The Technology of Heaven

In Bible, God says “The hearts of men are evil”.

In the Book of Genesis, God says He shall put an enmity between Eve and Satan. “Satan” is a Hebrew word that means “Enemy of God”.


1. God is feminist. He is with women while we, men, are evil and with the Devil.

2. To receive God’s blessings, we need a woman. We need to learn to listen to women and serve them. There’s no other way to receive God’s blessings.

I suggest we enact laws to strip away all authority from men and give all powers to women. Only women should be able to own a business or a property.

Were I not a pacifist, I would also have suggested hunting down all those males without a woman to serve and sending them to the gallows because they are rebels and scum of the universe.

In the Hollywood movie Terminator, a machine comes from future to kill a woman. A guy also comes to protect her.

The guy wins.

That’s what men are: evil creatures like Terminator unless they are serving women & children.

God be blessed. His kingdom may come. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

The Technology of Heaven

4 thoughts on “The Technology of Heaven

  1. “The hearts of men are evil” shouldn’t be taken literally as in just men are evil. Mankind, as a whole, is evil at it’s core without Christ.
    Maybe this post wasn’t meant literally but I have to disagree wholeheartedly. Your conclusions are not reasonably based.

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    1. Thank you for your valuable time.

      You believe God doesn’t know English. God should have said “Hearts of people are evil” or “Hearts of men and women are evil” but English is not God’s first language, Hebrew is.

      Let me apologize on God’s behalf. He keeps teaching me wrong things in Bible and Jesus doesn’t know how to teach me Bible.

      What a lousy, incompetent team of Father and Son!

      But you..

      You know better.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog.

      Can you read my other posts and provide feedback?


      1. Thank you for showing me that trying to talk to you doesn’t have any value.

        The problem is not with the Lord, the problem is with you taking what He said out of context. Because literally no one else is reaching the conclusions you are.

        All of your posts are taking a verse-making it mean what you want it to mean-and trying to sound like you know more than all of the other scholars who have studied the Bible for years.

        But thank you for your sarcasm. Instead of giving some validity to what you say you just completely took away from it instead.
        Thank you.

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  2. You’re an interesting guy, Zack. I read your posts and disagreed. You preach poloitical-correctness.

    If you go Google “hearts of men are evil”, you’ll see how Bible is replete with this statement and how majority of translations mean “men” exclusively. But strangely, we all missed to see the hidden implication because its time had not come.

    Just look around you and you’ll see all evil is from men, not women.

    The only way back to Garden of Eden is through FULL & COMPLETE submission to women & children.

    Else, the Cherubim are guarding the way to the Tree of Life.

    Read “Adam & Eve” and you’ll understand me better.

    You’re a good man, Zack, please keep in touch. I appreciate your feedback and open-mindedness. And be an obedient husband like Noah so that God will bless you.


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