a client with a sweet voice named Pritima.

She tells me she can’t use our services on her home phone.

I give her the simple instructions of switching her phone from “pulse dialing” to “tone dialing” but she insists on getting home service.

I’m very good at serving customers and I never mind their silly demands. And I find a peculiar pleasure in serving women & children.

I visit her at al-Salama Hospital where she’s a medical doctor and she takes me to her home.

In fact, women aren’t allowed to drive cars in stupid Saudi Arabia so it’s actually me who takes her to her house in my car.

During that seemingly uneventful ride to her home, she silently falls in love with me.

One thing about my car and my driving. I had a Nissan Sunny, which is a very comfortable car and I used to keep my car in excellent condition.

Also, I’m an extremely gentle driver. My car doesn’t run.. it glides. There’s an evil reason behind this.

It’s called jealousy.

My mom suffered from Calcium deficiency and I loved my mom like none else. But my brothers..

I had some evil brothers. Asim used to serve her better and Zakir used to take her shopping. Mom used to love them more than me.

I couldn’t stand that. Zakir and others helped me buy a Toyota Corolla in 1992 but it was not comfortable enough for mom.

Then Zakir helped me buy the Nissan Sunny in 1993. That car was good.

Now I could kick Zakir out of my way. I got a perfume and a tissue box holder fixed in my car.

Then I fooled mom into giving me a chance to take her shopping.

She liked my driving style but she told me Zakir was more knowledgeable in the streets of the markets.

Unlike Zakir, I never pushed her to hurry. When I got hungry, I just bought some sandwiches and gently asked mom to take some time out.

She changed her chauffeur!

That’s how I kicked Zakir out. One less evil rival of my love of my mom!

That’s why Dr. Pritima fell in love with me. Women appreciate gentlemen and their gentle ways. They find them irresistible.

Make them feel like a lady and our Father in heaven will bless you.

Once in her home, I switch her phone to tone dialing and she tries her home phone with our services.. It works.

Dr. Pritima had been thinking.

She tells me her daughter is in UK and she shows me her daughter’s photo. She also shows me her British passport.

She was an Indian aphrodite with British citizenship. Oh, she was very beautiful & cute at just 51!

She was about the age of That Girl in the Book. I’m amazed at meeting THAT GIRL… finally.

She tells me she’s widowed.

“All the more sweet”, I reply in my heart.

I got no problems marrying a 51 years old woman while I’m 29, I tell God.

He points out she’s beyond menopause but it’s OK, still, for me.

Everything was perfect. I had found that girl and she was showing keen interest in me.

All we needed to do now was to get married. How hard that could be?

This story continues here.

Finding My Soulmate-3

3 thoughts on “Finding My Soulmate-3

  1. Here’s a suggestion aka comment if you don’t mind.

    In this post, you refer to another post BUT it’s not clickable. There is a way to make it clickable, though; I think it’s good as this cross-promotes your posts. You want to make these three words clickable.

    To do this, you revise, go to HTML tab and insert the code. Don’t let the word CODE scare you away; it’s pretty easy once you get a hang of it. Here’s how:

    Copy this: WRESTLING THE NEPHILIM and paste the whole thing into the space now occupied by these 3 words. You will be inserting the link between the tags. If I knew the link, I would code the entire piece for you.

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

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    1. Thank you. I watch with curiosity the fact that women have no evil in them, even when they’re cursing. Both Adam and Eve ate from the Forbidden Tree and women know what evil is but they’re never evil.

      Even God said “I shall put an enmity between you and her” to Satan. God has blessed women and He’s definitely a feminist.

      All men are evil but no woman is evil. Baffles me.


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